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2-Year-Old Boy Falls From Top Of Escalator, Survives [Video]


The 2-year-old boy in this video falls from the top of a shopping mall escalator and lands on the floor below. As seen in the surveillance video footage, the young boy was apparently playing and running around with a older boy. The older boy made it to the escalator and used the steps to safely… Read more »

Redneck Avengers? Bad Lip Reading Of Marvel Film Goes Viral

Redneck Avengers

Redneck Avengers. It might seem like a hilarious joke worth a good laugh. However, when you take a few minutes to look at this now-viral video of cinematic bad lip reading, you will never look at Avengers the same way again. Instead of sticking to the original plot and dialogue of the Joss Whedon-directed 2012… Read more »

Returning Soldier Photobombs Son, Surprises Him At School Photoshoot [Video]

Soldier surprises son by photobombing school picture

Joshua Bass, an eight-year-old schoolboy from Durham, North Carolina received a pleasant surprise earlier this week. A student at the Pearsontown Magnet Elementary School in Durham, Joshua, a third-grader was about to take a picture on the occasion of the school’s annual picture day when his father, a soldier deployed for overseas service, surprised him…. Read more »

Dennis Quaid Goes Crazy? Actor Has Explicit Meltdown On Set

Randy Quaid

Actor Dennis Quaid has joined the list of actors that became infamous for an explicit rant on a movie set. According to TMZ, video footage of the 61-year-old actor not holding anything back during an expletive-filled meltdown was recently released online. Based on what he said, chances are that Dennis Quaid was addressing the movie’s… Read more »

Man Punches Toddler In The Face, Disturbing Footage Goes Viral

man punches toddler

This surveillance camera footage shows a man punching a toddler directly in his face, knocking him down to the ground. The toddler is seen running down the aisle of the Vest Market located in downtown Bakersfield, California. The man, 23-year-old Justin Whittington, is seen chasing the young boy. Once he catches up with the toddler,… Read more »

Producer Turns Iggy Azalea Gibberish Into Impressive Beat

Iggy Azalea

Rapper Iggy Azalea made headlines earlier this year when a clip of a 2013 stage performance was turned into a viral Vine video. However, it appears that one producer was able to sample the confusing Iggy Azalea gibberish and turn it into an impressive beat. The behind-the-scenes video of how Iggy Azalea’s confusing rap was… Read more »

Man Prepares His Own Fries At McDonald’s, Angers Employees


When ordering burgers and fries from McDonald’s, have you ever thought about preparing the food yourself? What would happen, for example, if you decided to walk behind the counter, head directly past the registers, and prepare your own box of fries? The guy in this now-viral video did just that. He walked behind the counter… Read more »