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Watch: Wild Dogs Chase Russians Up Jungle Gym [Viral Video]

Dogs Chase Russians

A video of a pack of wild dogs chasing some Russians up a jungle gym has gone viral. The video was uploaded just two days ago and has already received over 43,000 hits at the time of this posting. The video made its way to Reddit and has Redditors chattering. Some of the Reddit users… Read more »

You’ve Got To See This Tipsy Wedding Singer [Video]


It does not take much to become an instant Internet celebrity these days and one Welsh woman is finding that out first hand. According to a story on Yahoo! News, Sarah Lane is likely to be known as the “Tipsy Wedding Singer” following an Instagram video actress Michelle Rodridguez posted from a recent wedding where… Read more »

Son Buys Dream Car For His Mother And Surprises Her! [Video]

Dream Car surprise

A 1973 model Saab 99 EMS Coupe is not a car that usually would make you drool. However, for Canadian citizen Cory Wadden’s mother, it was her dream car, the one she always wanted to own. However, Cory’s mother could not realize her dream thanks to her job and the responsibility of bringing up her… Read more »

‘Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Gets Auto-Tuned! [Video]

Auto Tuned apparently kid Video

A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported about the epic interview by Noah Ritter, the 5-year-old kid from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Better known now as the “Apparently Kid,” his hilarious interview with a local television channel with the extensive usage of the term “apparently” went viral. Noah gave the interview at the local country fair in… Read more »