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After Super Tuesday Split, All Eyes Turn To Ohio

Santorum Romney Gingrich

The race for the true momentum is heating up. While Newt Gingrich can claim a win in delegate rich Georgia it is most likely not going to make much of a difference to his presidential campaign. Santorum has won three states tonight with wins in Oklahoma, Kentucky and North Dakota. Romney has won Idaho, Vermont,… Read more »

Sarah Palin Casts Vote for Alaska’s GOP Caucus

Sarah Palin, former Republican Vice President hopeful and former Alaskan Governor, cast her vote today in Alaska’s GOP presidential preference poll. A CNN reporter flagged her down when she was leaving the caucus in Wasilla, Alaska to ask who she voted for. Palin declined, stating, “I would not tell you who I voted for in… Read more »

Super Tuesday: Gingrich Wins Georgia, Stays In Race [Video]

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich does not have to worry about pulling off a photo finish in his home state of Georgia. The Former House Speaker crushed his competition in the State he represented in congress for more than 20 years. This cements his southern strategy and keeps him going against front runner Mitt Romney. 4 out of… Read more »

Mitt Romney Wins Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont

Mitt Romney

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has won the primaries in Virginia, Vermont and Massachusetts. This will be enought o keep his momentum going in the Republican Presidential Primary despite a few setbacks this week. Yet again Romney’s wealth came into the contest in a negative way this week. Romney’s wife Ann made a comment where… Read more »