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Blood Moon 2014: Spectacular Photos Posted On Social Media

Blood moon 2014 photos

The celestial event called the blood moon resulted in some pretty spectacular photos posted by thousands to social media, as all eyes turned to the skies for 2014′s first lunar eclipse. The photos, shared on social media by people all over the world, show the blood moon in its different phases lighting up the dark… Read more »

Twitter Rolls Out Redesigned Profile Pages For Select Users

Michelle Obama Twitter Page

Twitter has rolled out a new design for its profile pages for a select group of users around the globe. This is the same user interface that Twitter was testing back in February. In a blog post announcing the redesign, Twitter says that the new web profile lets the user choose a larger profile picture… Read more »

Twitter Crashes And Returns In The Biggest Outage Since Its IPO


In what has to be the longest outage since its 2013 initial public offering, popular social networking service Twitter went down for “most users” earlier today, reports ZDNet. The outage started at 11:01 am Pacific Time and continued until 11:47 am. As the norm is, Twitter confirmed that the service was indeed down, on its… Read more »

Game Of Thrones Kit Harington Battles Addiction — To Facebook

Game of Thromes Kit Harington

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, better known to the show’s devoted fans as Jon Snow, may be spying on your Facebook profile. Well, not anymore, he says. But at some point in the past, who knows? He formerly spent untold hours lurking on the Facebook profiles of people he didn’t even know. Yes, the… Read more »

Instagram Rumored To Add Private Messaging By End Of The Year

Instagram Private Messaging

Instagram is rumored to be close to adding a private messaging feature into its photo-sharing app, and this new feature could be made available as soon as the end of this year. According to Gigaom, “well-placed sources” tell them that the company is gearing up to launch the new private messaging feature inside its ever… Read more »

When 3,500 Strangers Comforted Dying Man With #SkyBluePink Campaign

Sky Blue Pink campaign comforts dying man with 3,500 messages.

A dying man in Nebraska was comforted by 3,500 strangers he never knew as his family kicked off the #SkyBluePink campaign after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Brian Curtis decided to forgo chemotherapy, as he also suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and doctors gave him about a year to live. His son Brandon, 30 started… Read more »

Could Your Facebook Change Your Credit Score?

Could Facebook Affect Credit Scores

With social media, such as Facebook, being so influential in our every day lives, could that mean that who we associate with on these sites can play a role in our credit scores? According to CNN, it definitely could! CNN reported that “a handful of tech start-ups are using social data to determine the risk… Read more »

Hannah Anderson Answers Idaho Kidnapping Questions On Social Media, We Think

Hannah Anderson social media

It wasn’t exactly a reddit AMA, but Idaho kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson was reportedly online less than 48 hours after returning home to share a bit about her experience and field questions. Anderson, 16, was rescued Saturday after being kidnapped by a close family friend suspected of killing her mother and 8-year-old brother. The kidnapper,… Read more »

Royal Baby Family Photos To Hit Twitter Early Next Week, Report

Royal baby photos to be released on Twitter.

We all took a tiny glimpse at the swaddled royal baby, Prince George, the day after he was born. Twitter may be graced with newer and better photos early next week. In another break with tradition, the first public pictures of the future King of England will be posted on social media and will not… Read more »

Food Truck Employee Fired After Tweet Shaming Financial Firm

food truck employee fired for tweet over tip.

A food truck employee who was not happy about a tip-less order and spoke up on Twitter was fired over the incident. The fact that someone loses his job, is nothing new, but the way in which Brendan O’Connor lost his had social media up in arms. Employees fired over social media comments is nothing… Read more »

Twitter Troll Outed When Someone Threatens To Tell Mom

Twitter hires former Google executive to handle entertainment business.

Twitter trolls, we all know them. One of them learned a hard lesson when someone threatened to tell his mom. If you use Twitter regularly, chances are you know one or two trolls. I know I do. The nasty language full of insults when they feel you are talking about them, even if you are… Read more »

Twitter Symbols And Abbreviations Make New Lingo

Twitter hires former Google executive to handle entertainment business.

As Twitter becomes more and more popular and users try to learn the ins and outs of using it, they might come across different symbols, some of which might be unknown to them. We all know the # stands for a hashtag and is used when something is trending or has the potential to trend…. Read more »

Vatican Offers ‘Indulgences’ To Twitter Followers Of Pope Francis

Vatican Twitter.

In an unprecedented and never before seen move, the Vatican is offering “indulgences” to Twitter followers of Pope Francis’ account. We cannot blame the Vatican for trying to keep up with the times and attract the younger members of the Catholic Church. This comes in light of World Youth Day, a week-long event taking place… Read more »

Heated Tweets Over Zimmerman Verdict Get NFL Players In Trouble

Victor Cruz tweet on Zimmerman verdict.

Some NFL players told the world exactly what they thought of the Zimmerman verdict over Twitter and their heated words got them in trouble. New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, tweeted and then deleted an ominous comment directed at Zimmerman which read, “Zimmerman doesn’t last a year til the hood catches up to him.” Others… Read more »

Julianne Hough In American Flag Towel And Nothing More [Photo]

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough celebrated the Fourth of July with an Instagram photo of the blonde beauty wrapped in an American flag towel — and not a stitch more. She manages to barely hold it in place to expose a lot of leg, so check it out down below. The post included the comment, “TBT. Happy Fourth… Read more »

Djokovic Vs. Murray On Social Media, Who’s Winning?

Djokovic vs. Murray on social media

The men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray is underway at Wimbledon, but who is winning on social media? The match has just started on the field and the clear favorite is Scottish player Andy Murray, he is after all the local. On paper the No. 1 seed Djokovic appears to have the edge… Read more »