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Bruce Jenner Is A Warrior Who Saved Lives Says Demi Lovato

Bruce Jenner praised by Demi Lovato

Bruce Jenner is a television personality, a former Olympian, a father of six, and step father to four children. Jenner is rarely out of the news at the moment because the 65-year-old is currently transitioning to become a woman. Jenner gave a two-hour interview to Diane Sawyer of 20/20 on Friday April 24, and said… Read more »

Elton John, Lady Gaga Offer Support To Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

Both Elton John and Lady Gaga have offered words of encouragement to Bruce Jenner after Jenner publicly acknowledged for the first time that he is transgender. The announcement came in an interview with ABCs Diane Sawyer that was broadcast on April 24. Speaking to Access Hollywood ahead of the interview, Elton John pledged his support… Read more »

Planet Fitness Transgender Debate Rages On, Women Now Cancelling Membership

transgender planet fitness

Planet Fitness and its transgender “no judgment zone” policy is reportedly resulting in gym membership cancellations by women concerned about their safety in locker rooms. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Midland Planet Fitness center revoked a woman’s membership after she complained about an individual with male genitalia who identifies as a female, in… Read more »