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Kabul Burqa Attacks: Militants Disguised As Woman Attack IEC Headquarters

Kabul burqa attacks

Members of the Taliban attacked the main election commission, situated in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday disguised as woman wearing full burquas. The violent attack, which is the third of its type in just five days, took place at the heavily fortified Independent Election Commission’s headquarters on the eastern edge of Kabul ahead of national elections… Read more »

Stoning Adulterers In Afghanistan Legalized, Is It Moral?

Stoning adulterers

Stoning adulterers as a legitimate punishment for their crimes is to become legal in Afghanistan, an Afghan official said on Monday. This comes after a steady wave of foreign troop withdrawals following the removal of the Taliban from power over a decade ago. The official, Rohullah Qarizada, said openly in an official statement that his… Read more »

Al-Qaeda Supporters Awarded US Contracts In Afghan Reconstruction

Al-Qaeda May Have Been Awarded US Military Contracts, Agency Report States

Al-Qaeda and Taliban supporters have been awarded US military contracts, and American officials have found a reason not to cancel the agreements, according to a Tuesday report from Bloomberg. That reason: doing so might deprive the supporters of their “due process rights.” John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said he was “deeply… Read more »

Malala Receives Taliban Letter Explaining Why She Was Shot

Taliban Send Malala Letter Explaining Attempted Murder

Malala has a gotten Taliban-penned letter explaining why she was shot. Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old school Pakistani school girl, was targeted and attacked by Taliban gunmen last year. Armed men shot her in the head and left her to die. The letter, reports BBC, stops just short of being an apology for the attack. Refusing… Read more »

Bagram Air Base Attack: Four US Troops Killed

Bagram Air Base Attack

In a Bagram air base attack, four US troops were killed. A senior defense official has confirmed that four International Security Assistance Force members were killed in a mortar attack on the Afghanistan base. The four deaths are the result of an “indirect fire attack,” as reported by NBC News. The attack came on the… Read more »

Live Grenade Pulled Out Of Marines Leg [Video]

Marines Pull Grenade From Leg

When Marine Lance Corporal Winder Perez was attacked by the Taliban in January a live explosive became lodged in his leg and rather than stand by idly his medvac team jumped into action. Realizing that the explosive device could go off at any second the Marine’s four team members had to unanimously agree to allow… Read more »

Taliban Attack Pakistan Prison With Grenades, 381 Prisoners Escape

Taliban Attacks Pakistan Jail

Nearly 400 prisoners have escaped a prison in Pakistan after Islamist militants entered the complex driving pick-up trucks and cars while shooting guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The two-hour long attack, which occurred at 20:00 GMT Saturday, eventually resulted in the escape of a total of 381 inmates, according to Pakistani officials. An official, speaking on… Read more »