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Cable TV Providers Continue To Rake In Billions Of Dollars

Cable TV Providers Rake In Billions

Cable TV providers are raking in the dough. Even though thousands of Americans are refusing to shell out $40 a month for cable TV service, companies like Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, and Verizon are still able to generate billions of dollars. Nielsen is an American global measurement and information company with headquarters in New York… Read more »

Cable Companies Calling On FCC To Block High-Speed Internet Expansion

Block High-Speed Internet, Says Telecom Giants

Block high-speed Internet expansion. That’s the message that cable companies are sending to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning the plans of Wilson, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. On Friday USTelecom, which represents cable giants Comcast, Time Warner and others, told the FCC that the “success of public broadband is a mixed record, with numerous… Read more »

Time Warner Cable’s Customer Service Ranks As One Of The Worst

Time Warner Customer Service

Time Warner Cable’s customer service is presently considered one of the worst in the country. Although every company struggles to keep their customers happy on one level or another, some are definitely better at it than others. When people are completely dissatisfied with how they’ve been treated by someone in the service department, chances are… Read more »

Time Warner Cable Gives Customers Free Movies During CBS Blackout

CBS Blackout

Time Warner Cable is attempting to calm its customers by offering free movies during the CBS blackout. Coupons were emailed to disgruntled subscribers earlier this week. Folks who reside in and around Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York are still living without the broadcaster’s many networks. Counted among the casualties is Showtime, a fact that… Read more »

CBS, Time Warner Negotiations Stall As Blackout Continues

Time Warner Cable

Negotiations between CBS and Time Warner Cable have reportedly stalled as the blackout in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas heads into the second week. Although the companies are apparently speaking to one another again, very little progress has been made. CBS executive vice president Martin Franks told a New York City council committee that… Read more »

Piracy Is ‘Better Than An Emmy,’ Time Warner CEO Says

Piracy 'Better Than Emmy,' According To Guy On Left

Piracy is “better than an Emmy,” according to Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner. The cable head recently made the statement regarding HBO’s series Game Of Thrones when talking about the future of the cable industry, and whether he thought Internet piracy would be a threat to his business moving forward. “Game Of Thrones is… Read more »

Time Warner Blackout Could Cost CBS $400K Per Day

CBS $400K Per Day

The Time Warner Cable blackout could end up costing CBS a substantial amount of money. Since the broadcaster is currently losing revenue from retransmission and advertising, UBS analyst John Janedis believes CBS stands to lose a whopping $400,000 per day. Since negotiations are stalled as of this writing, there’s currently no end in sight. “Our… Read more »

Time Warner Cable Backtracks On CBS Blackout


Minutes after Time Warner Cable (TWC) threatened to remove CBS channels in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas-Fort Worth, the company suddenly changed its mind. TWC and CBS Corp. have reportedly butted heads during their retransmission consent negotiations. Since the cable provider feels CBS is asking for way too much money, they threatened to pull… Read more »

Time Warner Cable Eyes Several Acquisition Possibilities

Time Warner Acquisition

John Malone’s Liberty Media recently approached Time Warner Cable about a possible merger with Charter Communications, and now the company is reportedly holding exploratory deals with its peers. According to a Reuters report, executives at Time Warner have been discussing strategic options for a possible acquisition of either Cablevision Systems and Cox Communications, the country’s third-largest cable… Read more »

Morgan Freeman’s Political Talk Frightens Time Warner Shareholders

Morgan Freeman and Political Views Attacked

Morgan Freeman is no stranger to political attacks against groups he finds repulsive, for example you may recall that during his promotion of Dolphin Tale in 2011 he called the Tea Party racist during a Piers Morgan Tonight appearance. Now a group of shareholders are complaining to Time Warner about Freeman’s very public political voice…. Read more »