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Thailand To Give Chinese Tourists Etiquette Manuals

chinese tourists

Thailand’s tourism office has announced plans to give etiquette manuals to incoming Chinese tourists who are expected to visit the country later this week. 90,000 tourists from mainland China are expected to visit Thailand this week, according to the Tourist Authority of Thailand. In preparation for their arrival, leaflets containing information on how to behave… Read more »

Why Is Yingluck Shinawatra Being Impeached By Thailand’s Military Junta?

Yingluck Shinawatra Thailand

Yingluck Shinawatra might have thought the worst had already come when she was thrown out of the Thai prime minister slot in May last year, but Thailand’s military government is now pressing the former prime minister even harder. The junta — who have been in power since overthrowing Yingluck’s successor weeks after her departure —… Read more »

British Tourists Found Beaten To Death On Beach In Thailand


Two British tourists were found beaten to death on a beach on southern Thailand’s Koh Tao Island, one of the country’s most popular diving destinations. The victims are unidentified as of this post. However, Thailand police have revealed that the British tourists are a 23-year-old woman from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and a 24-year-old man from… Read more »

Thai Surrogate Mother: “I Will Always Support Him, My Boy”

Help Is Offered From Around The World

She’s his surrogate mother but she loves him. Her connection to him should have ended at birth, but because he was abandoned by his biological parents, she has taken on the responsibility of caring for another woman’s child. And she’s happy to do so. He is her son in all the ways that it can… Read more »

Thailand Martial Law Declared, But Military Tells Country ‘Don’t Panic’

Thailand martial law

Thailand went under martial as of Tuesday morning, when the country’s army declared the need to “preserve law and order,” after acting Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra defied a court order to resign along with several of her cabinet ministers. The declaration comes after weeks of fierce street demonstrations and clashes between supporters of Shinawatra’s… Read more »

Protesters Take Over TV Stations in Thailand

Thailand Under Seige

Protesters in Bangkok, Thailand, remained on Sunday in control of five major broadcast news stations they took over two days prior to voicing their new demand to see an appointed prime minister ousted. The People’s Democratic Reform Committee has been protesting the Taiwanese government since late last year, in particular the rule of Prime Minister… Read more »

Squat Toilets In Thailand Getting Replaced


Squat toilets in Thailand are getting replaced due to health problems they can cause. People who squat to use the toilets on a regular basis have developed sqatting-related arthritis as a result. The government intends to replace these troublesome toilets with sit-down models. The Public Health Ministry believes that 85 percent of households and public… Read more »

Killer Tiger On The Rampage In Thailand


Any wild animal that is up to 10 feet in length and reaches a body weight of 650 pounds is capable of inspiring awe in a human being, but one tiger in Thailand is creating panic and terror among the villagers in southern Yala province. The jungle cat has already killed two people including a… Read more »

Monk Shares Meal With Tiger And Lives To Pray Another Day

A Jungle Tiger Eats From A monk's Rice Bowl

Thailand’s Buddhist monks have found a remarkable way to feed the tigers without becoming part of the menu. The devoted monks of Tiger Temple have been living with the wild jungle cats since they adopted an abandoned cub in 1999 after it was brought to the temple by local villagers. Today, the number of tigers… Read more »

Malaria Drug Stops Working In Key Area As Resistance Continues To Grow

Malaria Parasite Developing Resistances To Drugs In Burma

The global fight against malaria has hit a snag in a major area of interest as the disease continues to build a resistance to powerful new drugs meant to eradicate malaria. Experts recently revealed that the medical effects of artemisinin-based compounds have begun to wane around the Burma/Thailand border. Also known as ACT the drug… Read more »