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How To Hold A Baby: Hilarious Video Shows Different Ways To Do It

hold a baby

Most people (especially parents) already know how to hold a baby. However, not very many people might be aware of the fact that there are many different ways to hold a baby. Jordan Watson recently went viral on YouTube with a hilarious video that walks viewers through the various positions used to hold babies. Within… Read more »

Rabbit Fights Snake: Rabbit Beats, Jump Kicks Snake For Attacking Babies

rabbit fights snake

A rabbit fights a snake in this now-viral video — beating, kicking, and even chasing after the slithering predator. The video starts off with footage of the snake after it apparently attacked several baby rabbits, or kittens. The snake appears to be wrapped around the small litter, perhaps waiting to finish them off and start… Read more »

Man Apparently Poops In Public To Play Slot Machine Uninterrupted

slot machine

Would you stop playing a slot machine for a bathroom break? The man featured in this now-viral video apparently would have answered “no” to that question. At the beginning of the clip, he is seen playing the slot machine — fully engaged and focused. However, he starts to shift and move his body around in… Read more »

Great White Shark Eats 40-Foot Whale, Circles Boat In Viral Video

great white shark

The great white shark in this now-viral video spends most of the time circling the cameraman’s boat. However, towards the end of the recording, it seems as if the shark finally discovers the floating body of a dead whale in the nearby area. Once the shark made that discovery, it seemed to leave the boat… Read more »

Viral Video Of Little Boy Twerking At Gay Pride Event Sparks Outrage

boy twerks at pride parade

A video showing a little boy twerking at a Gay Pride rally has gone viral, and the reactions it’s attracting are passionate to say the least. Opposing Views reports that the child appeared to be very young — no older than 12-years-old, but possibly even younger. The video has sparked controversy because of the way… Read more »

Beautiful Aerial Wedding Video Has An Unexpected Ending [Video]

Aerial Wedding vidro shot by drone

Beautiful aerial wedding photographs and videos shot using drones have become the norm nowadays. We are pretty sure you too might have come across at least one drone-shot aerial wedding video that shows movie-inspired shots of couples romancing in the backdrop of beautiful locales. However, nothing might prepare you for this video that is going… Read more »

2-Year-Old Boy Falls From Top Of Escalator, Survives [Video]


The 2-year-old boy in this video falls from the top of a shopping mall escalator and lands on the floor below. As seen in the surveillance video footage, the young boy was apparently playing and running around with a older boy. The older boy made it to the escalator and used the steps to safely… Read more »

Redneck Avengers? Bad Lip Reading Of Marvel Film Goes Viral

Redneck Avengers

Redneck Avengers. It might seem like a hilarious joke worth a good laugh. However, when you take a few minutes to look at this now-viral video of cinematic bad lip reading, you will never look at Avengers the same way again. Instead of sticking to the original plot and dialogue of the Joss Whedon-directed 2012… Read more »