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Will Rusev Be The Last U.S. Champion?

U.S. champion Rusev

WWE superstar Rusev is on a tear. As reported by the Inquisitr, Rusev recently won the United States Championship from Sheamus, adding fuel to the fire of an anti-American heel storyline. In a move consistent with his devotion to his adopted home country of Russia, Rusev has threatened to turn the title over to President… Read more »

‘WWE SmackDown’ Moving to Thursday Nights Starting January 15

WWE SmackDown making a move

It’s been rumored for several months now that WWE SmackDown would be moving back to Thursday nights. Well, now it’s official, as announced today that SmackDown is making the move to Thursday night starting January 15. SmackDown will continue to air on the SyFy network. Back in August, WWE began promoting SmackDown’s move to… Read more »

WWE: Daniel Bryan May Never Return As Active Wrestler

Daniel Bryan Finished?

Daniel Bryan has received some pretty terrible news, which we detailed with a bit more optimism on October 29. However, a new report that surfaced at Cageside Seats today indicates that optimism may be wishful thinking. During the site’s daily rumor roundup, it was said that unnamed sources within the WWE are operating on the… Read more »