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‘Titanfall’ Originally Used ‘Ratchet & Clank’ Engine

Titanfall PS4: The Xbox One Exclusive Isn't The Only Reason A PlayStation 4 Port Is Unlikely

Titanfall is getting a lot of attention these days. With numerous articles floating about the web and excellent promotional marketing, Titanfall is easily one of of Xbox One’s most desired titles. However, here is a zinger that may blow most gamer’s minds. Titanfall originally used the Ratchet & Clank engine! That’s right! The same engine… Read more »

Infant Child Starved To Death As Father Played Video Games For Days


A father from South Korea was arrested Monday after reportedly allowing his infant son to starve to death in his apartment as he played online video games for days at nearby internet cafes. The 22-year-old father, surnamed Chung, has been arrested by the police officers of the city of Daegu, southeast of Seoul after authorities… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of April 6, 2014

new video game releases for the week of April 6

The new video game releases for the week of April 6, 2014 includes the return of a once beloved baseball game, a Disney Animal Crossing meets theme park game for the 3DS, and more LEGO shenanigans with hobbits. The biggest title gracing our new video game release list is undoubtedly Titanfall for the Xbox 360…. Read more »

Xbox Live Bullies Beware: You’re About To Get Punished

Xbox Live will start punishing bad players.

Xbox Live has always been an interesting gaming platform due to the fact that the service that amazingly connects you with people around the world is the same service that makes you never want to connect with many of those people ever again. Microsoft has realized that it has its fair share of gamers on… Read more »

New Video Game Releases for the Week of March 9 2014

New Video Game Releases Week of March 9

With the New Video Game Releases for the week of March 9, 2014 Titanfall arrives as the “killer app” and the reason many of us bought an Xbox One. While it will feature parity with the Xbox 360, Microsoft is hoping Titanfall will continue to help turn the tide on the PlayStation 4 which, according… Read more »

Video Game Layoffs and Departures Reach Far and Wide

video game layoffs

Video game layoffs are nothing new. In fact, they are expected. During the season when games ship or the DLC support has run out studios will let go of people they simply no longer need. To many it seems cold and heartless, to others it is perceived as simple business. In the last few weeks… Read more »

The State of Black Video Game Characters

black video game characters featured

What would Martin Luther King think of the state of black video game characters if he was alive today? Sadly, Dr. King was killed in 1968, well before the advent of the modern video game and we will never know what he would have thought. Based on what he preached, we can look at three… Read more »

Annoying Video Game Trends: Ten Reasons Gamers Don’t Come Back

Annoying video game trends

Annoying video game trends can seriously put a damper on your gameplay experience, oftentimes meaning the difference between playing the game again later and sending it to your local used game store for recycling. These particular trends are some of the biggest reasons most gamers never pick up the game again, as the memories alone… Read more »

Wealthy Men Love Playing Video Games Too

Video Game Survey

If you thought video games were a poor man’s pastime, then you obviously haven’t been spending too much time with those who make over $100,000 a year. According to a recent survey conducted by the dating website, lots of rich dudes love playing video games. In fact, quite a few of them do it… Read more »

Video Games: NASCAR Winner Attributes Victory To The Hobby

Video games taught NASCAR winner to race

Video games are being credited for the recent victory of a NASCAR winner. It might seem odd that video games could teach us anything, especially anything useful, but the hobby is known to improve hand and eye coordination in real life. The Inquisitr has listed several useful, as well as useless, lessons to be learned… Read more »

Movies Based On Video Games: Why They Usually Fail

Movies based on video games are rarely done right, and for good reason

Movies based on video games usually never do well. Even the sequels to the few that actually succeed usually end up heaping piles of disappointment. Only one has ever come close to breaking the trend, and that was Resident Evil. Sadly, the Resident Evil franchise seemed to have lost track of its roots after the… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Trailer Arrives Online [Video]

GTA V Trailer

Rockstar has unveiled the first Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer. The nearly five-minute video gives fans of the franchise an opportunity to see how the game performs. The clip first introduces prospective players to the world in and around Los Santos. Fans of the series will be able to traverse cities, wilderness, and all… Read more »

‘SimCity’ Offline Mode Could Become A Reality

Maxis Electronic Arts

An offline version of SimCity might be on the away after all. The folks at Electronic Arts drew the ire of many gamers when it forced them to play the latest version of the city simulator online. After a considerable amount of backlash, it would seem the developers are thinking about adding an offline mode… Read more »

Ellen Page Claims ‘The Last Of Us’ Ripped Off Her Likeness

Naughty Dog The Last Of Us

Ellen Page believes Naughty Dog ripped off her likeness for the video game The Last of Us. When you compare the Hard Candy actress to the character found in the recent game, the similarities are hard to deny. Page definitely has a unique look, one that appears to have been borrowed for Naughty Dog’s latest… Read more »

Beyonce Settles $100 Million Video Game Lawsuit

Beyonce Gate Five

Beyonce reportedly settled a $100 million lawsuit over a video game deal gone sour. The singer backed out of a deal to create a dance game with the folks at Gate Five. Although the parties originally wanted to work together on the project, Beyonce’s alleged demand for more money ultimately derailed everything. According to Billboard,… Read more »