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WWE: Brock Lesnar Needs To Destroy John Cena At Night Of Champions

Lesnar and Heyman

To keep a good thing going, listen to the audience and react. Read and acknowledge the fan base, then go from there. Brock Lesnar dominated, mutilated, destroyed, conquered, annihilated, squashed, bombarded, beat, commandeered, tyrannized and prevailed over John Cena at WWE’s SummerSlam. If there are any more synonyms to add in that sentence, please fill… Read more »

WWE News: WWE 2K15 Could Be Delayed Due To CM Punk Lawsuit

CM Punk kissing Vince bye

Since departing from the WWE in January of this year, CM Punk has remained mostly quiet, only showing up for rare appearances at random events. None were WWE-related, sadly. We’d see him at sporting events, but even when WWE was in his backyard of Chicago, Punk was nowhere to be found. The world has awaited… Read more »

WWE News: WWE SmackDown Staying On Friday Nights

WWE SmackDown logo

It seems that WWE will be staying where they have been for nearly a decade. It was reported a month ago that WWE SmackDown, WWE’s second-tier television show, was set to move from Friday back to Thursday, where it originally began. There was no real reason for the move, but most felt the thought was… Read more »

Vince McMahon Needs To George Lucas His Way Out Of WWE

Vince McMahon: His Time Is Up

Vince McMahon has long been considered Master of the Wrestling Domain. Taking his father’s regional promotion national and turning it into the sometimes-billion-dollar juggernaut that it is deserves some respect, no doubt. Along the way, he even became an in-ring performer himself, and a darn good one. However, every great talent reaches its expiration date,… Read more »

WWE News: Kurt Angle Getting A Second Look From Vince McMahon

Kurt Angle Headed Back To WWE

Kurt Angle is reportedly being given new consideration by Vince McMahon and Triple H, following reports that the Stamford royalty had “blown off” the possibility of ever bringing back the Olympic gold medalist. Just why is this reconsideration occurring? According to a new report from Daily Wrestling News, it has to do with desperation. Vince… Read more »