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William Shatner: ‘Star Trek’ Was ‘Not Political’

William Shatner On Star Trek

William Shatner has left many Star Trek fans dumbfounded by his recent statements regarding the “politics” of Trekkers’ favorite show. In short, Captain Kirk does not believe the series was political at all in spite of these examples dug up by Donna Dickens of HitFix. Here are the Captain’s exact words via his ultra-popular Twitter… Read more »

George Takei Apologizes For ‘Clown In Blackface’ Comment Directed At Black Supreme Court Justice

George Takei Apologizes

George Takei found himself walking back previous comments directed at African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the wake of a disagreement over Thomas’ dissenting opinion in the landmark Marriage Equality decision last week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Clarence Thomas released a dissent of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage, and… Read more »

Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Will Return For A Fourth ‘Star Trek’

Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Return For New Trek

With production of the third film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise getting underway, it has been confirmed that the series’ two lead actors, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, have officially signed on for a fourth entry. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Pine and Quinto will reprise their respective roles as Captain James T. Kirk… Read more »

Nichelle Nichols, ‘Star Trek’ Actress, Suffers Mild Stroke

Nichelle Nichols

Actress Nichelle Nichols was recently rushed to the hospital after suffering a mild stroke. According to TMZ, the 82-year-old former Star Trek actress was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital from her home by an ambulance on Wednesday night. ‘Star Trek’ Star Nichelle Nichols — Hospitalized After Mild Stroke — TMZ (@TMZ) June 4,… Read more »

Leonard Nimoy Documentary ‘For The Love Of Spock’ Needs You

Leonard Nimoy hoped to produce a documentary on Mr. Spock, shortly before his passing. Adam Nimoy hopes to complete that project.

The son of Leonard Nimoy, Adam Nimoy, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring to life the documentary he says the senior Nimoy had hoped to bring to fruition before his passing. The documentary, For the Love of Spock, is based on Leonard’s life and his portrayal of Star Trek‘s most famous science officer…. Read more »

‘Star Trek: Captain Pike': Walter Koenig Joins Original Series Prequel

The film is set to explore the period in which Christopher Pike commanded the Enterprise, before Jim Kirk took the center seat.

Original Star Trek actor Walter Koenig has joined the production of Star Trek: Captain Pike, an independent film currently seeking funding through Kickstarter which is set to explore the voyages of the Starship Enterprise before Jim Kirk took the captain’s chair. Koenig announced his involvement with the project on Twitter, stating that he will serve… Read more »

Trekkies Will Soon Be Able To Learn Klingon Using Duolingo

Klingon Language

Even among hardcore Trekkies, those who speak Klingon fluently are rare. Created by Marc Okrand, the language is heard in many Star Trek films and shows, and dedicated fans have even translated many works by Shakespeare into Klingon, but learning the language can be challenging. There aren’t exactly many courses on the subject. Not until… Read more »

A New ‘Star Trek’ May Be Coming To TV In The Near Future

Though no official announcement has been ade, CBS is reportedly interested in seeing Bryan Singer develop a new show.

Reports indicate that CBS may be working towards bringing a new Star Trek series to TV, marking the return of the iconic sci-fi franchise that largely folded after the 2005 finale of Star Trek: Enterprise. When the last Star Trek series went off the air, several concepts were pitched for a continuation of the franchise,… Read more »

‘Star Trek’ Needs Saving, But This Isn’t The Answer

'Star Trek' Needs Saving, But Not Like This

The Star Trek fan base is living in fear. Fear that their 50th anniversary celebration next year will be marred by a third film in the reboot series that sort of seems all over the place right now, and that won’t be able to get an intelligent script together before it starts filming next month…. Read more »