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Kansas Raises Taxes On The Poor To Pay For Wealthy Tax Cuts

Kansas raises taxes on poor to pay for wealthy tax breaks

Kansas lawmakers ended their legislative session last week by raising taxes on the state’s poorest citizens so it could maintain a series of tax breaks for the wealthy. The poorest citizens of Kansas must now pay a larger percentage of their income to the government in the form of taxes than their wealthy counterparts. The… Read more »

Nancy Pelosi Not Dealing Without Millionaire Tax

Nancy Pelosi secret service prostitute scandal

Though SOPA and PIPA are eating most of the media airwaves (read: none of them except the internet) regarding battles on capitol hill, one knife-to-a-gun-fight scuffle still going strong is that of the millionaire surtax: a left-field favorite being tempered and flouted more than ever by has-been Nancy Pelosi. The former speaker got aggressive (and… Read more »