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Ex-Adult Film Star Christy Mack Opens Up About Her Recovery From Beating

Christy Mack before and after the beatings that nearly claimed her life. Images courtesy of Christy Mack/Twitter

Christy Mack knows just what it’s like to watch love turn sour and now, after months of extensive recovery, Ms. Mack finally healed enough, physically and psychologically, to open up about the abuse she allegedly received at the hands of MMA fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver. Christy was already established in a porn and modeling… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Romanticizes Sexual Abuse, Study

Fifty Shades new study shows the book romanticizes sexual abuse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey, E.L.. James’ raunchy novel is not good for abused women, a study finds. In fact, it romanticizes what can be traumatic experiences. In one such case, Natalie Collins married early, at 17. At first, the man was charming, but she soon discovered a darker side to his personality, he became manipulative… Read more »

Maternal And Infant Mortality Risks Linked To Earlier Marriage

mortality rates in young mothers

Marriageable age is the age at which a person is allowed by law to marry, either as a right or subject to parental forms of consent. Age and other prerequisites to marry vary between jurisdictions. Typically in the US, the age is at or around 18. Marriage under the age of 18 is permitted with… Read more »

International Women’s Day: Rape And Violence A Worldwide Problem

International Women's Day: Rape And Violence A Worldwide Problem

International Women’s Day was first commemorated when American women demanded the right to vote in the United States. Now, International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, but the major problems of rape and violence against women still persist. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Obama recently signed an updated version of the Violence Against Women… Read more »

Miami Dolphins Chad Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence

Chad Johnson Of The Miami Dolphins Arrested For Domestic Violence

Veteran wide receiver Chad Johnson, of the Miami Dolphins, has been arrested in Davie, Florida, on charges of domestic violence. Johnson is alleged to have head butted his wife of only six weeks, Evelyn Lozada, after she reportedly found a receipt for condoms purchased by Johnson. According to Davie Police Captain Dale Engle, the altercation… Read more »