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Tim Tebow: Gators Lack Identity, Leadership on Offense

Tebow criticizes Gators

Pressure is mounting on University of Florida head coach Will Muschamp as his Florida Gators are continuing to struggle this season. The latest criticism of Muschamp’s Gators came from former University of Florida quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Tebow, who is currently a college football analyst for ESPN, weighed in on the… Read more »

Tim Tebow: As NFL Dreams Fade, Could He Go To Canada’s CFL?

Tim Tebow...could he make it in the NFL? Could he make it in the CFL?

Tim Tebow. The name just won’t go away, and now that football season is just around the corner, we’re bound to rehash the arguments about whether he was a great college quarterback who just doesn’t have the arm or skills to make it in the NFL or whether he’s a Christian martyr who could be… Read more »

Tim Tebow Comeback Hopes May Be Officially Dead After NFL Draft

Tim Tebow Comeback Hopes May Be Officially Dead After NFL Draft

Tim Tebow has held onto hopes of an NFL comeback ever since the New England Patriots cut him before the 2013 season, but those hopes may now be dashed with the draft. The unconventional quarterback spent the season working out, staying in playing shape in case any team was struck by injury and in need… Read more »

LeSean McCoy Rips Tim Tebow, Defends DeSean Jackson

LeSean McCoy talks Tim Tebow

LeSean McCoy isn’t one of those NFL players who is known for keeping his opinion to himself. McCoy is actually known to shoot his mouth, or his Twitter off more than once so it really shouldn’t come as a bit of a shock that he’s making headlines yet again. During a walk through the airport,… Read more »

Brent Musburger To Join Tim Tebow At SEC Network?

Brent Musburger To Join Tim Tebow At SEC Network?

Will Brent Musburger be joining Tim Tebow as an analyst for the new SEC Network? In a related story from The Inquisitr, Musburger is apparently feeling his age and actually managed to forget his name on live TV. He also got into trouble recently by spending way too much time focusing on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend,… Read more »

Tim Tebow Jets Trade A Mistake, Admits Mike Tannenbaum

Tim Tebow Jets Trade A Mistake, Admits Mike Tannenbaum

The Tim Tebow Jets trade was a mistake according to former GM Mike Tannenbaum. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Tim Tebow was “forced” onto Woody Johnson, the owner of the Jets. Ted Sundquist claimed Johnson told him it wasn’t his idea to hire Tebow. Sundquist said it was his impression that the trade… Read more »

Tim Tebow Puts All His Eggs In CAA Basket, Philippines Hospital Not Delayed

Former QB Tim Tebow

As the Inquisitr previously reported, former National Football League quarterback—and still NFL hopeful—Tim Tebow is considering a career in broadcasting if he is unable to get his playing career back off the ground. TheWrap reveals further details of Tebow’s representation deal, as tweeted by NFL insider Ian Rapoport. Already signed to the Creative Artists Agency… Read more »

Tim Tebow Eyes Return To College Football In Lieu Of NFL Job?

Former QB Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is apparently reviewing his options if the whole “being a quarterback in the National Football League” thing doesn’t pan out. The latest talk around Camp Tebow involves Tim returning to the stage where he originally rose to prominence: college football. Not as a player, of course. According to a report from NFL Insider… Read more »

Why The Cult Of Tim Tebow Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon

Quarterback Tim Tebow

“[INSERT TEAM NAME] consider signing Tim Tebow.” As long as there are quarterback injuries in the foreseeable future, there will be Tim Tebow rumors, Tim Tebow hopes, arguments for Tim Tebow and arguments against Tim Tebow. Aaron Rodgers got knocked out of the Monday Night Football game. The conversation has already been started. Mind you,… Read more »