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‘Captured’ Exhibit Portrays Pre-Thanksgiving Native And Pilgrim Story

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‘Captured’ exhibit portraying Pre-Thanksgiving Native and Pilgrim story opens Plymouth 400 events, according to Cape News. The exhibit created and enacted by Mashpee Wampanoag tribe members, as well as other Native Americans, opened last weekend. The exhibit’s creators say that their tale is one that is often left untold and foreshadows what would come for… Read more »

Mouth-Watering Apple Pie Recipes To Conquer Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving and dessert pies go hand in hand, so having a few delectable options to enjoy after the main course of turkey and spuds is basically a necessity. This year, there’s no need to spend time stressing over which mouth-watering dessert you can come up with to impress families and friends. Because the below apple… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 From Everyone At The Inquisitr


Thanksgiving started with a simple harvest celebration. Although it eventually grew to include parades, football games, and Black Friday sales, it remains a time of reflection. On Thanksgiving, it is important to remember the past, look forward to the future, and give thanks for our blessings. Nearly 400 years ago, the Pilgrims left England to… Read more »

Your Thanksgiving Dinner Is Probably The Equivalent Of 7 Burger King Whoppers

Burger King Whoppers Thanksgiving

The average Thanksgiving dinner is reportedly the size of seven Burger King Whoppers. When you’re chowing down on your turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and everything your family brought along this holiday, keep in mind that you’re probably stuffing around 4,500 calories into your face. According to ABC News, that’s roughly, 2,500 more calories than the… Read more »

Thanksgiving Storm: Was Your Flight Cancelled?

thanksgiving storm

Thanksgiving storms have already caused a lot of inconvenience to holiday travel plans, resulting in a high number of flight cancellations. The storm has already claimed eight lives as it makes its way through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, just in time for Thanksgiving. A little more than 300 domestic flights have already been cancelled… Read more »

Kmart, Sears Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Kmart Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Like it or not, we are five days into the holiday season, and Kmart has upped the ante once again, announcing their Thanksgiving shopping marathon. This means that Kmart shoppers can spend not only Black Friday fighting for deals, but they can also spend their Thanksgiving day in long lines, fighting for the “best” deals…. Read more »

2013: The Year Black Friday Invades Thanksgiving Dinner

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Well folks, 2013 is the year. The year that Black Friday officially invades Thanksgiving. We all knew it was coming sooner or later. In what is almost certainly certain to signal a chain reaction of similar initiatives throughout the country, New Jersey’s Rockaway Townsquare Mall has bitten the bullet and become the first (so far… Read more »

Thankskilling: Two Arrested For Thanksgiving Turkey Homicide

Turkey homicide ahead of Thanksgiving

Miami, FL – If you were thinking of going out and killing a turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, think again. Two young men were arrested in South Florida for doing just that. NBC Miami reports that 19-year-old Joshua Warren Anderson and 18-year-old Jacob Hayden Provo were taken into custody on Monday for burglary, trespassing, larceny… Read more »

PETA Asks Obama To Forego Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

Obama pardons a turkey, while his daughters look on.

PETA is up in arms about the White House turkey pardon tradition, in which the president is presented with two turkeys on the eve of Thanksgiving. One turkey will be chosen to feed the first family at their Thanksgiving feast, the other will be pardoned. This year, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… Read more »

Black Friday 2012: Even Pregnant Women Are Camping Out Early

Black Friday 2012: Even Pregnant Women Are Camping Out Early

Black Friday 2012 is bringing out the deal seekers in droves. Years ago, people started camping out in preparation for Black Friday morning doorbusters. Now people are going to even more extreme lengths to nab the best deals. Even a pregnant woman is risking herself for holiday shopping. Danielle Winrow of Tampa, Florida is not… Read more »

Thanksgiving Day: Average American Consumes 4,500 Calories

Thanksgiving Meal Adds 4500 Calories

On Thursday, Americans will sit down for a massive dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and, while they will most likely enjoy their time with family and friends, many of meals will also pack quite the calorie consumption punch. According to the team at Calorie Control Council, Thanksgiving Day meals average 4,500 calories by the time entrees,… Read more »