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Subaru Of Wichita ‘Anti-Union’ Dance Video Goes Viral

Wichita Subaru labor dispute

Subaru of Wichita staffers decided to inject a bit of comedy to combat a pro-union labor dispute banner placed in front of a dealership. A sign with big red letters placed in front of cars for sale on the lot read, “SHAME ON SUBARU OF WICHITA” with the phrase labor dispute also printed on the… Read more »

Shocking Footage: Video Catches Teenage Boy Jumping To His Death [Watch]


On Thursday, Mar. 13, surveillance cameras at a Chinese high school reportedly captured the final moments of a teenage boy’s life. According to Opposing Views, Xiao Zhen committed suicide by jumping to his death out of a classroom window. The publication reports that he was chronically stressed due to the academic pressures of college entrance… Read more »

‘Stay In School’ Viral Video Ending Shocks The World


The Stay in School viral video has everyone talking – and if viewers watch it through to the end they will find out why. Folks who cover their eyes during horror flicks may want to step away from the computer screen during the final 30 seconds of the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia… Read more »

Bill Of Rights: Mark Dice Third Amendment Video Goes Viral

Bill of Rights viral video

A new viral video by Mark Dice illustrates how quickly some California residents are to give up their Third Amendment rights. The Bill of Rights says, “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be… Read more »

Confiscated Pet Raccoon Convinces Tennessee Man To Run For Governor

Tennessee man running for governor to get back his confiscated pet raccoon

Mark “Coonrippy” Brown is running for governor of Tennessee because state officials won’t give back his beloved pet raccoon Rebekah. “This is all about the raccoon,” admitted Brown. The state Wildlife Resources Agency went to Brown’s home and seized Rebekah in July, and even petitioning the governor hasn’t worked to regain custody of the animal…. Read more »

‘House Of Cards’ Season 2 Official Trailer Hits The Internet [Video]

House of Cards season 2 trailer released

The official trailer for House of Cards, season two, has been released online. See embed above. House of Cards is the Emmy-winning Netflix original series starring Kevin Spacey as scheming US Congressman (and incoming vice president) Francis “Frank” Underwood, who revealingly declares in the trailer that in his opinion “democracy is so overrated.” Viewers of… Read more »

Carrie Prank Coffee Shop Viral Video: A Million Views In One Day [Watch]

carrie prank

A hysterical and slightly scary hidden-camera prank, known as the “Carrie Prank”, orchestrated by Sony, hit YouTube yesterday, and has already received 1 million views. The prank uses a clever mix of remote-controlled tables, a fake wall and spring-loaded paintings on the wall to fool customers. As Carrie loses control when another customer spills coffee… Read more »

Gloria Allred: Can She Prove Biker Was ‘Innocent Victim’?

gloria allred

Gloria Allred, attorney to the stars, has been retained by the family of Edwin Mieses, Jr, the biker who was injured in the confrontation in New York last week with an SUV driver. A video of the incident, which was filmed on the helmet camera of one of the bikers in the group, shows a… Read more »