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Syria Using Chemical Weapons: How Many Red Lines Can We Draw? [Video]

Syrian Chemical Attacks

Bashar al-Assad’s regime is accused of once again using chemical weapons. After a similar chemical weapons attack last year in August, the U.S. gathered enough evidence that Assad had used sarin to call for air strikes as punishment. President Obama referred to the use of chemical weapons as a red line that couldn’t be crossed… Read more »

Suicide Bombers Kill Seven In Northern Syrian Town


Three suicide bombers have attacked a hotel building in the north eastern Syrian town of Qamishli, killing at least seven people, reports Fox News. The attackers blew themselves up in the premises of the Hadaya Hotel situated on the Al Wahded Street. Initial reports that came in from the state run news agency SANA put… Read more »

Israeli Airstrikes Slam Hezbollah Sites Near Syria, Reports Out Of Lebanon Say

Israeli airstrikes

Israeli airstrikes blasted two sites near the Lebanon-Syria border Monday, apparently targeting the militant Hezbollah group, but information about the airstrikes has been difficult for news organizations to come by. The attacks were reported by the official Lebanese news agency, but Lebanon authorities have not yet confirmed the strikes. Israeli military officials have offered only… Read more »

See The Shocking War Crimes Report And Torture Evidence Against Syrian Regime

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

WARNING: the images contained herein are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some readers. A damning report made by former war crimes prosecutors, coupled with the ghastly torture photos accompanying them, is sure to exponentially raise the pressure against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in the global community. The team behind the report,… Read more »

Syrian Civil War Bombing Death Toll 76, Rising In Aleppo

Saudi Arabia calls for U.N. to address Syrian war crimes as cease fire is broken

A bombing related to the Syrian civil war has produced a death toll of at least 76, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday. Army helicopters dropped something called “barrel bombs” on the rebel controlled city of Aleppo, impacting civilian areas of the city. Syrian President Bashar Assad uses his air force quite… Read more »

Israeli Airstrikes Blast Syrian Military Bases

Israeli Airstikes Target Syrian Missile Locations

Israeli airstrikes conducted on Wednesday were carried out on two military bases in Syria. The strikes were confirmed by U.S. officials to CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. The airstrikes both occurred near Damascus and the coastal city of Latakia. The presumed targets were missiles believed to be headed to Hezbollah militants. During the… Read more »

Syrian Airbase Attacked: Explosion Allegedly Caused By Israeli Warplanes

Israeli warplanes

A Syrian airbase was allegedly attacked by Israel. Breaking news coming from Dam Press, a state run television station in Syria, claims that an explosion occurred near an airport at the Latakia airbase. The outlet reportedly considered loyal to Bashar Assad also stated that no injuries resulted from the explosion in Syria. A Damascus target… Read more »

Syria: UN Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Use Against Civilians

UN Report On Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Confirms Details

An UN report on Syria chemical weapon use is now out after several weeks of investigations. The report says that there is absolutely no doubt about banned weapons use in Syria “on a relatively large scale.” This confirms that sarin gas was put to use in several surface-to-surface rocket attacks that took place on August… Read more »

Obama Salutes Syria Pact But Says ‘We’re Not There Yet’

President Obama Talks Russias Syrian Pact

President Obama on Sunday saluted the Russia-Syria chemical weapons pact. Obama said the pact is a good “foundation” that could lead to a political settlement of the civil war which has killed tens of thousands of people over the last two years. While Obama hailed the Syrian pact he also said the US was in… Read more »

Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Reached By US And Russia

Syria chemical Weapons Framework

A deal regarding Syria’s chemical weapons was reached by the United States and Russia on Saturday. The countries agreed to an outline for identifying and seizing the weapons. Under the agreement, Syria must provide a count of its chemical weapons arsenal within a week. The complete seizure of the weapons will happen by mid-2014. The… Read more »

UN Report On Syria Will Show Assad Government Used Chemical Weapons

UN Report On Syria Will Show Government Fault In Attacks

An UN report on Syria on the August 21 chemical weapons attacks in Damascus will show Assad’s government as responsible. Though the UN report is supposed to avoid pointing the finger at the attackers, the evidence alone will suggest who was behind the massacre, insider sources claim. The August 21 chemical weapons attacks have become… Read more »

Syrian Rebels Being Armed By CIA Funded Weapons

Syrian Rebels and CIA Funded Weapons

Syrian rebels are being helped by CIA-funded weapons, according to a US official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Reports of CIA funded weapons in Syria were first discussed by the Washington Post. The official says: “That is something we are not going to dispute, but we are not going to publicly speak to… Read more »

Syria: Turn Over Weapons Idea Accepted By Assad Regime

Syria: Turn Over Weapons Idea Accepted By Assad Regime

For Syria to turn over weapons to the international community seemed an unlikely idea. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some of Syria’s chemical weapons are thought to have come from Iraq. The US intel report on Syria’s chemical weapons seemed pretty certain they existed yet at the same time the case against the Assad… Read more »

Pope: Syria Strike Futile, Yet Condemns Weapons And Calls For Fasting

Pope: Syria Strike Futile, Yet Condemns Weapons And Calls For Fasting

Pope Francis says the Syria strike is futile and instead is calling for fasting. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Pope proposes fasting for Syria and thinks the world should join him. The Pope’s Syria chemical weapons position asks everyone to stop fighting. He adamantly “condemn[s] the use of chemical weapons” but the world… Read more »