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Spam-mageddon: Instagram Followers Disappear In Purge

Instagram purges all fake followers from its site.

Social media has been going crazy, after Instagram held a purge of all the spam-bots and inactive accounts on its site. People have been taking to Twitter, and other social media sites, lamenting their loss of followers. Many of those people don’t seem to realize that the only followers removed from their accounts are the… Read more »

Spam And Peanut Butter? Hormel Foods Buys Skippy For $700 Million

skippy peanut butter

Hormel hasn’t introduced any new products yet, but the company could soon be pushing spam and peanut butter sandwiches. Hormel Foods Corp., the company that makes Spam, recently purchased the Skippy peanut butter brand from Unilever Plc for $700 million. NBC News notes that the move is smart for both companies. Hormel has been struggling… Read more »

Dropbox Spam Problem Blamed On Employee’s “Password” Recycling

Dropbox Hacked

Web storage firm Dropbox announced on Wednesday that the company’s recent troubles with spam are directly related to an employee who recycled their work password on a website that was hacked. Approximately two weeks ago Dropbox was breached by hackers who used the website to send various messages that promoted gambling websites. The spam was… Read more »

4.5 Billion Spam Text Messages Sent In 2011

Spam text Messaging

Receiving spam messages in your email inbox can be annoying by itself but for millions of phone users those same messages are jumping right into their daily lives, arriving in the form of billions of text messages each year. A recent study by industry analyst Richi Jennings has found that U.S. spam text messages rose… Read more »

Stop Spam Forever

Stop spam forever

Sometimes the “report spam” button does nothing, and this guy is ...