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Facebook Knows What You Did ‘On This Day’ Five Years Ago

On This Day

From time to time, Facebook enjoys throwing out a new feature that keeps the social networking giant relative and fresh. A few times, Facebook has offered viewers an opportunity to put together a year in review type video. On its anniversary, Facebook put together videos for their users that utilized pictures and events from users’… Read more »

Feeling Bored And Lonely? Try Meow Chat!


Boredom and loneliness affects all of us from time to time, but thanks to the awesomeness of contemporary technology, we got great apps like Meow Chat here to help! According to the Daily Mirror, this marvelous new app, which just happens to be named Meow Chat for no legitimate reason whatsoever, basically combines traditional instant… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Tours Samsung, Facebook Phone Rumors Start Up Again

Mark Zuckerberg Tours Samsung, Facebook Phone Rumors Start Up Again

Wide spread speculation is littering the Internet as news that Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has taken a trip to South Korea, the home to smartphone makers Samsung. Since Facebook Home launched in April this year, exclusively for HTC and Samsung handsets, rumors have been doing the rounds regarding whether Zuckerberg and Samsung will team up… Read more »

Hater App, The Middle Finger Of Social Networks

Hater App

The Hater App isn’t your typical social network. Debuted at the 2013 SXSW conference, the app is like a big middle finger to the social networking world. Unlike your typical social network, the Hater App focuses solely on grievances. Rather than clicking a “Like” button, the network wants users to hate people, places, and other… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Sell Facebook Share For At Least One Year

Mark Zuckerberg Wont sell shares in Facebook for the next year

Mark Zuckerberg has lost more than half of his IPO fortune over the last several months; now Facebook has announced that the famed CEO will not be pawning off any of his shares in the near future to earn a quick buck. With Facebook shares closing at $17.73 in yesterday’s trading, Facebook executives told the… Read more »

App.Net’s First Move? Have Users Provide Feedback For Privacy Policy

App Net Privacy Policy has promised to be the first subscription-based social network that focuses on the wants and needs of the user. Developed by Dalton Caldwell’s Mixed Media Labs, the $50 per year service has raised more than $800,000 via Kickstarter. Now the network’s executives are asking future users to give feedback on pertinent documents including the… Read more »

App.Net Raises $700,000+ With Promise Of Ad Free Social Network

Dalton Caldwell App Net Founder

Sick of tired of Facebook and its hyper-targeted ad network? The team at recently announced an ad-free alternative, and their developer friendly network became an immediate success thanks to its own Kickstarter type fundraising effort. The network asks potential users to pay $50 for a one-year membership at which point they receive “real-time social… Read more »

Facebook Developing Underwater Fiber-Optic Gateway, Spending $450 Million

Facebook Underwater Fiber Optic Network in Asia

Facebook wants to attract more users in Asia and to reach that goal the company is spending $450 million to develop a 6,124-mile-long fiber-optic cable that will run from Malaysia to South Korea and Japan. Known as the Asia-Pacific Gateway the cable is being developed to reduce the countries’ reliance on Singapore who’s internet backbone… Read more »

Google +1 Button Now Offering Recommendations

Google Plus 1 Recommendations

When social networking first began we relied on our friends and family members to share stories and other information with us, now the social networks are taking that story sharing upon themselves. Google+ on Wednesday began rolling out a new +1 button recommendation engine. The recommendations option needs to be activated by website owners and… Read more »

Facebook To Target Ads Based On Website Browsing History

Facebook Exchange

Facebook is planning a new advertising system called the “Facebook Exchange” that specifically targets ads based on a users website interactions. The new system is simple, as a user visits a website keywords are extracted from their web history, at which point Facebook matches the user’s web history to the interests they have shown. For… Read more »

Microsoft In Talks To Buy Yammer Social Network, Possibly By Friday

Yammer May Be Bought By Microsoft

Microsoft is currently in talks to purchase Yammer, a social network that allows businesses to set up their own private access social media platforms for employees. The collaboration based tool is expected to fetch more than $1 billion. The acquisition was revealed to Bloomberg and insiders believe the deal could happen on Friday. Yammer was… Read more »

Facebook Mulls Over Allowing Children Under 13 To Sign Up

Facebook Might Allow Kids Under 13

Let’s be honest with ourselves for one moment, children under the age of 13 are already using Facebook, however they are doing it outside of the social networks terms of service, using fake ages to sign up for an account and communicate with friends. Now Facebook is mulling over the idea of allow children under… Read more »

Yahoo Suing Facebook For Violating 10 Patents

Yahoo Facebook Lawsuit

Yahoo on Monday filed a lawsuit against Facebook in which the company claims the world’s largest social network violated 10 patents held by Yahoo that focus on advertising, privacy, customization, messaging and social networking. Patent protection against Facebook isn’t something new for Yahoo, last month they battled with the social network over 10-20 patents they… Read more »