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4K TV Said To Be Smaller Than iPhone 6 Coming This Summer

4K TV is coming

A 4K TV that is super thin is going to be hitting the market this summer. This 4K TV in question is so thin, Sony claims it is actually thinner than the Apple iPhone 6. The company said it will be bringing three different models of this new super thin 4K TV with screens that… Read more »

Sony Closes The Door On PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home Closed

Owners of the PlayStation 3 may have noticed an automatic update for their consoles today informing them that PlayStation Home is now closed and the icon gone from the XMB menus. What launched in 2008 was an experiment from Sony on community and profitability in Home, but six years after its launch, the service has… Read more »

PlayStation Plus Vs. Xbox Games With Gold For April 2015

PlayStation Plus Vs Games With Gold April 2015

Each month, we here at theInquisitr take you through the free game offerings from Sony and Microsoft for their loyal subscribers. The PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection and Xbox Games With Gold programs both offer games available for download for the month on top of the normal benefits of the platform’s subscription such as multiplayer… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of March 29, 2015

New Video Game Releases MLB The Show Neverwinter

The first quarter of 2015 is drawing to a close, and the next quarter of new video game releases starts off with a home run as baseball season officially starts. Drawing from the PlayStation Blog and the Xbox GamesCalendar, we take a look at the new video game releases for the week of March 29,… Read more »

‘Bloodborne’ PlayStation 4 Faceplate Joins Project SkyLight


The video game console is a fairly static object, unlike the custom-built gaming PC. Sony is trying to change that as it introduces a steadily increasing amount of faceplates for the PlayStation 4 as part of their Project SkyLight Beta program. The goal is to customize the PlayStation 4 with designs ranging from game titles,… Read more »

‘Gravity Rush Remaster’ Possibly Leaked By Korean Game Rating Board

Gravity Rush Remastered PlayStation 4

Gravity Rush, one of the best titles to date on the PlayStation Vita may be receiving a remastered edition release on the PlayStation 4. Popular video game message board site NEOGaf posted a translated capture of the KGRB site listing Gravity Rush Remaster with the tag “<PS4>.” Gravity Rush Remaster would not be the first… Read more »

Project Morpheus Could Be Showing Off Games At E3

Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus was unveiled late last week, and now Sony is working overtime to make sure gamers are excited about the Virtual Reality device. The biggest question surrounding Project Morpheus since its official unveiling is when people might start to see some games for the device. Now, a new interview by GameStop with Shuhei Yoshida… Read more »

PlayStation Plus Vs. Games With Gold For March, 2015

PlayStation Plus Vs Games With Gold March 2015

Sony released their lineup for the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection for March today in time for the Tuesday store update. Now that both console makers have their respective offerings out for comparison, we look through the PlayStation Plus Vs. Games With Gold offerings for March, 2015. Sony PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection for March… Read more »

Madonna Makes Taylor Swift Swoon

Taylor Swift swoons over Madonna's compliment.

Yes, you read that right. High praise from the reigning queen of pop has Taylor Swift gushing. So, what did Madonna say to cause such a prideful swell in Ms. Swift’s heart? In an interview with Australian presenter Richard Wilkins for Network Nine’s Today show, the subject of rising pop starlets gave Madonna the opportunity… Read more »

2011 PlayStation Network Hack Reaches Settlement Process

2011 PSN Hack Settlement

Sony has never had a good track record when it comes to security of their products and networks. The now infamous CD DRM fiasco of 2005 put the tech giant in the cross hairs of angry computer savvy individuals and they have never really been able to dodge that image. In 2011, an attack from… Read more »

Sony Hack: One Direction, David Bowie And Adele Could Be Next

Sony computer hack

The Mail is reporting today that executives at Sony are bracing themselves for a fresh wave of embarrassing information being leaked to the internet by those responsible for the hack. Sony’s movie division was rocked by a series of leaks before Christmas, as the hackers released a series of emails that appeared to mock President… Read more »

Kim Jong Un Serves Dog Meat Soup At His Global Restaurant Chain [Video]

Kim Jong Un Loves Swiss Cheese

Kim Jong Un is interested in expanding his restaurant chain to Scotland. North Korea’s dictator already has his restaurant branch across Asia going by the name of Pyongyang. The state-backed Pyongyang restaurants are recognized for being a luxurious and lavish experience. While customers dine, they are entertained by traditional Korean music and dance. In the… Read more »