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Man Ticketed For Looking At Apple Watch While Driving

texting while driving

An Apple Watch was the reason a man was recently pulled over in Montreal, Quebec, according to CTV News in Montreal. Jeffrey Macesin was pulled over by the Canadian police for using his Apple Watch. For the offense, Macesin received a $120 fine and four demerits placed on his driving record. According to the police… Read more »

Texting And Driving Checkpoints: A Due Process Violation?

Texting and Driving

Have you ever read or sent a text while operating a car? If so, you’re part of the growing majority. But this practice may be putting drivers and their passengers at risk, because it results in increased accidents, injuries, and deaths on U.S. roads. Research has begun to emerge that links texting and driving with… Read more »

Texting While Driving More Dangerous Than Drinking [Study]

Texting While Driving Greatest Hazard For College Students

Texting while driving is a more dangerous driving activity than drinking and driving, according to a new study from King’s College in Pennsylvania. Business Insider revealed that four out of five college student drivers were guilty of texting while driving despite most recognizing the risk. (That’s right, 80 percent.) Previous research has also demonstrated that… Read more »

Facebook Messenger Is Better Than Texting, Here’s Why [Op-Ed]

Facebook Messenger is better than texting

COMMENTARY | Facebook Messenger is better than texting, and here’s why. Ever since the initial evolution of cell phones, texting (or text messaging) has been the norm. Initially, cell phone companies tried to limit the amount of texting you can do in one month because they already had limits on talk time. This didn’t go… Read more »

Americans Spend 23 Hours Per Week Online

Americans Spend 23 Hours A Week Online

New research has found that the average user spends 23 hours every week emailing, texting, using social media and communicating online in other ways according to a report on NDTV Gadgets. The number equals to nearly 14 percent of the total time in a week and all that time is taking a toll on users,… Read more »

Mobile Phones Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes Study Finds

Mobile Phones Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes Study Finds

Mobile phones help smokers quit? Mobile phone usage has some interesting healthy side effects if this one study is to be believed. An almost addicting substitute in fact. Over two-thirds of travelers would rather lose wedding rings than phones. This may just prove the allure of our smartphone is enough to overcome the bad habit… Read more »

Texting Pedestrians Being Ticketed In New Jersey

Texting and Walking Fee In New Jersey

If you want a surefire way to receive an $85 ticket in New Jersey why not trying texting while you walk. Police officers in NJ are ticketing “texting pedestrians” as part of a new initiative created by city officials that they hope will stop accidental deaths and keep the streets safer for other pedestrians. Officers… Read more »

Last Names

texting sister

This is why your iPhone needs to have them.