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Watch As A Corgi Meets A Wolf Cub For The First Time [Video]

Corgi plays with wolf

In this adorable video uploaded to the Camels and Friends YouTube channel, you can watch as a Corgi meets a wolf cub for the first time. In the video, the Corgi isn’t quite sure what to think of the wolf cub. The cub can be seen repeatedly spinning on the ground as the Corgi looks… Read more »

Bear Walking Upright Is Not A Hoax, Officials Say

Check out this bear walking upright!

A video of a bear walking upright through a New Jersey neighborhood has gained attention across the country, but is it real or just a hoax? The opinions of experts differ. Watch the minute-long video clip below, and the longer one further down, and see what you think! Fox 6 reports that some experts think… Read more »

Internet Baby Ad Will Make You ‘Weep For Humanity’

mts commercial

The MTS internet baby ad went quickly went viral and sparked a heated debate about the future of our world. The ad currently has more than 24 million viewers and is said to make you “weep for humanity.” The baby ad was released by an Indian company in February and only recently caught global attention…. Read more »