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Seven Crazy Things Predicted If SCOTUS Rules For Marriage Equality

What could happen if SCOTUS chooses marriage equality? Not this.

The Supreme Court has heard arguments for, and against, marriage equality and a decision is expected this summer. It’s still not certain which way the courts will go, but there is a better-than-even chance that in coming months, marriage equality will be the law of the land, across the United States. If that happens, religious… Read more »

Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Keep Same-Sex Marriage Ban On The Books

Same-sex marriage ban remains on the books in Virginia

A panel of lawmakers in Virginia has voted to keep the state’s same-sex marriage ban on the books and in their state constitution, at least for now. Though same-sex marriages have been going on in Virginia since October, the panel concluded that to remove the item before the Supreme Court’s decision in April would be… Read more »

5 State Governors Tweet Reactions To Supreme Court On Same-Sex Marriage

After Supreme Court leaves same sex marriage rulings in place, Governors respond.

As the news that the Supreme Court would not hear arguments on same-sex marriage, thus opening the doors to marriage equality in five more states and starting the path for more spread, politicians on many levels responded publicly. Five in particular headed to Twitter to make their positions on the same-sex marriage decision clear, public,… Read more »