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Mount Fuji In ‘Critical State’: Eruption Possible?

Mount Fuji is not only a national symbol for Japan, but also an active volcano that last erupted in 1707

Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji is in a “critical state,” according to researchers, leading to fears that an eruption may be imminent. The highest point on the Japanese archipelago and a national symbol, Mount Fuji is constantly monitored by the government, due to its nature as an active volcano. Fujisan, as the Japanese call it, has… Read more »

Second Major Earthquake Hits Chile At Magnitude 7.8 [BREAKING]

chile earthquake 2nd

Just a day after a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Chile near Iquique, the coastal area of the South American nation was once again rocked by an earthquake, this one measuring 7.8. The first quake, which generated a tsunami and resulted in the death of six and damage along the coastline,… Read more »

Powerful Earthquake Hits Chile, 100,000 People Evacuated

chile evacuation thousands flee

A powerful earthquake that hit the Southern American nation of Chile has led to the evacuation of over 100,000 people from its coastal regions, reports AFP. The earthquake was measured at 6.7 on the Richter Scale and struck at 6:16 pm local time. The US Geological Survey had earlier measured the earthquake to be of… Read more »

Japanese Tsunami Brings Invasive Species To West Coast

japanese tsunami brings invasive species to north america

Japanese tsunami debris is still arriving on the shores of North America’s west coast, and it’s contaminated with at least 175 living species, about half of which have been identified. That’s why scientists are becoming concerned about the possibility of an invasive species entering the continent, according to a report today in Nature by Virginia… Read more »

Japan Earthquake: Strong Quake Strikes Off Coast, Causes Small Tsunami


On Friday, a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of northeastern Japan, triggering a small tsunami in at least one city in the region devastated last year’s massive quake. There were no reports of any damage resulting from the small tsunami. The magnitude-7.3 earthquake occurred at 5:18 pm local time. The earthquake’s epicenter was located… Read more »