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Punching Pastor Apologizes, Saying ‘I Do Not Condone Abuse’

Punching Pastor has apologized.

Eric Dammann, the ‘punching pastor’ who is the subject of a video that’s gone wildly viral, in which he describes punching a teenager in the chest for ‘not taking the Lord seriously,’ is responding. He says that the story was a bad example to use in a sermon, that he’s not okay with abuse, and… Read more »

Charles Barkley To Ferguson Critics: ‘Kiss My A**’ [Video]

Charles Barkely discusses Ferguson on TNT NBA broadcast

Charles Barkley has a message for those who criticized his Ferguson comments: “Some people are going to agree with me, and some people are going to kiss my a**.” The former NBA star created a lot of buzz previously when he called the Ferguson looters “scumbags,” and praised the police for maintaining order in black… Read more »

Thanksgiving ‘Pregnant Turkey’ Prank Goes Viral [Video]

Pregnant Turkey Prank

A Thanksgiving prank that features a “pregnant turkey” has gone viral again for the second year in a row. The video shows the poor victim in tears after she finds a “baby turkey” inside the already cooked larger bird. The video was uploaded by YouTube user Nerissa Hawkinson last year following a prank on a… Read more »