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Teenagers With Guns Insist They Only Resolve Issues By Shooting: Footage Goes Viral, Sparks Outrage [Video]

teenagers with guns

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.** Teen violence is growing epidemic among younger generations. School bullying, cyber bullying, violence in the media, cultural violence, and disturbing displays of violence via social media all contribute to the problems plaguing impressionable teens. Then, to make matters worse, some videos uploaded to social media networks… Read more »

Big Brother Tells Hysterical Little Sister How It Is

Big Brother Tells Hysterical Sister To Get It Together

Sometimes, you just need to hear the truth. This big brother had some matter-of-fact advice for his baby sister when she began crying hysterically at the dinner table. Instead of trying to comfort her or throw a little big-brother-sympathy her way, this frank kid told his sister exactly how it is (even though it was… Read more »

Ellen Dance Dare Backfires When NYPD Cops Confront Dancer (VIDEO)

Ellen Dance Dare

The “Ellen Dance Dare.” One of the most popular segments of the Ellen DeGeneres talk show is perhaps the Ellen Dance Dare videos that are submitted online. The popular hashtag #DanceDare is used frequently by interested and willing participants that have recorded themselves, friends and family members dancing behind random strangers out in public. In… Read more »

Plumber Caught Dancing On The Job, Video Footage Goes Viral

Hands of Plumber with a wrench.

When a plumber is usually caught doing something on the job other than what he was hired to do, chances are that he (or she) is either: sleeping, eating, talking on the phone or finding some other way to occupy their time. However, you more than likely will not discover that the plumber has decided… Read more »

Little Girl Lets Her Pet Baby Cow Play In The House [Video]

pet baby cow

Have you ever thought about having a pet baby cow? For many people, owning a cow at all might seem like a far-fetched pipe dream or unrealistic fantasy. Even farmers that own cows do not necessarily view them as pets. However, the little girl in this viral video titled “Oops I Let The Cow In…”… Read more »

Batman Vs Darth Vader? The Dark Knight Fights The Dark Side [Video]

Batman vs Vader

Batman vs Vader? Oh, snap! Watch #batmanvsvader: — Salt Lake Comic Con (@slcomiccon) November 27, 2014 What happens when the Dark Knight fights against the Dark Side? What happens when the Caped Crusader of Gotham City meets up with the Caped Crusader of the Death Star? Having the chance to see Batman go… Read more »