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Tragic Accident: Seven-Year-Old Houston Boy Drowns In Bathtub

Bathtub death: 7-year-old drowns in bathtub

In a tragic incident, a young boy was reportedly found drowned in a bathtub inside his home on Friday evening. According to KHOU News, the boy, reportedly only 7 years old, drowned inside the bathtub of his West Houston home. The news has been confirmed by officials from the Harris County Police Department. Initial reports… Read more »

Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Texas, Endangering Entire Deer Herd

A deer has been found infected with Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas.

Chronic Wasting Disease has been found in a captive white-tailed deer in Medina County, Texas. Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) jumped into planning how to deal with the fatal disease after Texas’ first case of Chronic Wasting Disease was found in a captive deer. Chronic Wasting Disease is… Read more »

Laura Browder: Houston Mother Arrested For Going On A Job Interview

Laura Browder Arrested

Laura Browder has been charged for abandoning her two children at Memorial City Mall in Houston, Texas. She has a 6-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. According to the authorities at the mall, the two children were alone and crying for about 15 minutes. Browder says that is not true. Laura Browder has just recently… Read more »

Woman Dies In Cell: Who’s To Blame?

Sandy Bland died in her cell. An investigation is taking place.

A woman was found dead in her jail cell after being arrested at a routine traffic stop. The Texas Rangers and the FBI have taken over the investigation of what happened to Sandy Bland, 28, in her cell after police officers brought her in for an assault she allegedly committed during a routine traffic stop…. Read more »

Jade Helm 15: Conspiracy Theorists Raise Alarm — ‘White House Kill List,’ HAARP Attacks, Service, And Power Outages Preparatory To Martial Law

Jade Helm 15

Operation Jade Helm 15 military training exercises commenced officially on Wednesday, July 15, in seven states, including, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Mississippi, and Florida. The exercises commenced amid intense suspicions bordering on paranoia, with rumors being circulated in the fringe right-wing blogosphere about an alleged “White House Kill List,” and power and service outages as first… Read more »

ICE Releases Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants From Detention Centers

ICe releases illegal immigrants

ICE is about to release hundreds of illegal immigrants from detention centers in Texas. The move comes as border security and the influx of illegal aliens into the United States is being hotly debated by 2016 presidential candidates. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, a former Texas governor, has the most hands-on experience dealing with the… Read more »

Giant Centipede Photo Horrifies The Internet After Image Goes Viral

Giant Centipede in Texas

Just days after the Inquisitr reported about the scary news of a 4-inch long giant centipede being pulled out from the ear of an Arkansas teenager, here’s some more horrifying news. A picture released recently by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) shows a giant red-headed centipede climbing up a broom. The image was… Read more »

Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm Exercises A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

The American military plans to stage training exercises across several southwestern states during July, but those could be a front for an invasion by federal troops to enforce gay marriage and confiscate firearms. The U.S. military will conduct anti-terrorism war games across Texas, California, Arizona, Mexico, Utah, and Colorado from July to September to train… Read more »