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Amber Bellows Falls 2000 Feet To Her Death While Her New Husband Watches


Amber Bellows, 28, fell 2000 feet to her death in a base jumping attempt that went tragically wrong.The accident happened Saturday at Utah’s Zion National Park. It is impossible to comprehend the agony of Amber’s husband, Clayton Butler, as he watched her fall. The newlyweds, who had been married for only two weeks, always enjoyed… Read more »

Felix Baumgartner Plummets To Earth At 833.9 MPH

Felix Baumgartner Jumps Again

Felix Baumgartner just set a new world record after jumping from 24 miles above the Earth’s surface. During his journey, the skydiving daredevil reached a top speed of 833.9 miles per hour. If you are keeping track, that would be around 140 mph faster than the speed of sound. You may recall that in 2012,… Read more »

Skydiving Fail: 80-Year-Old Grandma Nearly Falls Out Of Tandem Harness [Video]


Just because stuntman Gary Connery jumped out of a helicopter last week and safely landed without a parachute doesn’t mean that everyone’s ready for the extreme skydiving challenge. An 80-year-old grandma, who was looking for a little excitement for her birthday, decided to go skydiving. Unfortunately, the woman got a little more excitement than she… Read more »