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‘Fast And Furious 8’ Mocked, Could Ruin ‘Furious 7’ Ending

Fast and Furious 8

It’s official — Fast and Furious 8 has received the green light to race into theaters in April, 2017. Actor Vin Diesel made the announcement at Universal’s CinemaCon panel on Thursday in Las Vegas, according to Variety. I liked a @YouTube video Furious 8 Announced, Will Release in 2017 – IGN News — Thunder… Read more »

Vin Diesel Sings ‘See You Again’ As Tribute Paul Walker [Video]

Vin Diesel sings

For those who aren’t familiar, Furious 7 star Vin Diesel is somewhat of a karaoke aficionado. A few years ago, he sang Rihanna’s “Stay” in his home, complete with the video projecting on a wall. Then he followed that up by singing Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” during a press interview. Diesel returned to form… Read more »

Paul Walker And ‘Furious 7’ Make History At The Box Office

Paul Walker death

Paul Walker’s death shocked everyone, from his family to his Furious 7 co-stars to his fans, but could the tragedy have helped the film succeed at the box office beyond anybody’s dreams? The Fast & Furious franchise has always been a very successful one, but Furious 7 is crushing them all after its first weekend… Read more »

‘Furious 7’: CGI Version of Paul Walker Slammed On Twitter

Paul Walker

Paul Walker received perhaps one of the most emotion-stirring, memorable tributes in his final film – Furious 7. Shortly after the movie was released for late-night showings last Thursday, the Internet started buzzing about the tear-jerking ending, which featured one of the most emotional farewells in a blockbuster movie of all time. It was the… Read more »

Vin Diesel Reveals Haunting Final Conversation With Paul Walker


Vin Diesel is currently doing the round promoting Furious 7, the latest instalment to the Fast and Furious franchise. Diesel is also taking this opportunity to both mourn and celebrate the life of his co-star throughout the series Paul Walker, who died during filming. Diesel even recalled his final, haunting conversation with the actor. During… Read more »

Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ — Vin Diesel Teases Role

Diesel Inhuman

Marvel’s film Inhumans is slated for a 2018 release, and Vin Diesel may very well be a part of it. Diesel, who is no stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after being the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, recently posted a new cover on his Facebook page featuring Vin standing in… Read more »

Jennifer Lawrence Wins Guinness Book World Record

Guinness World Records

Jennifer Lawrence can now add Guinness Book World Record holder to her resume. In the midst of the nude picture hacking scandal, a ray of light has beamed down on Jennifer Lawrence. According to the official Guinness World Records site, Jennifer Lawrence now holds the record as the highest grossing action movie heroine of all… Read more »

‘Fast And Furious 7’ Plot Details Revealed [Spoilers]

Fast and Furious 7 Movie

It’s been weeks since we’ve heard any new information in regards to Fast and Furious 7. During the spring and most of the summer, we gathered details about the production, and how it would continue without actor Paul Walker. Now, we have rumors that may be major spoilers via Cinema Blend about what the new… Read more »

‘The Inhumans’ Are Marvel’s Next Franchise: Who Are They?

The Inhumans Comes To the Big Screen

Following on the gigantic box-office success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s next franchise will be The Inhumans according to Collider. Producing Guardians of the Galaxy was a gamble for the comic book studio – much more-so than the familiar characters presented in The Avengers. The characters in Guardians of the Galaxy weren’t well known… Read more »

Iggy Azalea Scores ‘Fast And Furious 7’ Cameo

iggy lands role in ff7

Iggy Azalea is expanding her world domination by accepting a cameo in Fast and Furious 7. If you can’t stand the Australian rapper, then you’d better start getting used to her. Although actually finding someone who listens to Azalea’s music on purpose is a difficult task in this writer’s neck of the musical woods, apparently… Read more »