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TSA Fails To Stop Undercover Agents Sneaking Bombs And Weapons Through Airports

TSA agent.

American airports have a reputation for meticulously checking every passenger for weapons and contraband, especially since the September 11 attacks in 2001. But it seems the notoriously strict Transportation Security Administration (TSA) suffers from some major security flaws after all. According to ABC News, an internal investigation has been launched into the TSA’s operations at… Read more »

America Bans Uncharged Electronics On Airplanes, Chaos Ensues

Passenger gives in his belt as he undergoes a security check at Frankfurt Airport

American airlines have always had the strictest of security related policies. People have been frisked, prodded, poked and stripped, all in the name of offering safer air travel. But the latest norm has caused quite a furor at the departure terminals. Passengers are being held back for their gadgets. While this technique might have been… Read more »

TSA Gambling Ring Discovery Ends In Firings, Suspensions

TSA Gambling Ring Ends In Firings

The discovery of a TSA gambling ring at Pittsburgh International Airport has led to dozens of employees being suspended and fired. The finding came after several months of investigations and careful examination of hundreds of TSA workers. What exactly where TSA agents gambling on in their illegal ring? Big sports events, including the World Series,… Read more »

TSA Misconduct Rises Sharply, Includes Bribes And Naps

TSA Misconduct Includes Bribery, Theft

TSA misconduct has increased by 26 percent between 2010 and 2012 a new government report says. Transportation Security Administration personnel were cited for misconduct more than 9,600 times in a three-year period, says the new report. The new report from the Government Accountability Office was released Tuesday. It says that in many cases, employees found… Read more »

House To TSA Officials: Stop Patting Down Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles

The US House of Representatives has a very important announcement, they would like the TSA to stop patting down Beyonce when she passes through airport security. Rep. Mike Rogers, head of the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee recently told the agency that Beyonce is “not going to blow a plane up.” Rogers’ argument is simple:… Read more »

TSA Tried To Hide $184 Million Of Non-Used Equipment From Lawmakers

TSA Equipment Being Wasted

The Transportation Security Administration put $184 million worth of unused screening equipment into storage and then attempted to hide the huge taxpayer funded mistake from House Republican investigators according to a report released on Thursday. According to House investigators the TSA “provided inaccurate, incomplete, and potentially misleading information . . . to conceal the agency’s mismanagement of… Read more »

TSA Will Allow Elderly Passengers To Keep Their Shoes On

TSA Elderly

Stringent TSA rules require all passengers to remove their shoes as they pass through airport security. That rule currently includes senior citizens who often have a hard time taking off and putting their shoes back on. Now the TSA has announced plans to allow those elderly passengers to keep their shoes and light jackets on… Read more »