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Confederate Flag Parade Crash Sparks Viral Video And Free Speech Debate

confederate flag parade

A Confederate Flag parade, featuring more than 150 pickup trucks and other vehicles, resulted in a crash that was ultimately turned into a viral video. The parade took place in Dalton, Georgia. Local police officers were blocking intersections for the parade, as is commonplace for any such event, but the traffic assistance did not thwart… Read more »

Redneck Avengers? Bad Lip Reading Of Marvel Film Goes Viral

Redneck Avengers

Redneck Avengers. It might seem like a hilarious joke worth a good laugh. However, when you take a few minutes to look at this now-viral video of cinematic bad lip reading, you will never look at Avengers the same way again. Instead of sticking to the original plot and dialogue of the Joss Whedon-directed 2012… Read more »

Woman Curses Out Horse, Take A Wild Guess How The Horse Responded [Video]


There have been many arguments regarding the intelligence of animals. While some people think they lack understanding of human language, others have argued that they probably understand more than you’ll ever know. If you’ve ever doubted animal intelligence, this video of a horse interacting with a female horseback rider will make you think again! Apparently,… Read more »