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School Reportedly Hid Special Needs Students From Inspectors During Ofsted Visit


Matravers School, a prominent co-ed secondary school in Wiltshire in the UK, is currently under fire for allegedly hiding special needs students from Ofsted inspectors while they visited and assessed the school. According to SWNS, parents are accusing Matravers officials of removing children with learning disabilities — including those with autism and dyslexia — from… Read more »

UK Parliament Says Yes To Three Parent Babies In Historic First

Three Parent Babies

In a world first, the U.K. parliament has approved plans to create three-parent babies. The BBC is reporting that members of parliament have approved the plans to allow the creation of babies using DNA from three parents, two women and one man. In a free vote, which means that members of parliament can vote according… Read more »

UK Doctors Complete First Successful Organ Transplant From An Infant

First successful infant transplant completed in the UK

Doctors in the United Kingdom have performed the first successful transplant from a newborn infant in the country. The groundbreaking procedure required two surgeries that are being heralded as a major milestone for pediatric transplant care in the UK. In a tragic, bitter-sweet story, doctors in the UK successfully completed the transplantation of kidney and… Read more »

Cyber Attack War Games Being Planned By U.S. And The U.K.

cyber attack

Cyber attack war games are being planned by the United States and the United Kingdom. The first of the exercised will involve a staged cyber hacking of the financial sector and will be conducted later this year. The “unprecedented” cyber attack war games plan was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron before he held a… Read more »

Scotland In A Deep Freeze Inspires Mountaineering Photographers

Scotland gets hit by massive winter storm.

The people of Scotland woke up to a massive dose of winter, as they tried to dig their way out of the deep freeze that swept the nation with record breaking temperatures and massive amounts of snow. The familiar green hills of Scotland turned into a blanket of white in this sudden winter wonderland, as… Read more »

Jessie J Supports UK Music Video Ratings System


Jessie J fully supports the music video ratings system that’s set to launch in the UK. Since the British singer firmly believes some kids probably shouldn’t watch the music videos she puts together, Jessie is totally down with the new system debuting in the United Kingdom this Friday (October 3). In fact, she seems to… Read more »

Scottish Independence: Why Is David Cameron Opposed?

Scotland votes today on whether to sever ties with the United Kingdom.

Scottish Independence. I have to be honest here. When this writer hears the term Scottish Independence, it conjures up images of Mel Gibson painting half of his Aussie face blue and riding off to fight the bad guys in his quasi-historical film about Scottish independence Braveheart. Truth be told, this writer spends far too much… Read more »

Middle East Countries To Join The U.S. In Fight Against ISIS

isis terrorist who killed James Foley

As of today, reports are saying many Middle Eastern countries have offered to join the U.S. in its air strikes against ISIS, especially since the takeover in Iraq, Syria and the brutal videotaped executions of two American and one British citizen. While the countries that will be joining forces with the U.S. were not identified,… Read more »

Ex-Hurricane Bertha Winds Down On Approach To UK

Predicted To Bring Heavy Rains

The southern coast of the U.K. is predicted to see rain this weekend as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha head towards Europe. There is a 40 percent chance of heavy rain, strong winds, and large waves along the southeast coast. Born at midnight as a tropical storm on July 31 275 miles southeast of Barbados,… Read more »

Jayson Wells: Man Posed As Veterinarian So He Could Torture Animals

jayson wells

Jayson Wells, a 30-year-old man from Driffield in UK, has been jailed after it was uncovered that he posed as a veterinarian so he could torture people’s pets, Daily Mail reports. Investigators believe that Wells inflicted excruciating pain on animals he promised to treat. Wells, who is not a registered veterinarian with the Royal College… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Working With Demi Lovato, Rising To The Top

Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato

Ed Sheeran is quickly climbing to the top of the pop music ladder. He’s sold millions of records internationally, he’s got a full length album coming out on June 23, he appeared in a commercial for Beats by Dre, and even got one of his songs on the soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars… Read more »

KFC Employee Allegedly Laced Customers’ Food With Pubic Hair For Being Rude


A KFC employee of the restaurant’s branch in Cardiff, UK is currently suspended for allegedly contaminating customers’ food with pubic hair, Wales Online reports. The stomach-turning event was revealed when the employee, anonymously posting on the Facebook page Spotted Cardiff, detailed how she laced the customers’ food with pubic hair. The customers, according to the… Read more »