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Viral Shark Video Wasn’t Attack, Experts Assert

The shark was likely reacting to Fanning's surfboard leash, one expert says, attempting to get away.

Surfer Mick Fanning’s escape from a great white shark made headlines worldwide last week, but after viewing video of the incident, experts have asserted that the shark wasn’t attacking him. The shark incident occurred at the J-Bay Open tournament in South Africa and was broadcast live online and on TV, as Vox reports. Onlookers were… Read more »

Police Brutality Alleged: Handcuffed Teen Is Slammed Onto Floor, Knocking Her Teeth Out [Video]

Colorado Springs Police Accused Of Police Brutality

Police brutality allegations were prompted when a police officer slammed a teen’s face onto a hospital floor. The young woman suffered significant injuries, including trauma to the head, face, jaw, and teeth. She also sustained concussion, migraine headaches, cognitive and memory function problems, closed head injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) The allegation of police… Read more »

Watch As Color Blind Man Sees Real Colors For The First Time [Video]

A special gift

Ethan Scott is color blind. His partner, James, gave him a surprise birthday gift of a pair of very special glasses which allow him to experience real color for the first time. The video shows his reaction to this. Warning: There is some pretty strong language. In the video, Scott explains that being color blind… Read more »

Teen Girl Beats Up Alleged Harasser At Police Station In Viral Video

A video of a spunky schoolgirl beating her alleged harasser inside a police station in Uttar Pradesh, India has gone viral for all the right reasons. The girl reportedly stopped the stalker on his motorcycle by blocking it with her bicycle right in front of the police station before proceeding to drag him inside the… Read more »

NYPD Cop Gets Into Street Fight Boxing Match With Suspect [Viral Video]

NYPD Police Street Fight

An NYPD plainclothes officer got into a boxing match with a non-compliant suspect in Harlem, resulting in both men apparently exchanging blows to the face. Now subject to an internal police investigation, the boxing brawl was captured on cell phone video (NSFW for language), with the filmmaker repeatedly calling “BS” on what he considered an… Read more »

Confederate Flag Parade Crash Sparks Viral Video And Free Speech Debate

confederate flag parade

A Confederate Flag parade, featuring more than 150 pickup trucks and other vehicles, resulted in a crash that was ultimately turned into a viral video. The parade took place in Dalton, Georgia. Local police officers were blocking intersections for the parade, as is commonplace for any such event, but the traffic assistance did not thwart… Read more »