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War On Terror: Why ISIS Can’t Be Stopped


ISIS, the terrorist group that is currently scaring the world with its rampant acts of terrorism, public beheadings, and murder of non-Muslims, seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. With each beheading, masked executioners callout President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, demanding that all military action be halted. Daily news… Read more »

ISIS: Is America Going To War?

According to statement by White House, America is at war with ISIS.

ISIS has been a debated topic within the United States for a while now. On September 10, President Barack Obama addressed the nation about the role America intended to play in controlling the threat of ISIS. He spoke of the group as ISIL, another name for ISIS or Islamic State, and explained the complete and… Read more »

Pope Calls Global Conflicts ‘Piecemeal’ World War Three

The Pope spoke at World War I monument in Italy, delivering his homily in the rain.

Pope Francis weighed in on the spate of recent global conflicts, describing them as a third world war being fought incrementally. The Pope made the comments in a homily delivered during a visit to Italy, NBC News reports. After praying in a cemetery containing 15,000 soldiers who died during the first world war, Francis visited… Read more »

James Foley’s Family Claims Government Threatened Them Over Ransom Payments

Foley's family claims that they were directly threatened by an unnamed NSC official.

The family of slain journalist James Foley are claiming Obama Administration officials repeatedly threatened them, asserting that they could be prosecuted for supporting terrorism if they paid a ransom to the ISIS militants holding their son. Both Foley’s mother and brother made the allegations this week, according to ABC News. The threats, which were made… Read more »

President Barack Obama: ‘We Will Degrade, And Ultimately Destroy’ ISIS

President Obama: "No Safe Haven" For ISIS

President Barack Obama laid out his strategy against ISIS in a rare prime-time address to the nation tonight, vowing that the terrorist organization will find “no safe haven” if they threaten the United States. Obama’s speech detailed his decision to send 475 additional troops to Iraq to “assist that country’s besieged security forces,” according to… Read more »

ISIS Members Are Crybabies When Their Numbers And Terror Fail! [Video]


Throughout the news for the last two to three months, ISIS has been reported to be this monster with increasing numbers and unlimited terror flowing within their ranks. With such tactics as beheading children or burying both women and children alive, it is understandable why many people would be concerned about the terror group just… Read more »

Junior Jihadis: ISIS Tweets Of Children In Islamic State Garb Shock Viewers

ISIS threat

Photos of “junior jihadis” adorned with ISIS flags and weapons have been popping up on Twitter, and shocking nearly all who have viewed them. The disturbing photos are also often accompanied by equally upsetting messaged written in English. The junior jihadis photos were reportedly taken by the parents of the children and Islamic State fighters… Read more »

ISIS, ISIL, IS, Caliphate — What We Should Call Them And Why

Islamic terrorist army's five year plan.

ISIS, ISIL, IS, Islamic Caliphate… what exactly should we call the army of terrorists wreaking havoc in Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Middle East these days? Does it even matter whether we call them ISIS, ISIL, IS, the Caliphate or something else? This writer would submit that it matters a great deal what… Read more »

UN Peacekeepers Freed From Syria After Firefight, Dozens Rescued

Devastated Syrian City Opens Again to Residents

Earlier this week, 43 UN peacekeepers were seized during firefight in Syria at Golan Heights. However, it has been reported that the peacekeepers have now been rescued amid a firefight with the rebels. Reuters reports that the nearly three dozen U.N. peacekeepers from the Philippines who had been surrounded for days by Islamist militants on… Read more »

Syria Refugees Top 3 Million With Half Of All Syrians Displaced, UN Says

Islamic State Syria

Civil war in Syria has left refugees seeking asylum in bordering countries. The United Nations says that over three million Syrian refugees have registered in neighboring countries calling it the biggest operation in the UN’s 64-year history. According to ABC News, the tragic milestone means that about one of every eight Syrians has fled across… Read more »

Syrian Rebels Detain 43 UN Peacekeepers With 81 More Trapped, UN Says

UN Forces

The United Nations said Thursday that 43 of its peacekeepers on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights had been detained by Syrian rebels. The specific group of armed Syrian rebels detaining the peacekeepers has not been released at this time. The Associated Press reports via Haaretz, that another 81 UN peacekeepers have been trapped… Read more »

Douglas Mcauthur McCain: Who Was The American ISIS Fighter?

American ISIS

American ISIS fighter Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, was killed supporting the Islamic State in a battle in Syria over the weekend. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the ISIS member is from a Minneapolis suburb. Douglas McCain’s close friend since high school, Troy Kastigar, a fellow Muslim convert, was killed fighting with an al-Shabab in… Read more »

ISIS Demands $6.6 Million Ransom For American Woman

Islamic militants demand ransom

ISIS is demanding $6.6 million in ransom to stop the threatened execution of a 26-year-old American woman. The family of the hostage has asked the media to withhold her name, but note that the woman was involved with humanitarian relief in Syria when she went missing in 2013. The demand from Islamic State militants comes… Read more »

James Foley Rescue: Special Ops Team Mission Tried, Failed To Save Foley In July

James Fly rescue

The U.S. tried but failed to rescue James Foley, along with other hostages in July, launching a “substantial and complex” operation inside Syria involving “several dozen” United States commandos, top administration officials revealed Wednesday. The mission came up short because the hostages, including Foley, were not in the location where intelligence reports indicated they were… Read more »

ISIS: Iraqi Children Drinking Blood To Stay Alive On Mount Sinjar


Iraqi children are drinking the blood of their parents in order to stay alive while hiding on Mount Sinjar from ISIS fighters, according to stories shard by refugees. Approximately 30,000 Yazidis have become trapped by the Islamic State jihadists. About 8,000 people have escaped down the mountain and into Syria, Kuridstan, and Turkey. Some Yazidis… Read more »