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While Jobs Increase And Unemployment Drops, Wages Have Yet To Catch Up

Job Growth

The economy continued its promising rise in jobs this February as almost 300,000 were added and unemployment dropped to roughly 5.5 percent. The number of jobs being added every month has consistently beaten many economists’ estimates. Though this number doesn’t include the people who are considered long-term unemployed — that is, those who are out… Read more »

Obama Administration Says U.S. Needs More Immigrants To Create A Younger Workforce

obama immigrants

The Obama administration said the president’s policies are not to blame for the ever increasing number of non-working individuals in America. President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers feel the trend was “inevitable” and caused by an aging United States population. To combat the issue, the president’s advisers suggest allowing more immigrants into the country in… Read more »

Seattle Minimum Wage Raised To $15 Per Hour

minimum wage $15

Seattle minimum wage increase to $15 per hour approved by the city council. The California city now boasts the highest minimum wage in the United States. Small business owners and fiscal conservatives are already registering their concern over possible layoff, unemployment increases, and customer price increases. The minimum wage increase in Seattle has been a… Read more »

Michelle Obama: Girl Gives Unemployed Dad’s Resume To First Lady [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama and Charlotte Bell

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, received something rather unique from a girl during the White House’s “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” and it was a wonderful favor to her father. According to the Washington Post, Michelle Obama called upon a girl, who is identified as 10-year-old Charlotte Bell, during a question-and-answer session…. Read more »

Saudi Arabia Tries To Cut Jobless Rate By Kicking Out Foreigners

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is taking the direct approach when it comes to reducing unemployment. The Arab kingdom has simply been kicking foreign workers out so that native Saudis can take their jobs. However, the practice will work better in theory than reality, experts say and will have a far- reaching effect on economies throughout the Middle… Read more »

Unemployment Rate Rises To 7.3% Even With 204,000 New Jobs

unemployment rate rises

The unemployment rate for October was released by the Labor Department on Friday. The report showed that 204,000 non-farming jobs were actually added to the market. In spite of the added jobs, the unemployment rate bumped from 7.2% in September to 7.3% in October. Economists were worried how the Government shutdown would affect the Labor… Read more »

Fired By Text Message On The Fourth Of July, That’s Gotta Hurt

fired by text message

Workers in Florida were fired by text message on the Fourth of July, leaving them without pay and without notice. Barducci’s Italian Restaurant in Winter Park, Florida was closed suddenly before the holiday by owner Gregory Kennedy, who reportedly texted the bad news to employees rather than meeting them at work. One of the restaurant… Read more »

Congressman To Introduce Legislation To Ban Trillion Dollar Coin

Trillion dollar coin illegal

Just when you thought the insanity over the nation’s 16 trillion dollar debt and our government’s total unwillingness to reduce deficit couldn’t get any worse, some lunatic decided minting a trillion dollar platinum coin would be the perfect way to allow the President to pay for all those bloated government programs without the approval of… Read more »

Jobless Claims Rise Again While Media Focuses On Akin

Media Talks About Akin While Unemployment Claims Increase

Commentary | With less than 80 days to go until what many political pundits are calling “the most important election in American history,” the media is still ignoring another week of rising jobless claims, unemployment, the struggling economy, and the Medicare debate to focus almost entirely on one outrageously dumb comment by Rep. Todd Akin…. Read more »