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$7 Million Shoplifting Spree: Illinois Family Accused

shoplifting is stealing

An Illinois family was arrested for being part of a shoplifting spree which totals to $7 million. According to Epoch Times, a father, mother, and daughter stole merchandise for over a decade. They traveled to stores nationwide and targeted dolls, toys, cosmetics and other valuables. Within a 20-page federal complaint, the three were arrested earlier… Read more »

Shoplifting Cop Drops Chris Christie Name To Wriggle Out Of Charges

Shoplifting cop tied to chris christie

An allegedly shoplifting cop in Pennsylvania on January 8 may have tried to wriggle out of the charges by invoking the name of his boss — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The incident reportedly occurred on January 8, but the story has surfaced only today, causing yet another headache for the embattled Chris Christie who… Read more »

Elderly Shoplifters On The Loose In Tokyo

Shoplifting Japan

The number of elderly shoplifters on the loose in Tokyo is currently on the rise. For the first time since authorities began keeping written record of criminal activity, more elderly adults have been busted for stealing than teenagers. While the number of shoplifting arrests has fallen overall across the country, the number of grown-ups getting… Read more »