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Cross-Country Cat: Cat Travels 2,000 Miles Undetected In U-Haul

Cross-country cat

A missing cat, who has now gained the name of “cross-country cat,” traveled more than 22 hundred miles, from South Carolina to the Arizona-California border, in the back of a U-Haul. The cat, named Kevin, somehow managed to find his way into the U-Haul, and remained undetected until a food and agriculture inspector opened the… Read more »

Hilton Head Fisherman Hooks Great White Shark

White sharks are no stragers to Hilton Head, and several tagged sharks radioed from the region earlier this month.

A veteran fisherman claims to have hooked a great white shark off the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina, while alone at his favorite spot, just seven miles off the island’s most popular beaches. Chip Michalove, a charter boat captain with Outcast Sport Fishing, has been plying the waters off Hilton Head for 17 years,… Read more »

Former SC Governor Mark Sanford Ends Engagement In Bizarre Facebook Post

Former SC Governor Mark Sanford Splits With Ex-Mistress, Announces On Facebook

Mark Sanford, the infamous former South Carolina governor, revealed via Facebook that he has called off his engagement to Maria Belen Chapur. Maria was Sanford’s mistress for a time before the GOP Rep. revealed his affair and split from his wife to be with Chapur. Sanford made national headlines five years ago after he disappeared… Read more »

Was Brittanee Drexel Sold Into Human Trafficking?

Brittanee Drexel in a resturant

It has been 5 years since the world heard about Brittanee Drexel vanishing in South Carolina. The New York teenager went on a trip to Myrtle Beach with friends, against her mother’s permission, and has not been seen or heard from ever since. Unpromising lead after unpromising lead was showcased all over the news for… Read more »

Cinnamon Roll Gone Wrong, Woman Threatens To Shoot Up Burger King

Burger King Threatened To Be Shot Up

On May 13, a group of three woman entered a South Carolina Burger King. After they had ordered and sat down to eat, one of them started yelling about her cinnamon bun not being fresh enough. The employees of the restaurant reported that the women also began to complain about the Burger King‘s customer service… Read more »

Civil War Ship Wreckage Found Off South Carolina Coast

Robert Smalls

The wreckage of a Civil War ship that is believed to have been commandeered by a slave has been found off the South Carolina coast. The Confederate ship, which was full of ammunition, was taken by Robert Smalls, and steamed out of Charleston. Smalls ultimately surrendered the ship to the Union Navy. National Marine Sanctuary… Read more »