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BLM Standoff Brewing In Texas, Governor Rick Perry Weighs In

BLM Texas

A BLM standoff in Texas could be the next battle for both property rights and states’ rights. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Teddy Henderson is just one of the ranchers along the Texas and Oklahoma border who may lose land they hold a deed on, to the federal government. The Bureau of Land Management… Read more »

Texas Police Officer Uses Taser On Teenager To Break Up Fight

Taser Used on Teenager

A Texas police officer has landed in fresh controversy after he used a taser on a 16-year-old student in a bid to break up a lunchtime fight. Commander Jim Stuart from the Round Rock Police Department had been called in after two students from the Stony Point high school started a brawl at the cafeteria…. Read more »

Texas Chupacabra: A Dangerous Tradition Continues?

Chupacabra is a term often used to label mangy canines.

Legend tells of the fearsome chupacabra; a creature of terrifying visage, with large black eyes and dry scaly skin that sneaks into farms killing goats. Many people believe this is a long-standing and ancient myth, but they would be wrong. According to “Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore,” by Benjamin… Read more »

Houston Dad Shoots Teen Boy Found In Daughter’s Bedroom

texas shooting

A Houston dad shot and killed a 17-year-old boy found inside his daughter’s bedroom early this morning. The unidentified Texas father was reportedly told by one of his children that someone was inside his teenage daughter’s room. When the dad entered his 16-year-old daughter’s room, he allegedly found her in bed with a boy. The… Read more »

Texas Hospital ‘Kidnaps’ Senior Citizen Charlie Fink

senior citizen s texas

Charlie Fink checked into the Richardson Methodist Hospital late last month for hernia surgery, and now Adult Protective Services thinks he shouldn’t go home anytime soon. Fink’s neighbors, Debra and Kenny McIntosh, look after the 85-year-old North Texan, and wholeheartedly believe their friend is being held against his will. The 85-year-old Texas man is trapped… Read more »

Texas Independence Day Celebrates ‘Where Texas Became Texas’

Texas Independence Day

Today is Texas Independence Day, and to celebrate the event thousands of people made the journey to the Washington-on-the-Brazos Historic Site just a few yards away from the spot where Texas received its independence from Mexico. It may be 2014, but it sure felt like 1836 at the site as re-enactors dressed up as members… Read more »

GOP Activist Calls Wendy Davis ‘Hooker’ And ‘Whore’ On Twitter

Wendy Davis attacked by GOP sexist

Wendy Davis, the Democratic candidate for Texas governor, found herself on the receiving end of a head-spinningly misogynistic and offensive Twitter rant from a Republican activist, at a time when Republicans are attempting to shed the “war on women” brand that they’ve been carrying around at least since 2012. Davis has been forced to explain… Read more »

Ted Cruz To Renounce His Canadian Citizenship [Video]

Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has decided that he is an American once and for all. Senator Cruz has asked his legal team to begin the process of officially renouncing his Canadian citizenship this week. Cruz is hoping to complete the procedure by the end of 2014. Ted Cruz released his birth certificate after questions were… Read more »

Thanksgiving Storm: Was Your Flight Cancelled?

thanksgiving storm

Thanksgiving storms have already caused a lot of inconvenience to holiday travel plans, resulting in a high number of flight cancellations. The storm has already claimed eight lives as it makes its way through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, just in time for Thanksgiving. A little more than 300 domestic flights have already been cancelled… Read more »

Texas Pipeline Explosion Caused By Drilling Crew Hitting Gas Pipe

texas pipeline explosion

There was a massive Texas pipeline explosion on Thursday, after a construction crew accidentally drilled into a gas line. It caused an emergency evacuation of people nearby. Fortunately, no injuries were reported Tom Hemrick, the director of Hill County Emergency Management told reports that all of the company’s workers were accounted for: “The fire is… Read more »

Texas Abortion Law Has Key Restrictions Reinstated

Texas Abortion Law Portion Reinstated

Key restrictions in the Texas abortion law were reinstated by a federal appeals court on Thursday after a lower court ruled against the restrictions earlier this week. The decision was the result of a request by Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who asked the court for an emergency ruling while the state appeals the lower… Read more »

Crazy Ants Invade US, Will Be Expensive And Time Consuming

Crazy Ants Causing Damage As They Move Across The South, Now Threaten NASA

The crazy ants problem has finally spread to the US, and these aren’t just the sort that take residence in your kitchen and make life difficult and ant-covered. The crazy ants are also not of the sort that forward unverified scary stories on Facebook and clog your inbox — these are an even scarier type… Read more »

Texas Longhorns Rule College Merchandising Sales For 8th Straight Year

Texas Longhorns Merchandising Sales

Talk about a rabid fanbase who can’t get enough! The Texas Longhorns have once again topped college sports for the most royalties of any college or university represented by the Collegiate Licensing Company. The company’s clients include Ohio State, Michigan University, University of Southern California, and Oregon. As expected, schools in the SEC dominated the… Read more »

‘Flea Market’ Abortions Replacing Clinics For Texas Women

Flea Market Abortions Becoming More Common For Texas Women

Women in Texas are turning to “flea market” abortions as state legislature moves toward one of the most expansive and restrictive abortion bans in the union. The new laws, which have already passed the Texas House, will see the closure of almost all women’s health clinics in the large southern state. Though clinics where abortions… Read more »