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FBI Accused Of Visiting Gun Stores To Investigate Customers Talking About ‘Big Government’

fbi agent gun stores

FBI counterterrorism agents are touring gun stores in search of customers talking about “big government,” according to a report published after a weapons customer’s alleged encounter. FBI agents at South Carolina gun shops are reportedly investigating individuals uttering such a phrase and making “suspicious purchases.” Report author Brandon Turbeville said an individual from Columbia, South… Read more »

Robert Phillips Reunited With College Ring After 39 Years

Rober Phillips was finally reunited with his long lost college ring 39 years later

Robert Phillips never thought he would see his college class ring again after he dropped it in the Cooper River in South Carolina. 39 years later, after he lost the ring, Phillips was surprised by a visitor to his hospital room only days after having brain surgery. According to CNN, diver Brian Tovin had swum… Read more »

Homeless South Carolina Teen Faces Charges For Eating On School Campus

Homeless South Carolina teen charged for eating on school campus

A homeless South Carolina teen is facing charges for eating lunches in a school without permission. After recent announcements that being homeless in South Carolina is now a crime, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, it was inevitable that people would start being arrested for little reason more than that they don’t legally belong. One… Read more »

Promise Of Pizza Saves Suicidal Man

Pizza suicidal man

  Charleston, S.C. – Pizza may have saved a “despondent” man from taking his own life. Monday morning, a man stepped over a barrier on the Ravenel Bridge connecting Charleston to Mt. Pleasant, and threatened to jump into the Cooper River. Almost a dozen motorists called the police, worried that his parked car may cause… Read more »

Man Loses 300 Pounds, Develops Fear Of Food

man loses 300 pounds

Losing 300 pounds is an amazing feat, but one South Carolina man developed an unfortunate psychological side effect: He now has a fear of food. It took Doug May three years to drop 300 pounds, and — though he can now enjoy slimmer clothing, increased activity, and the simple joy of seeing your feet when… Read more »