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James Bond Filming Continues, Craig Back From Sprained Knee

James Bond

For James Bond, the show must go on. is reporting that Daniel Craig, the latest actor to portray James Bond, has returned to filming the latest Bond film, titled Spectre. Last week, Craig sprained his knee shooting a fight scene at the Pinewood Studios in London. However, no production time was lost as Craig… Read more »

Iconic New James Bond Villain To Appear In Next Film?

Daniel Craig will return for his fourth turn as James Bond in the as-yet-untitled 24th movie.

The 24th installment in the James Bond franchise is set to begin principal photography this December, and early reports suggest that a new, iconic villain may be set to square off against the debonair British secret agent. As notes, Bond 24 will begin filming on Dec 6th, with actor Daniel Craig reprising the role… Read more »

Sam Mendes Still In Talks For ‘James Bond 24’

Sam Mendes Bond

Sam Mendes still isn’t sure if he’ll return for James Bond 24. The acclaimed director famously said he was done with the franchise following the release of Skyfall. The film reportedly left the filmmaker feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Despite his proclamation, Sam Mendes is currently being wooed back to the series by producers Barbara… Read more »

Bisexual Bond: ‘Skyfall’ Writer Discusses Controversial Interrogation Scene

James Bond Bisexual

A homoerotic interrogation scene between James Bond and Javier Bardem’s Skyfall villain has prompted screenwriter John Logan to discuss the scene with The Hollywood Reporter. The scene in question finds the dashing hero tied to a chair while the film’s villain begins the interrogation. At one point in their conversation, Bardem’s character begins openly flirting… Read more »

Exclusive ‘Skyfall’ Clip: Introducing Ben Whishaw’s Q [Video]

Ben Whishaw as "Q" in "Skyfall"

Anticipation for Skyfall is running high, and MGM continues to leak Boned-themed morsels, stoking fan-boy excitement. The latest is an exclusive clip, which introduces audiences to the rebooted “Q” played by Ben Whishaw. Daniel Craig’s latest outing as James Bond debuts this Friday in the UK, though US audiences will know who their next president… Read more »