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Madonna Makes Taylor Swift Swoon

Taylor Swift swoons over Madonna's compliment.

Yes, you read that right. High praise from the reigning queen of pop has Taylor Swift gushing. So, what did Madonna say to cause such a prideful swell in Ms. Swift’s heart? In an interview with Australian presenter Richard Wilkins for Network Nine’s Today show, the subject of rising pop starlets gave Madonna the opportunity… Read more »

2011 PlayStation Network Hack Reaches Settlement Process

2011 PSN Hack Settlement

Sony has never had a good track record when it comes to security of their products and networks. The now infamous CD DRM fiasco of 2005 put the tech giant in the cross hairs of angry computer savvy individuals and they have never really been able to dodge that image. In 2011, an attack from… Read more »

Sony Hack: One Direction, David Bowie And Adele Could Be Next

Sony computer hack

The Mail is reporting today that executives at Sony are bracing themselves for a fresh wave of embarrassing information being leaked to the internet by those responsible for the hack. Sony’s movie division was rocked by a series of leaks before Christmas, as the hackers released a series of emails that appeared to mock President… Read more »

Kim Jong Un Serves Dog Meat Soup At His Global Restaurant Chain [Video]

Kim Jong Un Loves Swiss Cheese

Kim Jong Un is interested in expanding his restaurant chain to Scotland. North Korea’s dictator already has his restaurant branch across Asia going by the name of Pyongyang. The state-backed Pyongyang restaurants are recognized for being a luxurious and lavish experience. While customers dine, they are entertained by traditional Korean music and dance. In the… Read more »

CES 2015: Samsung, Sony And LG Debuting New Products

CES 2015

CES 2015 gets underway on Monday, and tech professionals from all over the world have arrived in Downtown Las Vegas this weekend. CES 2015 is going to be one of the biggest consumer electronics shows in years. According to BBC News, more than 3,500 firms will exhibit new products in Las Vegas at this year’s… Read more »

North Korea Culpability In Sony Attack Supported By Classified Intelligence

North Korea-Troops March In Parade

North Korea is responsible for the cyber attack on Sony, and the American government has classified intelligence to support this assessment, according to media reports based on official and unofficial government statements. The Daily Beast reported, “The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies for years have been tracking the hackers who they believe to be behind… Read more »

Kevin Hart Had A Markedly Better 2014 Than He Did A 2013

Kevin Hart

Just as the Hart’s star was skyrocketing, he was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated in April of 2013. The incident brought shame and embarrassment to Hart, who just two years prior divorced from his wife Torrei amidst rumor of infidelity on Hart’s behalf, an issue that Hart confronted in his stand-up comedy act…. Read more »

PS Plus Subscribers Get Extra Days For PlayStation Network Outage

PlayStation Plus

Sony announced Thursday how it is compensating PlayStation Plus subscribers for the PlayStation Network service outage that followed a Christmas Day attack and the flood of new PS4 owners. The company is adding time to the premium service to compensate for time that was lost, plus a discount on future purchases. Eric Lempel, Vice President… Read more »

Complete PlayStation Plus Lineup For January 2015 Revealed

PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection January 2015

Every month Microsoft and Sony release games for subscribers to their respective subscription services: Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, respectively. The Inquisitr previously reported on the Games with Gold offerings for January but did not have a complete listing of PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection offerings, as Sony does not drop those details until… Read more »

PSN Status: Sony Having Hard Time Getting Network Back Up

PSN Status

Those hoping for a good PSN status are still going to be disappointed as of Saturday morning. Sony isn’t doing a very good job of changing the PSN status to anything other than offline. The struggles to get the PSN back online and move the status to “problem solved” are apparently happening, despite the fact… Read more »

Sony Hack Continues To Divide: Why Do Some Doubt Official Explanation?

Sony Hack Who Is REALLY Responsible

The Sony hack is becoming an increasingly divisive topic for an unexpected reason: opinion as to whether or not North Korea is genuinely to blame for the successful hack of Sony data. The U.S. government has already weighed in, officially blaming the nation for a form of cyber terrorism that made The Interview the center… Read more »

‘The Interview’ Declined By Apple: Are They Afraid Of Threats?

'The Interview' opens in select theaters.

The Interview has been the most discussed film of the year thanks to the Sony hacks. The film was scheduled to be released nationwide on December 25. Sony then backed off due to threats, but have recently said The Interview will play in select theaters on Christmas day. The hotly anticipated film has also been… Read more »

Sony Might Have Given ‘The Interview’ A New Release, Find Out Where

Sony Might Have Given 'The Interview' A New Release, Find Out Where

Update: According to, The Interview will be allowed by Sony to appear at select independent theaters. Pehaps it is because North Korea’s internet has went dark, according to the Inquisitr. We may never know. The Interview, the most talked about never-before-seen film from Sony pictures, might finally have a place to call home for… Read more »

Games With Gold Vs. PlayStation Plus For January 2015

Games With Gold Vs PlayStation Plus January 2015

The Xbox Games with Gold and partial PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection lists are out for January 2015. As we do every month, we take a look at what the two giant console makers are offering for their loyal subscribers. Microsoft Games With Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360 According to Major Nelson, Xbox… Read more »

North Korea Cyber Attack Threats – Video Warning Sent To FBI

north korea

North Korea cyber attack threats were issued in response to the Communist nation being blamed for The Interview Sony hack. Late Sunday evening, Kim Jong Un’s nation accused President Barack Obama of “recklessly” spreading gossip that points fingers at Pyongyang. The National Defense Commission of North Korea release said that the Pentagon, the White House,… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of December 21, 2014

New Video Game Releases December 21 Broken Sword 5 Trine Duck Hunt

Sony is continuing to pump out new video game releases with the week of December 21, 2014. Like the week previous, Sony continues its strong indie support across all three active platforms. The Wii U is taking us down memory lane with an old classic on the Virtual Console, and the Xbox platforms are once… Read more »