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Army To Cut 40K Troops As ISIS Ranks Swell

US Army cutting 40,000 troops

The U.S. Army is cutting 40,000 troops over the course of the next two years. The reduction in the military fighting force will impact all Army domestic and foreign posts, according to USA Today. The cuts in the number of active duty soldiers comes as ISIS ranks continue to increase, and President Obama is still… Read more »

Military Hoverbikes Being Developed For U.S. Army

mally aeronautics

Military hoverbikes will soon be able to help American soldiers get to where they need to be far more quickly. The United States Army recently announced a partnership with Malloy Aeronautics to make the two-propeller heavy cargo-lifting hoverbikes. The hoverbikes can reportedly be used as “tiny helicopters.” The hybrid hoverbike prototype by Malloy Aeronautics reportedly… Read more »

Colt – Legendary Gun Maker Files For Bankruptcy

Colt Bankruptcy

Colt Defense LLC, the legendary American gun manufacturer, announced yesterday that it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Colt, a company that is as American as Coca-Cola, Levis, McDonald’s and Chevrolet, lost its contract with the U.S. Army for the Colt M4 two years ago. This isn’t the first time that Colt has filed… Read more »

U.S. Military Inadvertently Shipped Live Anthrax To Commercial Labs

live anthrax accidentally shipped to labs

Pentagon officials admitted on Wednesday that live anthrax spores were accidentally shipped from Utah to government and commercial laboratories in nine states across the U.S. and one overseas destination. A Pentagon spokesperson, Col. Steve Warren, said the samples, which contained live Bacillus anthracis, were mistakenly shipped from Dugway Proving Ground, an Army facility in western… Read more »

Coach K: Fighting ISIS Is Just Like Coaching Basketball

Duke coach doesn't like Obama's ISIS strategy

Legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke at an Association of the United States Army conference last month, where he spoke in front of hundreds of military officers, defense contractors, and Army supporters. In that conference, Coach K compared fighting the war against ISIS to coaching a basketball team, and criticized Barack Obama for being… Read more »

Ebola: Army Troops Returning From West Africa Quarantined In Italy

army ebola quarantine

U.S. Army troops are under an Ebola quarantine in Italy. Army Major General Darryl A. Williams, commander of U.S. Army Africa forces, along with 10 other personnel, are now under “controlled monitoring” after returning from West Africa over the weekend. Although the Army troops are essentially under and Ebola quarantine, officials at the Pentagon have… Read more »

Marines Sleeves Up: Showing Off Tattoos Now Permitted

Marines sleeves up

Marines, sleeves up! Even though it’s not an official order from the Commandant, U.S. Marines are now allowed to wear their sleeves folded up while in camouflage uniform, and when not in combat zones. The rule that forbade Marines from rolling their sleeves up for comfort and to show off their ink, was instituted about… Read more »

World War II Wisconsin Veteran’s Diary Found In California

World War II Wisconsin Veteran's diary found in California.

A California couple found the diary of a Wisconsin World War II veteran in California while cleaning the house of the woman’s recently deceased mother. Officials at the veteran’s hometown of Racine are having a hard time tracking down the man’s family so they can return the diary. Evelyn Dar was cleaning out the San… Read more »

Disable Veteran Kicked Off Boardwalk For Walking With Service Dog

Service Dog and Vet Kicked Off Boardwalk

Disabled US Army veteran Jared Goering was kicked off the North Wildwood boardwalk in New Jersey this past week because he was walking with his service dog. Goering has served 19 years as an active member of the US Army including one tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. Speaking to NBC4,0 the vet says… Read more »

Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter Is Iraq War Veteran

Cardinals Cheerleader Megan Welter is War veteran

Megan Welter is a cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals pro-football team. But there is more than meets the eye in her story. Not many would associate an Iraq war veteran and cheerleading, but in this case the two go hand in hand. Megan Welter is a 28-year-old regular woman who has made it, not only… Read more »

Army Promotes Soldier, Becomes First Openly Gay General

Tammy Smith Is Militarys First Openly Gay General

Tammy Smith has become the US Army’s first openly gay General following a promotion ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. Smith was given the rank of Army brigadier general. Smith is now the highest-ranking gay or lesbian military worker to be open about their sexuality and her promotion comes less than one year… Read more »

42 Years Later, Obama Awards Sgt. Leslie H. Sabo Jr. The Medal Of Honor


On Wednesday, March 16, 2012, President Obama presented the Congressional Medal Of Honor to one of America’s fallen heroes, Sgt. Leslie Halasz Sabo, Jr. The moving ceremony was attended by Sgt. Sabo’s widow Rose Mary Sabo-Brown, his older brother George Sabo, members of Congress and ranking officers of the United States Military. Also attending was… Read more »