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Thirty Michigan Students Might Face Felony Charges For ‘Sexting’


Michigan has become prominent in the news for online sex exploits, especially when it comes to students. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on Michigan students utilizing the internet, social media, and online communications just to pass around sexually-explicit pictures of themselves and others. This includes two teenagers facing child pornography charges for posting their sexual… Read more »

Teens Texting More Likely To Have Sex [Study]

Teens Texting More Likely To Have Sex

Teens texting past a certain daily threshold are more likely to be sexually active, according to a new study released in the Pediatrics journal, the official publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The findings indicated that a direct correlation exists between excessive texting, sexting, and sex among teenagers, with teens texting more than 100… Read more »

Bills Would Criminalize Cyber ‘Revenge Porn’ By Scorned Lovers

Bill in the Michigan senate hopes to criminalize cyber revenge porn.

A new set of bills in the Michigan State Senate would criminalize posting “revenge porn” on the internet. Bipartisan Senate Bills 924 and 925, introduced Thursday by Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, Mich. and Senator Steven Bieda of Warren, Mich., will make it a crime to share sexually graphic images of anyone without written… Read more »

Puerto Rico Fencer Hit With 26 New Child Porn ‘Sextortion’ Charges

Puerto Rico Sextortionist

A Puerto Rico “sextortion” case against a former member of commonwealth’s national fencing team reached a total of 58 cases, as Jimmy Carballo Colon was hit with another 26 counts of “production of child pornography,” the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigative unit announced last week. The child porn charges arise from a “sextortion” operation… Read more »

Anthony Weiner Is Not Sexting At This Very Moment, Says Weiner

Anthony Weiner Done Talking About His Weiner

As I write this article, we can all rest assured that Anthony Weiner’s penis is not being transmitted through a Cisco server to some poor soul on the receiving end of an iPhone. Actually, we can’t be sure that his penis isn’t making its way to a new corner of the internet, but Weiner claims… Read more »

The ‘Real’ Carlos Danger Confronts Anthony Weiner [Video]

Anthony weiner meets the "real" Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner hooked up (as it were) with the “real” Carlos Danger on the streets of New York City yesterday. In a bit of street theater, a dude wearing a mask and cape confronted the beleaguered Democrat candidate for mayor and asked him a simple question: “Senor Weiner, why did you steal my name?” See… Read more »

Vibrating Underwear iPhone App Creates High Tech Foreplay [Video]

iPhone app controls vibrating underwear

Vibrating underwear? There’s an app for that. Australian condom maker Durex announced that it is launching an iPhone-enabled men and women’s underwear line to, well, facilitate phone sex. The company calls it the future of foreplay. Perhaps it even gives an expanded definition of the term “sexting.” The somewhat awkward “Fundawear” introductory video nonetheless has… Read more »

Sexting Ad Illustrates How It Can Ruin A Teenagers Life [Video]

I Shared A Photo Ad

Sexting can ruin a teenager’s life, and Vancouver-based Children of the Street Society has created an ad that explains why the practice can lead to horrendous outcomes. The sexting ad titled “Just One Photo” was created as part of the annual Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week. The group created outdoor… Read more »

Mom And Dad Send Sext Messages Too, Study Finds

Adult Sexting on the rise

Teens are often in the news for their failed and controversial sexting attempts but it turns out mom and dad are also starting to pick up on the practice. A recent study found that it’s not just teens but also parents who are engaging in a bit of sexting fun. A recent Harris Interactive survey… Read more »