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Shigeru Miyamoto On Why Tablets Caused The Wii U To Fail


Shigeru Miyamoto stated in an interview with Fortune that the rising popularity of tablets during the Wii U’s launch window is the biggest factor in the ultimate downfall of the console. The Wii U’s predecessor, simply called the Wii, was the third best-selling video game console behind the PlayStation 2 (155 million) and original PlayStation… Read more »

McDonald’s Is Trimming The Fat Off Their Menu, Adding Tablet Ordering

McDonald's location.

After McDonald’s transparency campaign backfired a little bit, the company has been working hard to change the way their restaurant works to draw in new customers and recapture the fast food market. Some of the steps they’ve been taking could drastically change the McDonald’s experience for regular customers. One major change to the McDonald’s franchise… Read more »

Lava QPAD e704 7 Inch Tablet Debuts In India For Rs.9,999

Lava QPAD e704

Lava International has just announced the launch of its new affordable tablet, the QPAD e704 in India. The launch comes close on the heels of the release of the Q2500 phablet by Xolo, Lava’s sister company. Lava has targeted the young working professionals looking for an affordable Android powered tablet with the QPAD e704. The… Read more »

Are Windows XP Hackers Stealing Cash From ATMs Using Flaws In Obsolete OS?

Windows XP ATM flaws

Windows XP, Microsoft’s flaw-ridden operating system effectively becomes obsolete on April 8 when the Redmond, Washington, software giant cuts off all support for the creaky OS. That means, no more upgrades or patches to fix security holes. But cyber-crooks aren’t waiting for the April 8 Windows XP zero hour. According to the computer security company… Read more »

Android Tablet Outsells The iPad

android said the android

Consumers probably were expecting it, but the Android tablet finally outsells the iPad. According to a report by MSN News, over 120 million Android products were sold last year. However, iPad product’s numbers were more than half of Android products at 70 million. The research was originally performed by Gartner, and according to their calculations,… Read more »

iPad Mini: Retina Display And Apple A7 Processor On New Model

IPad mini Retina

The iPad Mini was considered to be a high quality, lightweight and pretty cost-effective tablet when it was first released by Apple Inc. But the upgraded version, the iPad Mini 2, is packed full of new features, all aimed at making the user experience that much crisper. As well us upgrading the iPad Mini to… Read more »

Surface Pro Tablet: How Does It Compare To iPad And Android?

Surface Pro tablet

The all new second-generation Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are a huge step up from the company’s original tablet designs. The Surface 2, which is due for release next month, will be marketed aggressively according to a Digitimes report. The report stated: “Microsoft’s current plight is due to its late entry to the mobile market, high… Read more »

Barnes & Noble Nook Production Ending, Licensing To Follow

Barnes and Noble Nook Production Ending

The Barnes & Noble Nook is ending its production run after the company racked up recent losses from its full device range. In the future, B&N plans to allow third-party manufacturers to produce the tablet while it focuses on designing devices and operating its digital book marketplace. In recent financial disclosures, we learned that Nook… Read more »

Netbooks Are Doomed, Will Become Extinct By 2015

Netbooks Are Doomed, Says Report

A recent report suggests that Netbooks are doomed to die. Although the smaller computers were all the rage just a few years ago, the popularity of iPads, smartphones, and tablets have essentially pushed the devices to the background. The demand has dropped to the point that some believe the machines will no longer ship in… Read more »

Microsoft Surface Pro Almost Done Production, Will Debut Soon

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro with full Windows 8 support is rolling off the production line and will soon be made available for sale. Panos Panay, the general manager of Microsoft’s Surface hardware, tweeted on Wednesday that the tablet will be “arriving in the coming weeks.” Microsoft is hoping that the Surface Pro will offer a… Read more »

Tablets Could Cause Insomnia According To An ‘Eye-Opening’ Study


Using a computer tablet with a backlit screen can lead to sleepless nights and an increased risk of sleep disorders, according to a new study from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center, because the technology suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. Prof. Mariana Figueiro, who headed up the study, summarized the research findings as follows: “Our… Read more »

Analysts: LTE Tablets Are Waste Of Money


4G LTE tablets are a waste of money according to a new study from research firm CCS Insight. According to the report 48 percent of tablets shipped in 2011 were cellular-enabled and by 2016 just 37 percent will feature the same data connectivity. According to CCS Insight: “Most users do not regard cellular connectivity in… Read more »