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Without A Buyer, The Ouya Console Is Dead

Ouya Console Is Dead Up For Auction

Ouya, the company behind a promised revolution in gaming development and distribution, is in trouble. A memo sent to investors and advisors from Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman notified recipients that the company had failed to meet one of its investor’s conditions and renegotiation has failed. Without a buyer by the end of the month, the… Read more »

iPhone 5c Beats Galaxy S5 Despite Being Called A ‘Flop’

The iPhone 5c with multiple color casing options.

Some were considering Apple’s new iPhone 5c to be a major flop, but it’s currently beating out the sales of the new Galaxy S5, which was just released in Europe. According to, the research company Kantar Worldpanel compiled the sales figures for both the iPhone 5c and the Galaxy S5 in the month of… Read more »

Zynga Says Tablets To Be Ultimate Gaming Platform

Zynga says tablets will become the ultimate gaming platform

Zynga, the Facebook gaming giant, has said that tablets are becoming the ultimate gaming platform. You know the games: CityVille, FarmVille 2, Mobsters 2, Bubble Safari, and others. What do they all have in common? Zynga owns the servers for all of them. When you buy that kumquat to finish your stew earlier or that… Read more »

Future Of Intel Versus ARM In Smartphones

Future Of Intel Versus ARM In Smartphones

People are used to seeing the ubiquitous “Intel Inside” sticker on the outside of their desktop PC. But how long will that last? Stock shares of Intel (INTC) have plunged 10.88% over the past 12 months. But they are hardly in danger of going out of business. Intel’s biggest competitor, AMD, just laid off a… Read more »

HP Envy X2 Debuts, Shows Off Tablet And PC Features

HP Envy X2 With Keyboard

The convertible tablet/PC market received some powerhouse competition on Wednesday when Hewlett Packard (HP) rolled out the HP Envy x2. The Envy X2 is a 3.1-pound aluminum laptop computer with a multi-touch capable screen that doubles as a tablet. When separated from its keyboard body, the tablet is just 1.5 pounds and can be used… Read more »

Microsoft Surface To Cost $199 [Rumor]

Windows Surface To Cost 199 Dollars

The Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus 7 will have some major competition starting on October 26. That’s the day when Microsoft will release the Microsoft Surface tablet at a rumored cost of just $199.99. A few weeks ago one retailer in Sweden posted prices for the Surface tablets that reached nearly $2000, a price tag… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Goes On Sale In August [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was unveiled during Mobile World Congress in February and now the Android-powered tablet is set to finally release in the United States next month. When the tablet first showed up at CES it featured a slot for an S Pen and ran on a dual-core processor. The model going on… Read more »

Microsoft Set To Unveil Its Answer To The iPad

Microsoft to unveil rival to iPad

For years Apple’s iPad has dominated the tablet market, but Microsoft is set to challenge that supremacy with a product of its own set to be released next week, TheWrap reported. The software and technology giant has been tight-lipped about its release, but has scheduled an event June 18 in Los Angeles, TheWrap reported. The… Read more »

Apple iPad Mini To Launch In Q3, Cost Less Than $300

Apple iPad Mini Rumors For Q3 2012

Reports are circulating that Apple will launch a iPad Mini device in Q3 2011, a tablet that will be smaller than the company’s current iPads and offer a more approachable price tag for many Americans who have shied away from the company’s $499 devices. According to Chinese-language news site NetEase the “iPad mini” will be… Read more »