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Guess Jeans Ad Gets Gigi Hadid’s Bare Breasts

Guess Jeans Ad

Guess Jeans has a long history of getting models to go topless for their advertisements, and now they can add Gigi Hadid — recently named one of Sports Illustrated’s 12 Rookies of the year in their annual swimsuit issue — to that list. Gigi is in good company. Other models to have gone topless in… Read more »

Keira Knightley Topless Photo: Protesting Photoshop, Inspires Misogynists

Keira Knightley topless photo

Keira Knightley’s topless photo shoot had a noble purpose, she says. The actress wanted to protest that way that photo editing is used, promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty. However, as anyone who’s been on the internet might guess, the tides quickly turned to misogyny and insults. Knightley chose not to have her photo retouched,… Read more »

Kate Upton Talks Posing Nude: Will She Or Won’t She?

Kate Upton Nude

Kate Upton finally answered a question millions of men want to know the answer to: Will she ever pose nude? The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl recently chatted to Details magazine about her modeling career, and she was asked about the possibility of doing a nude photo shoot. Many famous models have stripped down… Read more »

Kate Upton’s Smell Used To Scare Boys Away

Kate Upton's Smell Used To Be A Turn-Off

In The Other Woman, Kate Upton plays a character named Carly who smells really, really good. When Leslie Mann’s character asks her what fragrance she’s wearing, Carly responds by saying, “I think it’s just sweat.” Unfortunately, the model hasn’t always impressed people with her scent in real life. In fact, Kate Upton used to smell… Read more »

Zayn Malik’s Fiance Posts New Topless Pic Of Him [Photo]

zayne topless and in leather

Zayn Malik is making the internet swoon once again with a new shirtless picture circulating the social media sites. But this time, it wasn’t Zayn himself who posted the picture. It was Perrie Edwards, Malik’s fiance. According to The Hot Hits, Perrie posted a topless photo of Zayn to Instagram a day ago. Apparently, Perrie… Read more »