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A New ‘Star Trek’ May Be Coming To TV In The Near Future

Though no official announcement has been ade, CBS is reportedly interested in seeing Bryan Singer develop a new show.

Reports indicate that CBS may be working towards bringing a new Star Trek series to TV, marking the return of the iconic sci-fi franchise that largely folded after the 2005 finale of Star Trek: Enterprise. When the last Star Trek series went off the air, several concepts were pitched for a continuation of the franchise,… Read more »

‘Star Trek’ Needs Saving, But This Isn’t The Answer

'Star Trek' Needs Saving, But Not Like This

The Star Trek fan base is living in fear. Fear that their 50th anniversary celebration next year will be marred by a third film in the reboot series that sort of seems all over the place right now, and that won’t be able to get an intelligent script together before it starts filming next month…. Read more »

‘Star Trek’ In Memoriam: Saying Goodbye To The Original Crew

'Star Trek' In Memoriam Of Doohan, Kelley

Star Trek has seen better days. Many who had followed Leonard Nimoy’s battle with COPD on Twitter expected the worst when it was announced a few days ago that he’d been hospitalized with chest pains. On Friday, the world said goodbye to Mr. Spock for good, and from the sheer mountain of tweets, posts, blogs,… Read more »

William Shatner On Leonard Nimoy: ‘I Loved Him Like A Brother’

William Shatner talks about Leonard Nimoy

William Shatner has opened up about the death of Leonard Nimoy in one of the most heartwarming ways possible. With a short and simple yet profound and powerful quote, the man known as the original Captain James T. Kirk explained the close bond that he and Leonard Nimoy shared over the years. “I loved him… Read more »

George Takei, Mr. Sulu, Honors Leonard Nimoy In Moving Facebook Post


George Takei is in mourning along with millions of other Star Trek fans across the globe. When news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing began circulating around the Internet Friday morning, beyond expressing grief at the death of Mr. Spock — this time for good — most people wanted to know what his two most social networking-active… Read more »

What Is #LLAP, Other Than The Saddest Hashtag Ever?

#LLAP, Or Live Long And Prosper

#LLAP is something you’re probably seeing a lot of today if you’ve logged on to Twitter in the last few hours. While the people who are sharing this now-trending hashtag know what’s up, you may be racking your brain trying to figure out what it could mean. Well, other than being, on this day, one… Read more »

Leonard Nimoy, Spock Of ‘Star Trek’ Dead At 83 [Breaking]


Our beloved Spock is gone. Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Spock in the first Star Trek television series and on the silver screen in motion pictures, is dead at 83, and Trekkies across the globe are crying. Leonard Nimoy won over science fiction fans and television viewers fans alike as Mr. Spock in Star Trek. Nimoy… Read more »

Can Star Trek Predict Future Heart Attacks?

Star Trek, heart attack, cardiac arrest, tricorder health, medicine

Austrian researchers believe Star Trek does hold the key to identifying and treating heart attack patients more efficiently, according to new findings reported by the Health Site. The researchers believe that people will be living healthier lives by the twenty-fourth century, stemming from better food choices and smarter diets and resulting in fewer heart attacks…. Read more »

‘Star Trek 3’ To Debut On 50th Anniversary Of Series

Star Trek 3 Set for 2016

Star Trek 3 will be playing in movie theaters on July 8, 2016, 50 years after the television series premiered. Reuters reported that Paramount Pictures issued a press release announcing the date. “‘Star Trek 3,’ the latest film in the intergalactic franchise featuring Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, will open in… Read more »

‘Star Trek 3’ To Be Helmed By Justin Lin

Justin Lin, Star Trek

Star Trek 3 has had its fair share of production delays, including the loss of its director. Two weeks ago, it was revealed that Robert Orci would no longer be directing the third installment of the Star Trek reboot and, in the wake of that news, rumors abounded about who might be chosen to step… Read more »

Captain Kirk Reacts To Miley Cyrus In Hilarious Video [Video]

Captain Kirk Reacts To Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is known for her less-than-conventional on-stage musical performances. However, one of her most infamous shows took place at MTV’s Video Music Awards, which featured a giant foam finger. The video went viral on its own, but one YouTube user took the video to a whole new level by including Captain Kirk’s reaction to… Read more »

Legend Of Stage And Screen, Sir Patrick Stewart Honored In Dubai

Sir Patrick Stewart honored for his lifetime achievements in acting.

Legendary stage and screen actor Sir Patrick Stewart was honored this past weekend at the Chivas Legends Dinner in Dubai, and takes a stand for feminism in the process. The talented and experienced Shakespearean actor won his place in the hearts of fans everywhere with his first ongoing television role when he stared as the… Read more »