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Teenager Caught Living At Corsicana Walmart

corsicana walmart

A teenager decided to make the Corsicana Walmart his home. The 14-year-old boy had been living at Walmart secretly for several days. The teenager was not simply living inside the store but had built a hidden compound to secure a home in the store, which is open 24-hours a day. The teenager hiding in the… Read more »

Walmart Shooting: 2 Dead in Beavercreek, Ohio

2 Dead In Walmart Shooting

Two people are dead in Beavercreek, Ohio, after a man came into a local Walmart store and allegedly waved a rifle at customers. The 2 NEWS website writes that the incident happened at 8:30 pm Tuesday night when a Cincinnati man named John Crawford entered Walmart and was spotted with what looked like a rifle… Read more »

Wal-Mart’s Magical Ice Cream Sandwich: Just Try And Melt Me

Wal-Mart Magic Is In Its Ice Cream Sandwiches

Just days after National Ice Cream Day came and went, a concerned mother in Ohio made big news of the fact that Wal-Mart’s Great Value ice cream sandwiches lack the ability to do what all the others can: melt. Christie Watson just told WCPO in Cincinnati that her son recently left one of the unwrapped… Read more »

iPhone 5c Gets Massive Price Cut In Anticipation Of iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 leaked design.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the stunning success of the iPhone 5c despite it being considered a flop as far as gadgets go. The iPhone 5c beat out the Galaxy S5 in its launch week in Europe, even though its screen is smaller and it’s been out since late last year. If you’re interested in… Read more »

WWE Diva Emma Arrested For Shoplifting An iPad Case From Walmart


WWE NXT has been the launching pad for an array of current WWE superstars. This includes Dean Ambrose of The Shield who is now in a major story with former member, the “Judas” of The Shield, Seth Rollins as well as Paige, the “Diva of Tomorrow” who’s Divas Championship reign ended at the hands of… Read more »

Man Arrested For Openly Masturbating In Middle Of Oklahoma Walmart


A Tulsa, Oklahoma, resident was arrested Saturday, June 14, for masturbating right in the middle of a busy Walmart, according to reports. KTUL-TV reports that the alleged pleasure session occurred at the Walmart located at 2019 East 81st Street around 12:45 p.m. Saturday and Walmart can prove it. “Security footage at Walmart revealed the suspect,… Read more »

Why Walmart’s ‘Everyday Low Prices’ Could Work Wonders For Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance To be Offered By Walmart

Walmart, the franchise that aggressively advertises its ‘Everyday Low Prices’ had recently extended its scope to include Auto Insurance. Beginning this month, Walmart announced its tie-in with to offer car insurance to its customers at its customary ‘Everyday Low Prices’. Interestingly, the retail giant won’t directly sell auto insurance, but offer auto insurance comparison… Read more »

Walmart Toe-Sucker Turns Out To Be A Heel

Michael Brown was arrested for assault on a female.

A trip to Walmart should be basically benign without getting your toes sucked. Yes, you read correctly. On a bright Monday morning, March 17, Michael Anthony Brown, 31, decided he wanted something special for lunch. So, he marched himself down to the local Walmart in Lincolnton, NC, where he found a woman, Erika Porras, 37,… Read more »

Minimum Wage To Jump To $10 An Hour Sooner Than Expected?

Minimum Wage Increase

It’s obvious that money makes the world go ’round. The issue with that is, business today are trying to save money more and more. That means, they pay the workers as little as they can. Over time, businesses move up prices which allows others to raise prices. So even a discount is a raised item… Read more »

Beats Headphones Box Filled With Tuna Equals Christmas Fail [Video]

Beats Headphones Christmas

What happens when a person opens up their Beats Headphones box on Christmas and received four cans of tuna? All sorts of holiday disappointment. Although the Lopez family was hoping to give their daughter an expensive set of headphones from Beats by Dre, the girl received a handful of tuna instead. To make matters worse,… Read more »

Layaway Santa Racks Up $21K Tab for Strangers’ Holiday Gifts


Christmas is the season for giving, and the man who has been coined as “Layaway Santa” recently had no qualms about spreading holiday cheer. According to NBC News, Greg Parady, 40, walked into a central Florida Walmart and ended up becoming a “real-life Santa.” Last Saturday, Parady visited the Villages Walmart to pick up bicycles… Read more »

Black Friday TV Deals: Where To Get The Most For Your Money

Black Friday TV deals

Black Friday is a day when consumers can save thousands of dollars on purchases as retailers attempt to boost their sales. Often, the best deals to be had are on large-ticket items like TV’s. Consumer Reports scanned this year’s Black Friday TV deals from all of the major retailers of electrical items, including Best Buy,… Read more »

Fired Walmart Worker Reinstated: ‘I Will Always Do The Right Thing’

Fired Walmart Worker Offered His Job Back After Saving Woman

Kristopher Oswald, 30, was fired from his position at Walmart after he intervened in an altercation between a woman and a man which he thought at first was just horseplay. The incident occurred at around 2:30 am outside the Walmart branch in Hartland, Livingston County. Oswald, who was working the graveyard shift at the branch,… Read more »

Walmart Food Stamps Glitch: Shelves Emptied In Shopping Stampede [Watch]

Black Friday Walmart glitch affects several states

Due to a temporary glitch in the EBT (Electric Benefits Transfer) system, two Walmart stores were stampeded by shoppers whose food stamps cards had had their spending limits lifted. One of the stores was in Springhill and the other in Mansfield, Louisiana. Local police officers were called to the Walmart stores on Saturday to maintain… Read more »

Walmart ‘Naughty’ Toddler Costumes Raise Eyebrows

walmart naughty toddler costume

Walmart’s naughty costumes are not necessarily out of line with what we’ve come to expect from Halloween — but the addition of “naughty” and “diva” toddler options are creating a stir online. The Walmart naughty toddler costumes seem to be putting many in mind of the deepening Halloween tradition of taking a standard costume selection… Read more »

iPhone: Walmart Cuts Price of ‘Lose Your Fingers’ 5S Model


While most of the publicity surrounding Walmart’s heavy discounting of the new iPhone is concentrated on the cheaper 5C model, they are also cutting the price of the top end 5S model. Some people are already dubbing the 5S the ‘Lose Your Fingers’ model because of an un-anticipated side effect of its unique fingerprint scanner…. Read more »