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Statue Of Bull In Hurricane, Utah Arouses Controversy

A well endowed bull statue is causing controversy

In the small, peaceful town of Hurricane, Utah a newly erected statue of a bull at a local restaurant has sparked controversy. On top of Barista’s restaurant a bull statue that is largely endowed was put on display on March 14, directly across the road from the local high school, reports the Huffington Post. “It… Read more »

Utah High School’s Bake Sale For Gender Equality Stirs Things Up

gender equality bake sale

In Sandy, Utah a bake sale at Jordan High School has stirred up some controversy The bake sale was held by the high school’s Young Democrats club. Surprisingly, the issue causing the controversy is the long debated one of gender equality, equal pay for equal work, reports Good4Utah. At this bake sale 2 chocolate chip… Read more »

DEA: Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Utah Will Lead To Stoned Rabbits

A stoned rabbit.

A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent testified to a Utah legislative committee that legalizing marijuana in the Beehive State would lead to stoned rabbits, Death and Taxes is reporting. A Utah Senate committee heard testimony last week from DEA agent Matt Fairbanks. Utah is considering a bill that would allow patients with very specific debilitating… Read more »

Brave Bakery Owner Rescues Kidnapped 3-Year-Old Child

Bakery owner rescues kidnapped 3-year-old

Bakery owner Leslie Fiet has been selling her cupcakes like crazy ever since she became a local hero. Fiet, who owns Mini’s Cupcakes in Salt Lake City, Utah, didn’t know her act of heroism would have customers lined up outside her door, as reported by ABC News. The even unfolded as Fiet was in her… Read more »

Utah Man ‘Wins’ Eggnog-Chugging Contest, Winds Up In The Hospital

Ryan Roche in the hospital.

Ryan Roche of Lehi, Utah, is probably questioning his life choices after spending a day in the Intensive Care Unit, plus two more days in the hospital and a week at home recovering, all because he “won” an eggnog-chugging contest. The 33-year-old was at his employer’s office Christmas party, according to WPTV (West Palm Beach),… Read more »