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Jennifer Lawrence Makes Rare Social Media Appearance

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence made a rare social media appearance to clear up a rumor regarding a purported feud between herself and director David O. Russell on the set of the movie Joy. TMZ had reported the incident yesterday, stating that the director had been screaming profanities at the young actress. The movie studio declared it a… Read more »

Facebook Can Now Check On Potential Suicide Victims


As recently as last month, Facebook was in the news after a user shot his wife before turning the gun on himself in a double suicide. Now it appears the social media giant has launched a new tool to help prevent its user-base from committing such acts, The BBC reports. Anyone who uses Facebook will… Read more »

Social Media Rejection Really Does Hurt

Social Media Rejection

Social media rejection really does hurt. Most people think being rejected or ignored in person is worse than being unwanted or unnoticed online. However, people can actually feel worse from being rejected online, according to scientific research. In a 2012 study published in Computers in Human Behavior, researchers found being excluded socially hurts the same,… Read more »

Sean Penn’s Oscar 2015 ‘Green Card’ Joke Causes Outrage On Social Media


During last night’s Oscar show, actor Sean Penn handed the Independent Spirit Award to Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu, but not before a joke about “green cards.” The gag aimed at the Mexican director has not gone down well, according to The Guardian, with some accusing Penn of being, “racist and offensive.” During the award,… Read more »

Boko Haram May Be Taking Inspiration, Tips From ISIS

Boko Haram borrowing social media strategies from ISIS

West African Islamist extremists Boko Haram may be taking a page from the ISIS social media strategy playbook. Evidence of links between the two terror groups is growing. A 12-minute video featuring Boko Haram’s usually low-profile leader Abubakar Shekau was posted Tuesday, in which he condemns Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Benin for their joint efforts… Read more »

Social Media Posts Can Be Covered By Insurance Policies

Social Media Posts Covered By Insurance

Social media posts have a huge impact on people. In fact, social media is revolutionizing the way humans communicate. On a daily basis, millions of people use social media for personal and business reasons. A countless number of businesses and individuals, including children around the world, belong to a variety of social networks where they… Read more »

Facebook News Feed Has Gotten Better Thanks To Special Focus Groups

FAcebook News Feed Keeps Getting Better

Facebook’s news feed has always been the social media site’s crowning jewel. This is the function that allows people to stay on the site after they have posted their favorite photos of their kids or commented on their friend’s favorite photos of their kids. Now the Facebook news feed is getting a rather serious overhaul… Read more »

Mom’s Flagged Breastfeeding Photo Leads To Facebook Protest, Moms Fire Back With Breastfeeding Selfies On Social Media

breastfeeding photo - Kaya Wright

Kaya Wright’s flagged breastfeeding photo has sparked a big controversy. The photo reportedly captured Wright breastfeeding her 16-month-old son while sitting in a bathtub. According to Mirror, Facebook flagged and removed the photo after a user reported it, citing “nudity violations.” However, the removal came as quite a shock to Wright because the breastfeeding photo… Read more »

Spam-mageddon: Instagram Followers Disappear In Purge

Instagram purges all fake followers from its site.

Social media has been going crazy, after Instagram held a purge of all the spam-bots and inactive accounts on its site. People have been taking to Twitter, and other social media sites, lamenting their loss of followers. Many of those people don’t seem to realize that the only followers removed from their accounts are the… Read more »

Best Buy Apologizes For ‘Serial’ Joke, Deletes Tweet

Best Buy says it's sorry for the Serial tweet.

Best Buy is apologizing today after a tweet offended followers. The tweet made reference to the Serial podcast, which has been called the top podcast of all time, and has also stirred some ethical questions. If you’re not following the Serial podcast, you may not understand how anyone could be offended — of course Best… Read more »