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Bill Clinton Dodged Draft Questions On Vietnam Trip

President Bill Clinton went to Vietnam in 2000. Some veterans felt it was about 30 years late.

Bill Clinton was advised to dodge draft questions during his 2000 presidential visit to Vietnam, according to a document released by the National Archives recently. According to an AP report, White House advisors were concerned that if Bill Clinton were to answer questions about how he avoided serving in the Vietnam War, it could look… Read more »

Lets Make A Deal: Susan Rice Discloses Iran Business Investments

Susan Rice discloses Iran business investments

Embattled United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has a bothersome new controversy to add to her already full plate. In her recent financial disclosure, Ms. Rice revealed problematic investments in several major companies that do business with the Republic of Iran. Legitimate issues have been raised and the only reply from the… Read more »

‘Romney Deserved To Lose': Bill O’Reilly Slams Mitt For Failure

O'Reilly Attacks Romney For His FAILED cAMPAIGN

Just when Americans were wondering if the political discourse could get any angrier, Fox News’ top rated talk show host and best selling author, Bill O’Reilly, took the rhetoric to an level undreamed of in the annals of American politics. After months of hearing passionate conservatives declare that Mitt Romney was the nation’s salvation, O’Reilly… Read more »