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Chris Christie Blames Sandy Aid Delay On Washington, D.C.

Chris Christie Blames Aid Delay

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blamed the delay in aid for Superstorm Sandy relief on Washington, D.C. Christie adds that he understands victims’ frustrations, but that his administration isn’t to blame for the delay. Sandy struck the Eastern seaboard a year ago, but much of the aid promised to the battered areas hasn’t been released…. Read more »

2 Billion To Watch 12-12-12 Concert For Hurricane Sandy Benefit

2 Billion To Watch Concert For Hurricane Sandy Benefit

Tonight, more than 2 billion plan to watch the concert for Hurricane Sandy benefit. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the 12-12-12 Concert will be playing from Madison Square Garden in New York tonight. All of those 2 billion viewers will be encouraged to donate to Hurricane Sandy victims. As previously reported by The Inquisitr,… Read more »

Superstorm Sandy Donations Are Hurting Relief Efforts On The Ground

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

If you want to donate items to Superstorm Sandy relief efforts you might want to think twice before sending along a lamp or a vacuum. According to the Associated Press relief organizations in desperate need of food, clothing and even cash, are instead being forced to deal with large household items that are simply not… Read more »

West Virginia Candidate Killed In Storm

hurricane sandy aftermath

John Rose Sr., a West Virginia legislative candidate, was one of three people killed in the state during Hurricane Sandy this week. According to Rose’s son, George, the GOP candidate was checking the fences on his farm in Barbour County on Tuesday when a tree branch fell on top of him. Rose, 60, was a… Read more »