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San Francisco Drug Task Force Only Arresting Black People

San Francisco Drug Task Force Only Arresting Black People

San Francisco police and the Drug Enforcement Agency are on a mission to rid city streets of drug dealers; the only problem is, they’ve only arrested black people. During a joint mission dubbed “Operation Safe Schools” designed to crack down on drug dealing near elementary schools, 37 suspects were arrested, all of them black, according… Read more »

Teacher Reads Daughter’s Text Messages To Class, Mom Furious

Text Messages In Class Got This Student Humiliated

Text messages in the classroom are often looked down upon because of their disruptive nature to the other students and the instructor. However, one mom is furious with her daughter’s teacher’s policy of combatting this disruption: he confiscates the phone and reads the messages aloud to the rest of the class. And in this case,… Read more »

Text Messaging On The Decline, According To New Report

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A new study from a technology and strategy consulting firm shows that Americans are starting to use text messing less on their cellphones. The consulting firm Chetan Sharma reports that the “total number of messages as well as the total messaging revenue” dropped for the first time in the US market. The firm said that… Read more »

Troll Dad and Texts

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Well, this is certainly one way to encourage an old-enough child to move ...