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Leap Second – Will More Websites Go Down?

time change

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, you are going to have a little more time on your hands when a leap second is added to the world’s clocks. A single leap second doesn’t seem like a big deal, however, in 2012, the addition of a leap second brought down websites run by Mozilla, Gawker and Reddit. Technically, a… Read more »

Willow and Jaden’s Time Interview, What’s So Odd About It?

Willow Jaden

The teenage offsprings of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow and Jaden, had a sit down interview with Time magazine recently. And since its publication on Monday, the Smith kids have been on the receiving end of quite a few careless jokes and demeaning insults. I watched as media organizations refer to the interview (them)… Read more »

Whovian Physicists Claim TARDIS Time Travel Is Possible

The geometry of our universe may allow for time travel, according to a pair of Whovian theoretical physicists

A scientific paper recently published by a pair of physicist Doctor Who fans suggests that time travel via a TADRIS-like timeship may be scientifically possible. According to the paper, the geometry of spacetime in which the Doctor’s fictional TARDIS travels may actually exist in our own universe. The authors, Ben Tippett and David Tsang, say… Read more »

President Obama Named TIME’s Person Of The Year

Barack Obama Time Person of the year win

After four years as the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has been named TIME‘s person of the year. The nomination comes at a time when the President managed to pull off an election victory despite many pundits believing he would fall short of that goal. In choosing President Obama as TIME‘s… Read more »

Family Of Five Shifts To Living On Mars Time

Family of Five Shifts to Living on Mars Time

A family of five has decided to change their entire daily schedules and have adjusted to Mars time. Newser reports that, since the landing of NASA’s most recent Mars rover, Flight Director David Oh and his family have decided to sync their internal clocks with Mars. Scientists and engineers adjust their schedule to Mars time… Read more »