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Ponies Chase Away Wild Boar To Save Couple, Video Goes Viral

viral videos

Ponies chased away a wild boar and saved a couple walking on a rural Belgium road from likely harm. The viral video of the ponies chasing a wild boar shows a fairly tranquil countryside scene until the black wild board comes rampaging into view. The three small ponies in the viral video are now being… Read more »

Kids Read Mean Tweets — It’s Not As Funny As When Barack Obama Does It

Kids read mean tweets -- how funny is this?

When Barack Obama reads mean tweets about himself, it’s funny, political, and a demonstration of his sense of humor and humility. When school-aged kids read mean tweets about themselves, it’s sad, painful, and a campaign against bullying. Canadian Safe Schools is using an Indiegogo fund to support their newest battle against bullying. It’s a short… Read more »

Is Evolution Observable In Action Today? Richard Dawkins Explains

Is evolution observable? Dawkins says it is -- and that it doesn't have to be.

Is evolution observable, in the sense that the Earth’s orbit of the sun is observable? This is the basis for Richard Dawkins’ most recent video, which he posted online this week in response to a question asked of him online. It’s a point that’s often raised by those who doubt evolution: Is it science if… Read more »

He Told This TV Host To Shut Up — Instead, She Shut Him Down

See this guet tell the tv host to shut up -- instead, she shuts him down.

Have you ever heard a guest tell a TV host to shut up? When this Lebanese reporter tried to keep her guest on topic, that’s what happened to her. She didn’t let him get away with it, though. Instead, she first spoke up for herself, asking for respect — and when she still didn’t get… Read more »

Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers Parody Video Goes Viral

Cats welcoming soldiers home -- they don't do it the way dogs do.

A video of cats welcoming home soldiers from their deployments is going wildly viral. Though the video has been on YouTube since November, new attention has suddenly led it to go viral this week, and for good reason. Anyone who has ever loved a cat will recognize this attitude. Numerous videos have gone viral, showing… Read more »

Little Girl’s Heavy Metal ABC Song Goes Viral [Video]

Little girl rocks out to her ABCs

An enterprising dad has come up with a way to make learning the ABCs fun for his little girl. He just sets them to some head banging music and lets her scream A-B-C-D to her heart’s content — and she is rocking the internet with her heavy metal version of the alphabet. This YouTube video… Read more »

Every 90s Commercial EVER — But With A Surprising Twist! [Video]

Every 90's Commercial Ever

There’s no denying that ’90s commercials, especially those aimed at children, were a bit more “animated” than they are today. There were a few stereotypes typical of ’90s ads that make them easily distinguishable from the sort of commercials we see today. They tended to be colorful, cheery (almost cartoonishly so), and often feature a… Read more »