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‘Star Trek 3’ Delayed: More Reason The Movies Should End

Star Trek Movie Series No More?

Star Trek 3 has been delayed, according to a new report from Variety, posted online at Christian Post, and we think that’s just more reason why it’s time for the film series to end. Before you get up in arms about that statement, Trekkers, let us preface it by saying that the new series has… Read more »

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes Comic Crossover

Star Trek & Planet of the Apes Comic Set In Original Forms For Both

A comic that crosses the original series Star Trek with the original movie Planet of the Apes? Jim Kirk teams up with astronaut George Taylor to fight Klingons AND those dirty apes? Welcome back sixties’ sci-fi! IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios announced this exciting Star Trek crossover at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday with a press… Read more »

‘Star Trek’ Fan Boards Starship Enterprise After 3 Years And $500,000

Star Trek Starship Enterprise

Star Trek fans are willing to spend loads of cash to purchase memorabilia and collector’s items, and this New Yorker has gone beyond just spending for his obsession. Anthony Sforza, 48, has been amassing memorabilia from Star Trek since the 1980s. He has collected more than 300 items including costumes, props, and figures. He has… Read more »

Taylor Schilling Opens Up About Body Image Issues

Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman.

Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman in the smash-hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, recently admitted that she’s struggled with self-esteem in the past. Playing an inmate in a women’s prison has helped Schilling be comfortable in her own skin. Orange is the New Black features not only Taylor Schilling, but an… Read more »

NASA Is Working On A Warp Drive Ship And The Pictures Are Amazing

NASA's proposed warp ship bears a striking resemblance to the fictional Enterprise

It seems like something out of Star Trek, but a team at NASA is hard at work on developing real warp drive (or faster-than-light travel), and artist renderings of the proposed ship look stunning. In 2010, Dr. Harold “Sonny” White revealed that he, along with a team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, are hard at… Read more »

Star Trek: What Did George Takei Do For Solar Roadway Tech?


Thanks to Star Trek actor George Takei, a North Idaho couple is finding out just what social media power is all about in the latest story this week to make fans wonder just how far away the future really is. Takei isn’t just any celebrity, mind you. Star Trek fans aside, the 77 year old… Read more »

$35 Million ‘Star Trek’ Themed Mansion For Sale

star trek mansion bridge room

A one-of-a-kind mansion has hit the market in Boca Raton, Florida, and for Star Trek fans, its a dream come true. The $35 million, 34,458 -square-foot home in Boca’s Princeton Estates is being sold by internet mogul Marc Bell, the former CEO of FriendFinder Networks, Inc. The luxury estate, which has an impressive 8 bedrooms… Read more »

‘Star Trek 3’ Could Be Roberto Orci’s Directing Debut

Star Trek 3 To Be Helmed By A Newcomer

Roberto Orci has emerged as the frontrunner to take over the director’s chair from J.J. Abrams for the third entry in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, according to a report from Orci and Paramount are reportedly “in talks” about the latest Star Trek film, which is currently being called Star Trek 3. This comes… Read more »

Joseph Ruskin, ‘Star Trek’ Actor, Union Activist, Dies At 89

Joseph Ruskin in Star Trek

Joseph Ruskin, a veteran Hollywood character actor perhaps best known for his appearances on several different series in the Star Trek franchise, has passed away of natural causes at age 89, the film and television actor’s union SAG-AFTRA announced earlier this week. Born Joseph Schlafman in Haverhill, Massachusetts on April 14, 1924, Ruskin died Saturday… Read more »

High-Tech Inventions We Want From Popular Media

High-tech inventions from popular media we'd like to see

Some high-tech inventions we’ve seen in movies, video games, and TV shows would be extremely useful these days if we could make them work. You know the deal. You watched something cool and witnessed an invention of sorts that could easily turn an aspect of your life around if it actually existed. Here is a… Read more »

‘Star Trek’ Crew Reacts To Miley Cyrus At VMAs [Video]

'Star Trek' crew reacts to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

The Star Trek crew reacts to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs in a new YouTube video above. As we’re sure you are aware, Miley Cyrus made a spectacle of herself at the VMAs when she dry-humped a foam finger and then proceeded to twerk against Robin Thicke on stage. Nearly everybody on the internet has… Read more »