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Looking For The Nearest Tiger Shark? There’s An App For That

Scientists hope the tracking app can be used in the future to warn beachgoers automatically when a shark is near.

Beachgoers in Australia are now able to track some of the tiger sharks swimming along their coast in real time using a phone app, and scientists hope the efforts may change the face of the country’s controversial shark policies. Working with Ocearch, researchers have tagged three large tiger sharks off the coast of Fraser Island,… Read more »

Top 5 Smartphones Of 2014


Manufacturers of smartphones are constantly trying to outdo each other and win the hearts of consumers. And many of the phones that are currently being released offer a list of savvy and techy treats — with nearly all the top devices featuring high-resolution screens and chipsets that fluidly power software like immersive games and media… Read more »

Criminals Infect Over Four Million Android Phones With Malware

Android Phones Getting Hacked

Hackers targeted over four million Android phones, tablets, and other smartphones with malicious malware. Criminals are hacking Android phones various ways. For example, they send spam to victims from email accounts they previously hijacked. According to Lookout, a San Francisco-based mobile security company, this type of infectious spamming technique occurs more than 20,000 times each… Read more »

How Much To Get An LG G3 On Your Carrier?

LG G3 pricing

Now that the new LG G3 smartphone is available for all U.S. carriers and markets, this new top-of-the-line offering is the hottest thing going. So how much will it cost you to get one? That depends on your carrier or whether you’d prefer to just buy one outright and activate it. For those who want… Read more »

America Bans Uncharged Electronics On Airplanes, Chaos Ensues

Passenger gives in his belt as he undergoes a security check at Frankfurt Airport

American airlines have always had the strictest of security related policies. People have been frisked, prodded, poked and stripped, all in the name of offering safer air travel. But the latest norm has caused quite a furor at the departure terminals. Passengers are being held back for their gadgets. While this technique might have been… Read more »

New ‘Kill Switch’ To Become Standard In Cell Phones

Kill switch in cell phone to be the new anti-theft measure.

Cell phone theft is on the rise in many countries. In the U.S., pressures from law makers and consumers have pushed companies to acknowledge the need for countermeasures. After July 2015, all new wireless devices associated with the companies that are part of the agreement will have access to a ‘kill switch.’ Although many believe… Read more »

Digital Cameras Enter A New Transparent(!) Age

Samsung has filed a patent for transparent digital cameras.

Though digital cameras have slowly declined in popularity, Samsung has a trick up its sleeves that might yank back consumers who have been content to simply take photos with their smartphones. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has filed a patent to create digital cameras that include a transparent display. Perhaps the idea of… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: $299 Well Spent?

Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy s5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a stunning piece of technology in the ever more competitive world of mobile devices and Smartphones. It boasts a very special and very crisp 5.7-inch Super AMOLED color screen, which makes it arguably one of the most advanced devices on the market. As well as the stunning display, the… Read more »

Googler Left Nexus 5 In A Bar

Google Nexus 5 Left In a Bar

A Googler walks into a bar could be a great opening line for a joke, unless of course you are the Google employee who left a prototype for the Nexus 5 behind long enough for spy videos to be released online. In late August a video of the new Google device surfaced on YouTube and… Read more »

Motorola Skip: Unlock Your Device With A Quick Finger Tap

Motorola Skip

The new Motorola Skip accessory is capable of unlocking your smartphone without a single finger swipe or passcode code. The average user unlocks their smartphone 39 times in a single day, and heavy users could find themselves unlocking their phone hundreds of time. To save on those precious seconds it takes to unlock a smartphone,… Read more »

Heavy Smartphone Use Could Lead To Poor Fitness, Study Says

Heavy Smartphone Use Could Lead To Poor Fitness

A new smartphone study shows that excessive use could lead to poor fitness. Kent State University researchers found that university students who spent large amounts of time on their phone were less fit than those who spent less time on their phone. We’ve all been told that too much of a good thing isn’t really… Read more »

Smartphone Battery Life Improved By ‘Constant Juicing’

Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone battery life can be vastly improved if you “constantly juice” your mobile device with repeated charging. In the past, users were warned about “memory effect” which occurred when a battery was charged before it was close to being drained. However, battery technology has greatly improved since the days of nickel cadmium batteries. Now users… Read more »

Sony Xperia Z Shipping In US Within Weeks, Exclusive To T-Mobile

Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z is making its way to the United States in the “coming weeks,” and it will be available for sale exclusively through T-Mobile online and T-Mobile retail stores. The Xperia Z is a water-resistant smartphone that features a 5-inch 1080p “Reality Display” that is powered by the mobile Bravia Engine 2. Also offered on… Read more »