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New Video Game Releases For The Week Of December 21, 2014

New Video Game Releases December 21 Broken Sword 5 Trine Duck Hunt

Sony is continuing to pump out new video game releases with the week of December 21, 2014. Like the week previous, Sony continues its strong indie support across all three active platforms. The Wii U is taking us down memory lane with an old classic on the Virtual Console, and the Xbox platforms are once… Read more »

Xperia Z2 vs HTC M8

xperia z2 vs htc m8

With the variety of new smartphones to hit the market, it can be confusing ...

Sony Beats Microsoft With PlayStation Plus Value In 2014

Sony Beats Microsoft PlayStation Plus

A cursory glance at the offerings from PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold, it is clear Sony beats Microsoft in terms of the value of their respective subscription services. Those who wish for more tangible validation need only to look at a very detailed report published today by PushSquare. The report details the amount of… Read more »

Sony Hack Reveals ‘James Bond’ Film Will Cost $300 Million

James Bond budget

Last week, Sony had a huge announcement for the unveiling of the next James Bond film. The studio unleashed a mega press conference, which included the cast members, who hadn’t been announced until then, artwork, and a reveal of the film’s new title — Spectre. The whole production of the press conference alone was a… Read more »

Sony Playstation Hack: Our Generation’s Citizen Kane?

playstation hack and data leak like Citizen Kane attacks

Sony’s been hacked again, but these attacks – which are opposition for an upcoming movie release – may just be history repeating itself, as one of the greatest movies of all-time received similar opposition as it made its way to theaters. Director Orson Welles began working on the movie Citizen Kane in 1939. Welles developed… Read more »

‘God Of War’ In Development For PS4, Sequel Or Reboot?

God of War 2 (PS2)

Shawn Laydon, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, wore a God of War-styled shirt during the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday. This naturally lead to questions about plans for the long running franchise. Sony’s Santa Monica Studio later confirmed a new PlayStation 4 edition is in development during a panel session at the Las… Read more »

Sony FIFA Sponsorship Terminated Amid Corruption Probe

Sony Terminates FIFA Sponsorship

Things are not going well for FIFA. The international governing body in charge of organizing the world’s football (or soccer in the U.S.) has long been the subject of back room whispers of corruption, and things have been coming to a head in recent weeks. The latest in a string of inquiries against FIFA’s credibility… Read more »

GameStop Vs. Microsoft And Sony: The Battle Over Digital Delivery


GameStop is not happy with some of the publishers that stock its shelves. The retail chain made its name through buying and selling used games, usurping part of a market developers have long felt they was their own. Now, Microsoft and Sony have begun selling games direct to gamers via digital delivery. Even worse for… Read more »

Griefing Is Why You Can’t Change Your PSN Name Yet

Change Your PSN Name Griefing

Being unable to change your PSN name has been one of the sticking points for PlayStation users. Once you create your account name, you are stuck with it for all eternity. You could create a new account, but those purchases, trophies, and thousands of hours poured into Skyrim or the three level 30 Guardians you… Read more »

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan Confirmed Along With PS2 And PS1 Games

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan

A PlayStation Now subscription plan is being worked on, according to comments made by SCE’s Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi. In the comments following a post on the Official PlayStation Blog about the arrival of Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, and other titles to the PlayStation Now digital rental service, Jamshidi confirmed the plan to… Read more »

PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Details For November 2014

PlayStation Plus Escape October Escape Plan

Every month, Sony offers up 6 games for its PlayStation Plus subscribers as part of the Instant Game Collection. EGM has confirmed the list of the latest games from Sony for PS Plus subscribers today. The collection spans the 2 consoles and handheld currently on offer from Sony. While the previous months have been well… Read more »