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Kirk Herbstreit Lit Up By FCS Coach

Kirk Herbstreit

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit got into a bit of hot water with a coach on Saturday. During ESPN’s Gameday broadcast Herbstreit called out the SEC as several schools scheduled lower tier FCS schools this weekend. According to USA Today, Herbstreit called the games “the worst thing that goes on in college football,” and referred to… Read more »

Deadly Tanker Truck Explosion On Interstate 65

One man was killed in an accident on Interstate 65 in Tennessee.

One man was found dead at the scene of an accident on Interstate 65 in Tennessee. At approximately 3:40 am this morning, near the interstate exit Peytonsville Road, a tanker truck crashed. “Somehow the tanker part got sideways and it hit the bridge with such force that it split in two,” Tennessee Department of Transportation… Read more »

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Otter One

Benedict Cumberbatch was just honored by the Tennessee Aquarium. Meet "Benny the Otter!"

Benedict Cumberbatch may be best known for his roles as Khan, in Star Trek Into Darkness, or the title character on the BBC show Sherlock. Cumberbatch is a staple of social network sites, such as Tumblr, and has even inspired a group of fans that have dubbed themselves “Cumberb*tches.” The term “Cumberb*tch” was officially added… Read more »

‘Hell On Wheels’ Anson Mount Appeals For Help, Offers Trip To Set

Hell on Wheels Airs on AMC Saturdays at 9pm

Hell on Wheels, AMC’s Civil War-era Transcontinental Railroad-themed western, airs tonight and every Saturday night at 9pm. You can (and should) watch. But, wouldn’t it be great to join the show’s star, Anson Mount, on the set? Mount is passionate about fighting a disease that affects the young sons of his friend from back home… Read more »

United Nations Banned From Overseeing Tennessee Elections

voter ID laws

United Nations election monitors have been banned from overseeing Tennessee elections results. In 2012 liberal-leaning groups voiced their concerns over state voter ID laws to the UN, which then became involved in the ballot casting process in the United States. A total of 44 election monitors were sent to a multitude of states (including Tennessee)… Read more »

Holly Bobo Murder Suspect Linked To Earlier Kidnap Try In 2011

Holly Bobo murder suspect Zachary Adams

The man accused of killing Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old Tennessee nursing student who disappeared in 2011, has been linked to a kidnap attempt on another young woman just three months before Holly Bobo was last seen. Holly Bobo vanished from her home in Darden, Tennessee, on April 13 of 2011. On January 23 of that… Read more »

Tennessee: The Most Dangerous State In The US

Tennessee Most Dangerous State

Tennessee was ranked the most dangerous state in the US. The high rate of violent crime is blamed on poverty, lack of education, and segregation. The list was compiled using the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report. In 2012, the state reported 41,550 violent crimes, including 388 murders. The worst crimes were reported in… Read more »

Tyler Bray Stands Out Among SEC Undrafted

Tyler Bray one of few SEC players to go undrafted

Tyler Bray remaining undrafted stands out for a couple of different reasons. With the 2013 NFL Draft come and gone, the former Tennessee volunteer saw a whopping 63 of his SEC Conference compatriots selected by professional football teams. That number is more than twice the number of players that were selected from any other conference…. Read more »

Carrie Underwood Stays On The Offensive Over Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood isn’t happy with the Tennessee Ag-Gag bill, and she has taken to Twitter in an attempt to confront lawmakers in the state. Underwood, an animal rights activist, is upset that the bill would require journalists and other organizations to report all cases of animal abuse within 48-hours. Opponents of the bill claim that… Read more »