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OITNB: Natasha Lyonne Sorry For Directing Fans To Snapchat Nudes

Natasha Lyonne: 'Seriously sorry' about nude snapchat link.

Natasha Lyonne of Orange Is The New Black says she’s sorry that her tweets directed fans to a hashtag full of ameteur nudes. The tongue-in-cheek apology came after a tweeted conversation about SnapChat, sexting, and what recourse one might have if someone saved their photos. In some tweets, Lyonne used a certain hashtag — and… Read more »

Mystery Priest Takes Snapchat Confessions Against Catholic Church Rules

Priest Uses Snapchat For Confession

The photo messaging app, Snapchat, is used for many reasons, from innocent conversations to the exchanging of sexy photos. Snapchat is unique in that, once opened, the messages only last a short time, and then disappear. This creates a false sense of security for Snapchat users, leading to the sharing of information that otherwise may… Read more »

Teen Kills His Classmate, Shares Gruesome Selfie On Snapchat

Snapchat Selfie

A Pennsylvania teen is accused of killing his classmate and sharing the evidence via social media. Authorities said 16-year-old Maxwell Marion Morton shot and killed 16-year-old Ryan Mangan. He then took a selfie of himself with his victim’s body. On Wednesday February 4, Mangan’s body was discovered inside the home he shared with his mother…. Read more »

NYU Defendant Lays Blame On Burn Victim

Jamie Castano burned his friend while she slept and is now blaming the victim.

An NYU student caused a mattress fire where his 19-year-old friend was sleeping. As the burn of the flames was recorded on his cell phone, he sang eerily. The victim woke up momentarily at approximately 11 p.m. and attempted to put out the flames, but passed out. Jaime Castano, 20, set the fire on August… Read more »

The Snappening: Snapchat Blames Third Party Apps For Nude Photo Leak

Snapchat logo

New information has been released about the second major nude photo leak of 2014. The people who run Snapchat are blaming third party apps for the Snappening photo leak. After many private celebrity photos were released during the event the internet called the Fappening, thousands of nude Snapchat photos of random users across the world… Read more »

‘The Snappening’ Provides Boost To One Indiana Business Event Planning

The furor caused by Snapchat photos that were released as “The Snappening” is paying dividends for one Indiana company. An Indianapolis based event planner’s website,, has seen a large uptick in traffic thanks to visitors who are looking for the hacked photos posted on 4Chan. As previously reported in The Inqusitr, the hacked photos… Read more »

Redditors Warn Some Snappening Files Contain Viruses

Snappening files may be unsafe, warn Redditors.

It’s being called “the Snappening” — an invasive hack in which SnapChat photos were stolen from a third-party app server, and shared online. However, many of those who hope to benefit from the Snappening are learning what happens when one practices cyber sex acts with random parties: they’re getting viruses. The actual victims of the… Read more »

The Snappening: Hackers Release Child Porn


In the past few months, the Fappening has been one of the most talked about blatant digital crimes against privacy. Many celebrities were affected by hackers stealing their pictures and flashing them on every site that would allow it. On Thursday, anonymous members of 4Chan posted a new, and terrifying, burst of leaked photos. Dubbed… Read more »

Calum Hood Claims Boys And Girls Can’t Just Be Friends

Calum Hood performing,

In the wake of the Fappening, the major online leak of celebrity nudes, many female celebrities are recovering from having their private photos exposed to the public. One of the members of the Australian punk rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, Calum Hood, is going through a similar process. After a Snapchat video of him… Read more »

Calum Hood Naked Snapchat Video: Was It Just A Publicity Stunt?

Calum Hood 5 Seconds of Summer

Calum Hood recently gave the world a very quick look at his erect penis during a misguided Snapchat session. Unfortunately for the 5 Seconds of Summer bassist, it didn’t take long for the teenager’s manhood to make the rounds on social media. Although Hood claims the whole thing was nothing more than a stupid teenage… Read more »

Facebook Slingshot App To Take On Snapchat

Let the app wars begin!

Say hello to Slingshot, an upcoming Facebook application being heralded as Facebook’s first-ever legitimate competitor to Snapchat. That’s right, folks. Your options for quick and discreet photo and video messaging are about to go up by one. According to the Financial Times, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself is overseeing the project. Slingshot will permit you… Read more »