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Time Magazine Wants to Ban The Word Feminist, But They’re Sorry For It?

In the year where feminism has become a major part of the public conversation again, TIME Magazine wants to ban the word "feminist" from the American lexicon.

Time Magazine is at it again. First their “bad apple” cover outrages teachers and parents across America sparking boycotts and a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures. Then Time offends thousands of practicing witches, pagans, and human rights activist when they published an online article that compared witches to terrorists, at a time when… Read more »

Witches Fire Back At TIME Magazine And Demand An Apology

Witches and Pagans demand an apology after a TIME Magazine article compares witches to terrorists.

Witches speak out after TIME Magazine posts an offensive article on their website maligning the growing masses of self-proclaimed witches with rhetoric that harkens us back to the propaganda of the McCarthy era. Prejudice and negative portrayal of anyone that is different, especially of those in the occult or alternative world, is nothing new. From… Read more »

TIME Magazine Compares Witches To Terrorists


The connection between Halloween and witches is a long standing undeniable one. After all it is often called the Witch’s New Year. However, this time of year is also one in which all of the old, often unfounded, negative portrayals of witches rears its ugly little head even in major news publications like TIME Magazine,… Read more »

Jenny McCarthy Wants You To Know, Her Son Still Has Autism

Jenny McCarthy To Sue Over Autism Report

Jenny McCarthy may have had fun smooching with beau Donnie Wahlberg on national television in Times Square New Year’s Eve, but the party quickly ended for the Playboy-Playmate-of-the-Year-turned-comedian-turned-talk-show-host. An article appeared January 3 on the entertainment news site Radar Online, claiming that in an interview with Time Magazine, the 41-year-old former model said that her… Read more »

Star Wars The Old Republic Struggles To Regain Its Mojo


Gamers have known for months that Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW: TOR) is in trouble. Those of us who have played SW:TOR from the beginning have seen more of our friends and guild mates disappear from the game every day. Over the last seven months, since the game launched in December, 2011, many guilds… Read more »

Ozzie Guillen Loves Fidel Castro And Getting Drunk After Every Game

Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen, the Miami Marlins manager, apologized on Saturday for his remarks regarding his love of Fidel Castro and his inclination to get drunk at a hotel bar after each and every game the Marlins play. For those unfamiliar with Guillen’s remarks, he told Time magazine that he loves Castro and has respect for the… Read more »

Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan CEO Awarded $23 Million Pay Package

Jamie Dimon

, Chariman and Chief Executive Office of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), received $23 million between bonuses and salary for 2011. This is the same Jamie Dimon played by Bill Pullman in HBO’s financial crisis drama, Too Big To Fail. With a base salary of $1.5 million from the start of March 2011, $17 million… Read more »