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Redneck Avengers? Bad Lip Reading Of Marvel Film Goes Viral

Redneck Avengers

Redneck Avengers. It might seem like a hilarious joke worth a good laugh. However, when you take a few minutes to look at this now-viral video of cinematic bad lip reading, you will never look at Avengers the same way again. Instead of sticking to the original plot and dialogue of the Joss Whedon-directed 2012… Read more »

Woman Curses Out Horse, Take A Wild Guess How The Horse Responded [Video]


There have been many arguments regarding the intelligence of animals. While some people think they lack understanding of human language, others have argued that they probably understand more than you’ll ever know. If you’ve ever doubted animal intelligence, this video of a horse interacting with a female horseback rider will make you think again! Apparently,… Read more »

Adorable Puppy Scared Of His Own Hiccups, Tries To Attack Them [Video]

puppy afraid of his own hiccup

If you look up the definition of absolutely adorable, you would find a picture of Buck. He’s a tiny eight-week-old Heeler puppy who is not very tolerable of nuisances, namely hiccups. Experiencing them for the first time, Buck is initially caught off guard — but when the second hiccup comes around, he tries to attack… Read more »

Meet Pancake The Two Legged Cat That Will Warm Your Heart [Video]

Pancake the two legged cat is very picturesque.

Cats have taken over the internet with their fluffiness, of course. However, one special cat may just be the cutest of the bunch. Pancake was born with a skeletal deformity that left her with no usable front legs. World, it is time for you to formally meet Pancake the two legged cat. Deformities in animals… Read more »

Watch As Man Finds Perfect Puppy Work Out Partner In Teeny The Dog

Work out partners

As everyone knows, its sometimes hard to keep up your work out regime on your own. This guy has found the perfect answer, as his adorable puppy becomes his talented, extremely cute, and fun work out partner. The video was uploaded to the Dogaroo Group on Facebook, got shared further, and has since gone completely… Read more »