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Measles Outbreak In Ohio Amish Country

ohio Amish country

Measles have hit Ohio Amish country and complicated two major events in the Knox County and Homes County community. Local officials have embarked on an educational campaign to combat the spread of the measles in the Amish community and to encourage vaccination. Ohio Amish country is anticipating visitors from around world for two upcoming public… Read more »

Mumps Outbreak At Ohio State – Almost All Were Vaccinated

Ohio State Mumps Outbreak

There are now 28 confirmed cases in the mumps outbreak at Ohio State University as of March 18, 2014. All but one of those infected were vaccinated, according to Jose Rodriguez, spokesman for Columbus Public Health. This outbreak could still potentially grow, as students are returning from spring break and could have infected others during… Read more »

PTSD Vaccine Could Help Soldiers Avoid Future Panic Attacks

PTSD Vaccine A Possible Reality

Medical researchers believe they have discovered the world’s first PTSD vaccine. The vaccination works by regulating one of the body’s own hormones. Developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the vaccine focuses on the hormone known as ghrelin. That hormone is produced during stressful situations, and therefore makes it a prime candidate for… Read more »

New Malaria Vaccine Offers Full Protection

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough

A new malaria vaccine has proven successful in protecting 100 percent of people who were given five doses of the vaccination. The study only involved a very small trial of people but is already being deemed as a breakthrough. Malaria, a product of Plasmodium parasites, affects more than 200 million people each year and killed… Read more »