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Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Keep Same-Sex Marriage Ban On The Books

Same-sex marriage ban remains on the books in Virginia

A panel of lawmakers in Virginia has voted to keep the state’s same-sex marriage ban on the books and in their state constitution, at least for now. Though same-sex marriages have been going on in Virginia since October, the panel concluded that to remove the item before the Supreme Court’s decision in April would be… Read more »

5 State Governors Tweet Reactions To Supreme Court On Same-Sex Marriage

After Supreme Court leaves same sex marriage rulings in place, Governors respond.

As the news that the Supreme Court would not hear arguments on same-sex marriage, thus opening the doors to marriage equality in five more states and starting the path for more spread, politicians on many levels responded publicly. Five in particular headed to Twitter to make their positions on the same-sex marriage decision clear, public,… Read more »

Hobby Lobby Reversal Bill Stopped By Senate Republicans

Protect Women's Health From Corporate Interference Act

Senate Republicans stopped a reversal on the Hobby Lobby contraception decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. Democrats attempted to approve legislation which would force companies to offer all forms of contraceptive coverage to their workers, regardless of the religious beliefs by the owners. Democrats in the Senate wanted to push the Protect Women’s Health From… Read more »

Nancy Pelosi ‘Misspoke’ About Five Guys On The SCOTUS And Hobby Lobby

Nancy Pelosi On SCOTUS

“Misspoke” appears to be the political equivalent of the Southern “Bless Your Heart,” giving some politicians the cover to make inflammatory, and false, statements to the public with impunity. Nancy Pelosi recently “misspoke,” bless her heart. Much of the world interprets the phrase used by Southerners, “Bless Your Heart,” to mean that one can say… Read more »

Fox News Host Accused Nancy Pelosi Of Sexism

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi was deemed guilty of sexism by Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In addition to being a top ratings getter on the cable news network, Kelly is also a licensed attorney. The sexism label was levied against the California Democrat after Pelosi said Americans should be “very afraid” of the U.S Supreme Court. The… Read more »

The Supreme Court’s Cellphone Privacy Ruling Today Is A Fantastic Start

supreme court cellphone privacy ruling

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court today ruled on cellphone privacy and police searches, deciding that a search of digital communications requires police to obtain a warrant — starting the cleanup of an area of basic American law that has been terrifyingly eroding since technology began advancing in leaps and bounds. While the… Read more »

Supreme Court: Police Must Have Warrant To Search Cellphones

The data contained on cellphones differentiates them from other personal effects, the Supreme Court ruled

In a decision that marks a major victory for privacy advocates, the Supreme Court ruled today that police cannot search cellphones or smartphones without a warrant, USA Today reports. The court voted unanimously to restrict the ability of police to search cellphones, while hearing two cases from California and Massachusetts. The court overturned the use… Read more »

The Steps To Equality: Same-Sex Marriage Ban Lifted In Arkansas

Arkansas lifts ban on same-sex marriage. Marriage licenses begin to be issued next day.

Every little girl imagines her wedding day. Maybe she sees herself in a long white dress made by Pnina Tornai; maybe she just sees a few of her closest friends and family against the backdrop of a sunset on the beach. Whatever that little girl sees, it’s something she thinks of, that one day when… Read more »