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Facebook Use May Increase Eating Disorders In College Women


Facebook use has been found to increase eating disorders in college-aged women. A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health has discovered that when frequent Facebook users compare their bodies to their friends’ bodies, they were more prone to engage in risky dieting behaviors. The study surveyed 128 college-aged women and measured their… Read more »

Was Sandra Bland Dead In Her Mugshot? Grim Speculation Grips Social Media

Was Sandra Bland already dead in this mugshot?

Was Sandra Bland already dead by the time police in Waller County, Texas, took her mugshot? Speculation surrounding the grim possibility is currently sweeping across social media, according to BuzzFeed. These disturbing developments come on the heels of reports revealing that the woman’s death has been declared a suicide — a revelation that has already… Read more »

Crime Stoppers Incredibly Successful In Using Social Media To Solve Crimes

Crime Stoppers Using Social Media

Crime Stoppers is incredibly successful in using social media to identify suspects and solve crimes. The tools, strategies, and effort used to track down and capture criminals have evolved substantially when compared to past endeavors. The use of police sketches has been instrumental in identifying suspects in previous years; however, surveillance photographs and video makes… Read more »

Toddler Gets A ‘Parking Ticket’, His Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

Toddler parking ticket

A photo of a Canadian toddler getting a “parking ticket” from a Halifax, Nova Scotia cop has gone viral, and social media is abuzz with the young lad’s priceless reaction. As the New York Daily News reports, 3-year-old Declan Tramley loves riding his red plastic toy motorcycle around the Halifax Pier in Halifax, Nova Scotia…. Read more »

You Can Now Take Photos While Touring The White House

White House lifts ban on photos

On Wednesday, the White House lifted its over 40-year ban that prohibited tourists from taking photos inside the building. There are still many limitations, but visitors will now be able to take photos from their smartphones or small cameras while touring the White House. “Effective today, guests are now welcome to take photos throughout the… Read more »

How Does Ian Somerhalder Really Feel About Nina Dobrev?

Actors Nina Dobrev (L) and Ian Somerhalder, winners of the Favorite On Screen Chemistry award for 'The Vampire Diaries,' speak onstage at The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on January 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

The love tragedy between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder has been going on for months, long before Ms. Dobrev first breathed the news that she would be leaving The Vampire Diaries. That news, even coming as late in the Somerhalder-Dobrev drama as it did, seemed to confirm what many people were already thinking in that… Read more »