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Fairfax County Public Schools’ Gender Identity Policy Passed Amid Massive Protest, Board Says Feds Made Them Do It

fairfax county virginia school board

Transgender bathroom concerns were voiced loudly at a Fairfax County Public Schools Board meeting after “gender identity” was added to the district’s non-discrimination policy. A massive amount of opposition to the policy was reportedly expressed by the community to the Virginia school board, but the transgender policy was approved as police were called for crowd… Read more »

Meningitis Caused The Puzzling Death Of Madison Small

Meningitis Caused Death Of Madison Small

Meningitis bacteria caused the mysterious of death of high school student Madison Small. On Friday, Ashburn public health officials confirmed Madison died of the highly contagious disease meningococcal meningitis, an infection of the tissues caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses. Madison Small was a student at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virginia. Fox News… Read more »

Madison Small: Virginia Teen Dies Suddenly From Mystery Illness

ashburn, virginia girl dead

Madison Small, a Broad Run High School student, fell ill Monday afternoon. The parents of the 18-year-old Ashburn, Virginia girl rushed Madison to the hospital later the same evening with a severe headache. She died just a few hours later on Tuesday. Tim Small, the shocked and grieving father, called the school by the early… Read more »

U.S. F-15 Military Jet Crash In Virginia

The F-15 military jet crashed in a forested area. (Photo: ABC/WHSV)

An F-15C military jet crashed near Deerfield, Virginia, today. The jet came down on Elliot’s Knob in a rural area of the conjoined George Washington and Jefferson National Forests with a loud explosion and a pillar of heavy, black smoke. No injuries have been reported but the fate of the pilot remains unknown. Officials lost… Read more »

D.C. Area Schools Brace For 6,000 New Illegal Immigrant Students

unaccompanied minors

Washington D.C. area schools are rushing to make educational arrangements and classroom placements for approximately 6,000 illegal immigrant students. Since the beginning of 2014, about 40,000 illegal immigrant children have crossed the Texas Border. Many of those children now reportedly live with their parents or other relatives who are allegedly illegal immigrants themselves. Schools in… Read more »

Tom Hanks Producing New Film – Directing? Meg Ryan!


Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together again? Yes! Tom Hanks has Virginians clicking their collective heels as he’s bringing a new film production to the Old Dominion. And who’s directing the new Tom Hanks film? None other than Hollywood legend, Meg Ryan, who starred with Hanks in the 199o’s romantic comedy classics, Sleepless in Seattle… Read more »

Arrests Made In Acidic ‘Bottle Bomb’ Case

Two arrests were made in the bottle bomb case that affected five theaters in two states.

Two arrests have been made in a case involving bottle bomb attacks at several theaters. A bottle bomb is usually a home-made device that combines acid and a base within a sealed plastic bottle. The reaction of the ingredients causes an explosion to occur that can throw acid and shrapnel up to 20 or even… Read more »