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Pepsi Max Ad Campaign Shocks Londoners Waiting At Bus Shelter [Video]

london bus stop ad campiagn

Known for its outrageous commercials in the past, Pepsi seems to have outdone themselves this time with their newest campaign for Pepsi Max in London. As part of the company’s “Unbelievable” campaign for the UK, they jacked up a usually monotonous bus shelter in New Oxford by installing a high tech, transparent augmented reality display… Read more »

Skateboarding Toddler Gives Skateboarding Cat A Run For Viral Glory

This Skateboarding Toddler Is Taking The Streets By Storm

In a video that’s sure to have Nervous Nellie child safety advocates doing backflips, this skateboarding toddler is taking the streets by storm and giving Didga, the skateboarding cat, a run for her money. Er… cats don’t have money. Fine, “cuteness,” “fame,” “cool points”… pick one! Anyway, meet the dapper, diapered Kahlei Stone-Kelly, a two-year-old… Read more »

Watch Didga, The Skateboarding Cat That Will Make Your Day! [VIDEO]

Didga The Skateboarding Cat Cruising The Sidewalks

Check out Didga! She is one cool cat! Watch Didga jump a Rottweiler! Whether cruising on her skateboard, Ollie, or hanging out with some of her four-legged friends, this fantastic feline is sure to capture your heart. Didga (pronounced like “Didja eat yet?”) is right around 2-years-old, having been rescued at 16 weeks by animal… Read more »

New Old Spice Commercial Gives Teenage Boys The Creeps [Video]

Old Spice Momsong commercial

Old Spice has a new commercial that is alternately causing waves of laughter or serious cases of the creeps. Either way, “Momsong,” an ad featuring moms who get, shall we say, a little too clingy with their teenage sons, is a YouTube hit. The commercial went on the Google-owned video site January 3. By mid-afternoon… Read more »

Swimming Baby Video Stirring Up Controversy

Dad of swimming baby stands up against controversy

The viral video of a 16-month old swimming baby, while amazing, has stirred up quite the controversy. Adam Christensen, the baby’s father, posted the video of his daughter, Elizabeth, online, and it has been viewed roughly 937,408 times since being posted on August 28, 2012. Christensen posted the following alongside the video: “Just so everyone… Read more »

Swimming Baby Crosses Pool At 16 Months Old

Swimming Baby

Swimming baby Elizabeth is only 16 months old, but her young age hasn’t stopped her from taking to the family swimming pool with ease. While many people never learn how to swim or stop their “training” at the doggy paddle, little Elizabeth was trained by an experienced lifeguard and a registered nurse with pediatrics training…. Read more »

Doberman Meets Baby Ostriches, So Cute [Video]

doberman ostriches

A Doberman meets baby ostriches video posted on YouTube Wednesday is just so full of cute. I’ve posted it down below, where you can enjoy a well-trained Doberman named Sugar Tree in the big dog’s first introduction to a pair of baby ostriches. The video was created by Camels & Friends, a YouTube channel by… Read more »