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‘Jurassic World’ Spoofed By ‘Sesame Street’ In Hilarious New Video

[Image:  Sesame Street Twitter - @sesamestreet]

Jurassic World never intended to be funny. But that is exactly how it has turned out in a side-splitting new parody by Sesame Street, which hit the web recently. The video has already received rave reviews from People Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, among others. Welcome to Jurassic Cookie! 'Sesame Street' hilariously spoofs 'Jurassic… Read more »

First Big Bird Tweet Ever As Epic As Big Yellow Himself

Big Bird With Gordon Sesame Street Street Scenes

The first Big Bird tweet ever, sent just over two hours ago (according to the Verge), was as epic as Big Yellow himself. The single word tweet sent by the @BigBird account was epic, lighthearted, and quite a literal, “Tweet?” Retweeted by just over 2,900 and favorited by 1,900 people so far, Big Bird’s tweet… Read more »

VA: Oscar The Grouch Used To Depict Veterans In Training Manual

veterans oscar the grouch

A new VA internal training guide used Oscar the Grouch to reference veterans. The use of the Sesame Street character, who is rarely pleasant, has angered many vets and Veterans Affairs staffers who have also served in the military. Oscar the Grouch was reportedly used to reference veterans that were likely to attend town hall… Read more »

Maya Angelou Dies At 86, But Lives On In These On Camera Moments

Maya Angelou recited a poem at the Clinton inauguration - only the second poet to recite at an inaugural event.

Maya Angelou, the “people’s poet,” left a hole in the soul of America when she died at the age of 86 this Wednesday, but she will always live on in her immortal poetry, words of wisdom, autobiographical works and, yes, her TV appearances. While most know Dr. Angelou best for her written work, she was… Read more »

‘Sesame Street’ – New Muppet Teaches Cleanliness

Sesame Street New Muppet Raya

Since 1969, Sesame Street has been educating children in fun ways that are ever changing. Not only does this iconic show teach all the normal preschool lessons, such as counting and identifying colors and numbers, it also tackles more unique topics that are just as important as the basics. Spanish has always been high on… Read more »

Sesame Street Spoofs Showtime Drama ‘Homeland’ [Video]

Sesame Street spoofs Homeland

Sesame Street is the longest running children’s program among American viewers. Over the years, the show has reinvented itself through pop culture references, and has been a guide for teaching children about cultural shifts that are going on in the world through songs. That said, Sesame Street still knows how to keep their sense of… Read more »

National Grouch Day Was Yesterday, But No One Cared Enough To Tell You

national grouch day 2013

Yesterday was National Grouch Day, with October 15 the official celebration of grouchiness, grumpiness, storm cloudiness, and general Oscar-like behavior… but everyone was probably too busy celebrating without us to let us know. National Grouch Day is the brainchild of Sesame Street Magazine, and its purpose isn’t precisely clear. Perhaps it’s to allow kids to… Read more »

Sesame Street Spoofs Sons Of Anarchy [Video]

Sesame Street Sons of Anarchy

Sesame Street has spoofed Sons of Anarchy. The clip is titled Sons of Poetry. However, the song, and puppets, are obviously based on the popular FX drama. The Sons of Poetry ride around on motorcycles, discuss poetry, and apparently have some relationship issues. Sons of Anarchy is broadcast on the FX network. The critically acclaimed… Read more »

Sesame Street Jail Plotline Handles Parental Incarceration

sesame street jail

A new Sesame Street jail plotline addresses a sticky and somewhat under-addressed issue in American families — parental incarceration. The show is known to not shy away from controversial topics, and the Sesame Street jail issue handles the feelings of children as they face the circumstance of a parent who is currently in prison. The… Read more »

Sesame Street And Telly Monster Want Your Help [Video]

One Billion Youtube

Sesame Street and its fuzzy character Telly Monster are asking for your help as the beloved children’s program nears its digital milestone goal of one billion views on YouTube. The one billion mark is usually achieved by superstar entertainment performers like Justin Bieber and gimmicks-gone-viral. Now Sesame Street is set to join those ranks, and… Read more »

‘Sesame Street’ Clip On Death Goes Viral [Video]

Big Bird Death

An old clip from Sesame Street about death has gone viral as the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting settles over the country. According to Blippit, the video finds Big Bird coming to terms with the passing of his friend Mr. Hooper. The residents of Sesame Street are then faced with the challenge… Read more »

Kevin Clash Being Sued By Accuser #3

Kevin Clash Accuser 3 To File Lawsuit

Kevin Clash, the former voice of Sesame Street muppet Elmo, is being sued by a third accuser. The former muppeteer will face a newly filed lawsuit by Tuesday, according to a recent report. The newest Clash accuser alleges that he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Clash at the age of 16. The boy says… Read more »

Kevin Clash Accuser #2 Is Glad He Quit, Asks For $5 Million

Cecil Singleton accuses Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash accuser Cecil Singleton, the second man to come forward regarding an inappropriate relationship withthe Elmo puppeteer, says he is “happy” and “relieved” now that Clash has resigned from his position at Sesame Street. According to Cecil, more damage could have been done to the children’s show’s reputation had Clash been allowed to keep… Read more »

Elmo Puppeteer Resigns, Kevin Clash Addresses Sesame Street Departure

elmo kevin clash resigns

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street, as we reported earlier, as a second accuser has stepped forward to claim an inappropriate relationship with Clash, filing a suit demanding $5 million from the man who voices Elmo. Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash first became the subject of sex allegations last week when an aspiring… Read more »

Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Reportedly Paid Accuser $125K

Sheldon Stephens

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash reportedly paid his accuser $125,000 in the hours before the man recanted his accusations, according to TMZ. Sheldon Stephens made headlines around the world when he stated he’d been in a sexual relationship with Kevin Clash since the age of 16. Shortly after the allegations surfaced, Clash took leave from the… Read more »

Kinect Sesame Street TV: A More Interactive Muppet Experience [Video]

Sesame Street Kinect for Xbox 360

Sesame Street for years has encouraged children to interact with its fun and zany cast of characters. Now thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect software and the Xbox 360, your children can literally interact! Known as Kinect Sesame Street TV, the new game allows children to take directions from Grover, Elmo, and their other favorite Sesame Street… Read more »

Million Muppet March Planned In DC To Defend ‘Sesame Street’ And PBS


A Los Angeles animation executive and an Idaho college student are planning a “Million Muppet March” in Washington, DC, to protest Mitt Romney’s pledge to eliminate federal funding for PBS. Michael Bellavia and Chris Mecham came up with the idea for the event separately after Romney told moderator Jim Lehrer — a former news anchor… Read more »

‘Sesame Street’ Asks Obama To Take Down Big Bird Campaign Ad

big bird

Big Bird became a major talking point after the first presidential debate between President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney, and, earlier today, the Sesame Street character showed up in its first political ad. And that didn’t sit well with the Sesame Workshop, the group that runs Sesame Street. The Sesame Workshop said that Big… Read more »