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Tom Hanks Producing New Film – Directing? Meg Ryan!


Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together again? Yes! Tom Hanks has Virginians clicking their collective heels as he’s bringing a new film production to the Old Dominion. And who’s directing the new Tom Hanks film? None other than Hollywood legend, Meg Ryan, who starred with Hanks in the 199o’s romantic comedy classics, Sleepless in Seattle… Read more »

Arrests Made In Acidic ‘Bottle Bomb’ Case

Two arrests were made in the bottle bomb case that affected five theaters in two states.

Two arrests have been made in a case involving bottle bomb attacks at several theaters. A bottle bomb is usually a home-made device that combines acid and a base within a sealed plastic bottle. The reaction of the ingredients causes an explosion to occur that can throw acid and shrapnel up to 20 or even… Read more »

Norfolk Naval Base Shooting: Sailor And Gunman Dead

Norfolk Naval Base shooting

A sailor at the Norfolk Navy Base in Virginia was fatally shot by a civilian permitted on base early late last night. The sailor was aboard the USS Mahan that was stationed at largest naval base in the world. US Navy security officers responded to the shooting and pronounced both the unnamed male civilian and… Read more »

Property Rights Lawsuit Sparked By Virginia Overnight Hunting Rule

virginia hunting lawsuit

Camping in your backyard with friends could be a thing of the past in Virginia. A property rights lawsuit began after Isle of Wight County officials was cited for operating an unauthorized campground on his farm. Joseph Ferguson was more than a little bit shocked when he faced legal penalties for allowing a pal for… Read more »

Arlington’s Million Dollar Bus Stop Is Breaking Down In The Summer Heat

One Million Dollar Bus Stop Already Broken

A $1 million bus stop built in Arlington, Virginia was constructed to withstand the cold winter months. Unfortunately, the bus stop’s creators didn’t take into account the blistering heat of summer. Only a short time after launching, the infamous bus stop is facing problems. Located on the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive,… Read more »

Waffle House Employee Makes April Fool’s 911 Call, Gets Arrested

Waffle House April Fool's Prank

Hampton, VA – Happy April Fool’s Day! A Waffle House employee decided to celebrate with a prank robbery call to police, but, in the end, the joke was on her when she was taken away in cuffs by less-than-amused cops. Waffle House employee Susan Alexandria Tinker allegedly phoned local police before 6 am on Monday… Read more »

Virginia Appoints First Openly Gay Judge Amid Controversy

Tracy Thorne-Begland Openly Gay Judge

The Virginia General Assembly did not want to elect its first openly gay judge so Circuit Court judges in Richmond handled the task for them. Circuit judges chose the prosecutor to serve temporarily until the General Assembly reconvenes, their decision comes just one month after the legislative body voted against electing Tracy Thorne-Begland to the… Read more »

Walmart Thief Fails At Robbery, Then Hit By His Own Car

Walmart child abuse

The Walmart robber should have quit while he was behind. After trying—and failing—to rob a Northern Virginia Walmart, a New York man was critically injured when his own getaway car ran him over. The 24-year-old, whose name was withheld, first tried to steal blue jeans and earbuds, but employees snatched the merchandise before he could… Read more »