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Maria Aristidou’s Pop Culture Coffee Art Even Has An Aroma

Coffee Art By Maria Aristidou

Coffee art is a new, non-traditional form of expression by a variety of artists. Take the commercial artist, illustrator, and cake designer Maria A. Aristidou, for example. Maria uses the medium of coffee to create a variety of portraits, including images of John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, and Albert Einstein to name a few. In an… Read more »

Republicans Threaten To Defund Planned Parenthood After Third Video Shows Officials Discussing Price Per Item Of Fetal Body Parts

Republicans Threaten To Cut Planned Parenthood Funding After Videos

An anti-abortion group released a series of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetus body parts, and Republicans are outraged and demanding an end to the group’s federal funding. The latest video from the Center for Medical Progress, released Tuesday, shows a Denver Planned Parenthood official discussing the prices of… Read more »

Upcoming Verizon Video Service To Be Called ‘Go90’

Verizon video streaming service Go90

A report by Variety said that the upcoming online video service from Verizon will be called Go90. Though the upcoming service wasn’t a secret, its name was definitely a surprise to some people. TheVerge’s Chris Welch thought the name of the service was fairly outrageous. “That’s some absolutely horrid, nonsensical branding, but the actual product… Read more »

Teen Girl Beats Up Alleged Harasser At Police Station In Viral Video

A video of a spunky schoolgirl beating her alleged harasser inside a police station in Uttar Pradesh, India has gone viral for all the right reasons. The girl reportedly stopped the stalker on his motorcycle by blocking it with her bicycle right in front of the police station before proceeding to drag him inside the… Read more »

UFO Spotted By Several People During PGA Tournament [Video]

UFO sighting during PGA

Video footage of last month’s PGA tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, appears to show a UFO flying overhead as golfers took part in the championship event. According to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one viewer watching the event at home “noticed a weird object in the sky.” “When you see the pictures, people may… Read more »

Man Plays Guitar While Doctors Operate On His Brain, Amazing Video

Man plays guitar during brain surgery

Doctors woke a Brazilian man halfway through his major brain surgery this week so he could play the Beatles song, “Yesterday.” By asking 33-year-old Anthony Kulkamp Dias to play guitar during brain surgery, doctors were able to map his brain functions and avoid damaging important areas, according to the Telegraph. The pioneering surgery is called… Read more »

Dropped iPhone 5 Captures Descent To Ocean Floor


Gregory Papdin, a holidaymaker, was taking a video of his brother on a boat whilst on holiday in Menorca when he dropped the iPhone 5 into the Spanish ocean, still on record. An amazing video was released after Papdin’s brother dove to the bottom of the ocean to save the iPhone 5, which was encapsulated… Read more »

Spider-Man Entertainer Backflips And Gets Knocked Out Cold [Video]

Spider-Man Accident

A Spider-Man entertainer knocked himself out when he did a backflip at a children’s birthday party. At first, an amateur video shows a Spider-Man performer doing his routine fairly well. The superhero gymnast does a few aerials that are pretty impressive. However, a short time later, Spider-Man attempted to do a backflip and failed. He… Read more »

President Obama Brings Out Keegan-Michael Key From ‘Key & Peele’ For His WHCD Speech! [Video]

Barack Obama Addresses White House Correspondents Dinner

President Barack Obama gained some serious points when he brought Key & Peele’s Luther to this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. As usual, Luther (played by Keegan-Michael Key) hilariously personified the role of Obama’s “anger translator.” Luther’s high-energy antics were used to drive the nail home in topics ranging from Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid to… Read more »