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This Cat is Going To Eat Some Yogurt — And You Can’t Have Any!

cat will not share yogurt

We all know that cats can be, well, a little self-centered sometimes. At least, it seems that way. But few cats exhibit the refinement and breeding that of the little lady in this video who is determined to keep her favorite treat, a container of yogurt, all to herself. That’s right. No hissing, or whapping,… Read more »

Russian Cat Has No Fear Of Vacuum Cleaner — Cute, Crazy, Or Both?

Russian Cat

This Russian cat video proves that everything is crazier in Russia — even the adorable kitties. Case in point — when have you ever seen your cat get this friendly with a vacuum cleaner? The answer: never. See, civilized cats are naturally afraid of vacuum cleaners, as any cat owner knows all too well. Cats… Read more »